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MasterCard Worldwide is the international payment system which works in over 200 countries all over the world. The company has established in 1966. Its foundation was connected with the agreement between large American banks which have established Interbank Card Association. Two years later the company has managed to get to the international level and made agreements with Maxican Banko Nacional and Eurocard system, which was popular in Europe. It is how mutually beneficial co-operation between Europay International and MasterCard International was established. The modern named was given to the company in 1979. Today MasterCard International is the most popular payment system, which popularity rises up every day. There are seven regions the company gains to get the leading position in: North American, Middle East, European, African, Asian-Pacific, Caribbean and Latin American.

MasterCard is the major trade mark, which is the basic for the members of the payment system. MasterCard is the main competitor of Visa, which is fighting for leadership with it. The main difference of credit card from other kinds of payment cards, for example, debit cards, is that available funds are property of the bank. The owner of the card can use it when necessary, but he has to pay it back to the bank. In the other words, the holders of MasterCard credit take a bank credit.

Almost all credit cards released by MasterCard are revolver. It means that credit limits is restored automatically, so the owner of the card is in right to restore the credit line after full or partly payment by the credit. So the holder doesn't need to wait till the end of payment period by credit to use the credit card again. It is possible to pay the minimal amount stated in the agreement and the credit line is available for the customer again. The rest part of the debt is charged as percentage by credit.

Except of credit cards, MasterCard offers debit and prepaid cards to the customers. Debit cards provide access to the accounts of the customers. It means the customer doesn't take any credits, but uses his own funds when necessary. Prepaid cards are the cards with some amount of money which was purchased by the customer. As soon as the funds are over, he can buy a new prepaid card.

MasterCard is accepted in many stores, restaurants, hotels and etc. Over 32 millions of different establishments all over the world are ready to accept payments for goods and services by MasterCard.

If you want to use your plastic card to charge you account in an online casino or withdraw the win, you should remember about something. Rare online casinos can send the wins to right to the credit card, most likely you’ll be reimbursed with deposit only, but you need to find other method to withdraw the wins. However, the deposits can be made without any problems in a couple of days.

Using MasterCard you don't need to worry about safety of your funds. The company has a reliable security system which protects funds of the customers.

MasterCard is very popular in many countries of the world. There is nothing surprising, because simplicity of use, security and reliability made this company so famous and beloved by numerous users of bank cards.

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