Slots Rules and Guides for Canadian Gamblers

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Free spins - what is it?
Free spins - what is it?
Free spins in one form or another are presented in most video slots offered by the leading developers of Internet gambling software. All free spins have similar rules because we are talking about launching the reels for the money of the institution. But often this round takes place with additional features that can not be ignored. About all the nuances of this type of jokes described in the article.
Round to increase payouts in slots
Round to increase payouts in slots
Many video slots have a risk game or a game of equal chances. This is a round that can be started by getting paid in one of the available ways. In it, the player either increases the amount accrued to him or remains without this money. The key feature is that the casino has no mathematical advantage over the user. The article discusses the key rules, the main varieties and the non-obvious nuances of this option.
How do the slots paytable is formed
How do the slots paytable is formed
Do you know how to read the paytable of slot machines? Can you determine the criteria by which winnings are calculated? Are you able to estimate the approximate level of volatility of the video slot by studying the coefficients? To understand all these nuances will help a very detailed article devoted to this aspect.
How the combinations in the slots are formed and and an amount of the payoff?
How the combinations in the slots are formed and and an amount of the payoff?
Most slot machines relieve users of the need to constantly make decisions. It is enough to choose a bet and start new spins in manual or automatic mode. Then it all depends on luck and the random number generator. But experienced customers know that you need to be able to understand all sorts of nuances. One of the most important points – the rules of formation of winning combinations.
All kinds of symbols in slots
All kinds of symbols in slots
The article will tell you everything you need to know about the symbols that can be depicted on the reels of real and electronic casino slot machines. You will learn about the features of the basic images, varieties of special icons, the functions of all the main elements and related pitfalls of slot rules. The information is mandatory for all beginners to learn and will also be useful to many experienced customers.
Slot Machine
Slot Machine
It is a game of chance, which is a special device that has many versions, operating in accordance with the same principle.Aim of the GameThe aim of the game is to collect a paid combination...

Casino slots rules

The prototypes of modern casino slots have first seen the light at the end of the 19'th century. The legendary Liberty Bell slot was invented in 1905 and made a splash in the Canadian gambling. Currently, thousands of slots are offered both in the land-based and online casinos of Canada.

Statistics say that this is the most popular gambling in the world. The demand is much higher than for roulette or blackjack. Canadian players are attracted by simple rules, addictive gameplay, a variety of models, unusual bonuses, and other advantages of slot games.

Special devices that do not require the participation of the dealer are used in different casino gambling. At this page, we discuss the rules of video slots. See other sections of the site to find out about video poker, roulette, and games of other genres. 

Video Slots interface

Expert articles will help you to understand the features of slots.

Types of casino slot machines

First of all, there are two main categories:

  1. Classic slots –  three reels, a small number of lines and a limited set of features;
  2. Video slots – games with five or more reels, numerous lines, and a variety of gameplay options.

Also, there are unique slots with original design and bonuses.

Basic rules of casino slots

First things first:

The goal of the game is to land a winning combination.

Combinations may vary. Most often it is several same symbols that must line up in a specific sequence. In most cases, they have to follow each other on one of the active, lines starting from the rightmost reel.

The number of reels can also vary. Classic slot machines feature 3. Modern multi-functional slots usually have 5.

The bet is placed either on each line or on all of them. Sometimes you can choose how many coins of which value to stake.

Each winning combination brings you X bets and the total of the wins goes to your balance. Bonus payments of different types are also possible.

Gamble Feature

Many slots provide an opportunity to double the wins. Gamble features may be available in different formats:

  • Guess the color – if you correctly identify the color of the face-down card, your payoff is doubled;
  • Up the stairs – the payoff can rise or fall with each step;
  • Hit the dealer – pick a random card and compare it with the dealer's;
  • Themed games – all sorts of unique varieties.

The wrong choice means losing the current win in any option. Sometimes you can bet part of the payout.

Slots reviews at Casinoz Canada always cover the gamble features.

Types of slot symbols

Most video slots in Canada feature basic symbols, which work by general rules, as well as special symbols. Most common special symbols:

  • Wild substitutes other symbols in winning combination;
  • Scatter – this symbol pays when it lands anywhere on the reels and also starts the free spins;
  • Bonus launches various bonuses and prizes;
  • Jackpot – jackpots are played here.

Some video slots have symbols with unique features. Read about them in the reviews of casino slots for Canadians.

Slot machines with bonuses

Most of the modern slots offer different prize features. Video slots with bonuses are especially popular among Canadian customers, so software developers are actively moving in this direction.

Slot bonuses are hard to classify as the developers often offer unique drawings. Let's highlight the main types:

  • Free spins – free spins at the expense of the house at the previous bet;
  • Pick an item – the player picks items that hide different winnings;
  • Extra multipliers – better multipliers;
  • Thematic round – all kinds of bonus games related to the general theme of the slot;
  • Collecting various items during the spins to get rewarded.

Slot bonuses are often multi-level. You can also meet mixed prize options.

Jackpots in casino slots

You can hit a jackpot playing on video slots. They come in two main types:

  1. Fixed amount;
  2. Progressive jackpot.

Some progressive jackpots are drawn on particular slots, while others are united in a chain. The amounts always grow due to the contributions from the players' bets.

Check out the T&C for each particular game.

New Slots in Canada

The Canadian gambling industry is continuously developing. Casino slots manufacturers try to surprise Canadians and inspire them with new developments.

Major trends in the industry:

  • Virtual reality – VR Technology has reached online casinos. Now games with special equipment that guarantees full immersion in the gameplay are available.
  • Many companies have long released 3d slots – slots with 3D graphics, but now this trend has climbed to new heights.
  • Elements of gamification – modern slots are more like video games. Pumping the characters, level systems, and other features are designed to interest the younger generation of players.
  • Skills - the so-called skill-based video slots require some skill from the client. The more skillful and experienced the client, the higher the chances of winning.

The latest innovations in the world of gaming are covered in the slot reviews at Casinoz Canada.

Slot interface

Usually, video slots feature the following elements of the design:

  • Reels;
  • Controls, buttons and info screens;
  • Sound, graphics, and other settings;
  • Paytable with rules and odds,
  • Help and T&C.

Sometimes when you start the slot, it displays an animated demonstration of bonuses.

Almost always the client can run the spins manually or switch to the automatic mode and set the limits.

playing casino video slots machines

Best slots in Canada

The world of casino slots is huge. New ones emerge daily. Numerous young studios producing more and more high-quality slots step on toes of famous developers.

Our authors keep track of the new releases and post up-to-date reviews of the latest games. The best, exciting, and profitable slots get into the monthly Top-3 in Canada.

How to win on slots?

Finally, a few practical tips on how to win playing casino slots. Here are the basic recommendations for the beginners that helps to avoid stupid errors:

  • Look for slots with maximum RTP.
  • Carefully read the T&C.
  • If the game involves bonus bets, find out how they affect the return.
  • Specify the jackpot T&C.
  • Don't rely on betting systems. They do not help to beat casino slots.
  • Learn how to distribute and manage your bankroll finances.
  • Beware of gambling addiction. It is dangerous.

Read reviews of slot machines at Casinoz Canada to find expert advice.


Description of the basic slot rules can't express the entire variety of this field. There are really a lot of slots, and they are able to surprise even the most experienced Canadian users. If such diversity attracts you, you will never be bored.