Imperial 7 Review

The developers of Probability Jones studio offers an unusual online card game named «Imperial 7» to your attention. It stands out against the rest by its simple rules and an incredibly exciting gameplay. If you appreciate original gambling entertainments available at the screen of your laptop, we recommend you to test this novelty personally. Please read about all its features in the article below.

9.50 /10

Play Imperial 7

«Imperial 7» is a card game drawn with one standard deck of fifty two cards with no jokers. All cards are shuffled before each deal necessarily.
It is possible to play on one hand only and stake one, two, five, ten or twenty five credits. A side bonus bet is also accepted, but we will talk about it below in the review.
The aim of the game is to win the dealer by gathering seven, fourteen or twenty one points in two cards faster than he does. To make it you can swap cards one by one free up to five times.
Wins by the basic bet are calculated 1:1.
Unfortunately, we don't have any information about the theoretical payback index of «Imperial 7» game.
First the player has to place bet on Ante field. He can also place one side bet.
Then the dealer dealer two cards to himself and to the player. The opponents can see each other’s cards.
If no of the parties has seven, fourteen or twenty one points, they swap cards one by one starting from the customer. They keep doing it until some of them gets an appropriate number of points.
As soon as it happens, the participant wins. If there is no result after five swaps, tie game is declared.
Here the round is over.

Imperial 7 Bonus games

Except of Ante, it is possible to place one bonus bet on seven, fourteen or twenty one on dealers and/or gambler’s hand in «Imperial 7». This way, there are six field for such bets.
Payoffs are calculated by the special indexes. We won’t specify them, because you can see them right at the table markup.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in «Imperial 7» game.

Imperial 7 Interface

It should be confessed that the interface of this model is pretty simple and user-friendly.
Ante bet is accepted on the special field in the top part of the screen. Cells for the bonus bets are situated at the right and left from it. Payoff indexes are displayed in each of the windows. Scores of both parties, which make the bet win, are displayed under and above the field.
Cards are dealt on two field in the bottom part of the screen. The cards, which were on the opponents hands on different stages, are imaged by sides of them in small windows.
Right at the center of the screen you can see tips by current gaming situation.
The informational line with current bet and balance is situated at the very top.
Sound parameters are available. You can play right in a browser and not downloading «Imperial 7». The version for mobile devices is also provided.


You can learn the rules in a few second. We will try to publish recommendations by the strategy in the special article later.
The advantages of this novelty are its lovely design, the convenient interface and the high functionality.

Where to play Imperial 7 for free or real money in Canada?

You can find «Imperial 7» in the online casinos powered by Odobo software. Logos of such portals wit links to the reviews are presented below. It is possible to test this game at the official website of the producer in a training mode. You can also download mobile version on AppStore. 
We would be happy to know your opinion about «Imperial 7». Please write your responses in comments and rate this game.
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