Best Poker Online 2021 (April) in Canada

  • 3-Hand Casino Hold'em
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    3-Hand Casino Hold'em
    Play'n GO Studio has presented their new version of Texas hold'em poker against casino. The 3-Hand Casino Hold'em allows to place equal or different bets on one, two or three hands. Moreover, it accepts side bets, which promise bonus payoffs. The game has an awesome design, realistic animation, convenient interface and all necessary settings. Please read the following review by Casinoz.club to understand the rules and learn to play hold'em.
    Max bet: 300.00 EUR
    Max payout: 100 : 1
    Min bet: 1.00 EUR
    Payout percent: 96 %
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  • Grand Hold’em
    rating: ? /10
    Grand Hold’em
    Many famous software developers for online casinos release different varieties of Texas hold'em poker, where the customer plays against the casino represented by a dealer. Most often, it is a virtual croupier visualizing actions of the random number generator. The Grand Hold’em by Novomatic is one of such models, which offers a realistic animation, convenient interface and simple rules with bonus bets.
    Max payout: 100 : 1
    Min bet: 10.00 USD
    Payout percent: 97.84 %
  • Caribbean Beach Poker
    rating: ? /10
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    Caribbean Beach Poker
    Wazdan company has released an online gambling game for the fans of poker against casino. The Caribbean Beach Poker model offers classic rules of Caribbean poker, which is pretty popular among the customers of online and offline casinos all over the world. It is possible to stake on one box. Exchange is accepted. Please find out details of rules in the following review by Casinoz.club.
    Max bet: 100.00 EUR
    Max payout: 100 : 1
    Min bet: 0.10 EUR
    Payout percent: 97.55 %
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  • Caribbean Hold'em
    rating: ? /10
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    Caribbean Hold'em
    The fans of Texas hold’em poker are suggested to play adapted versions of this card game by numerous online casinos, where the opponent of the gambler is not the other visitor, but the house. The gaming portfolio of Habanero also includes such models. One of them is Caribbean Hold’em, discussed in the following review. It is an interesting poker with a convenient interface, a lovely design, quite high multipliers and maximally simplified rules.
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  • Russian Poker
    rating: ? /10
    Russian Poker
    Drive Media company, like many other software developers in field of online gambling, offers its version of Russian poker. «Russian Poker» model released under this brand has traditional rules, a stylish design, a convenient control panel, some settings, quite a wide betting range and a multi-language interface. This way, the fans of poker against casino can play in the maximally comfortable conditions. Please find details in the following review by Casinoz.
  • CasinoHold’em Poker
    rating: ? /10
    CasinoHold’em Poker
    If you like hold’em poker but prefer casino, but no other users, as an opponent, we recommend you testing «Casino Hold’em Poker» model produced by GameScale company. It is a convenient, interesting and high-quality in all counts development of the famous brand with traditional rules of this type of poker. You can play by the basic and side bets and get increased payouts in numerous situations. Please find details in the following review.
  • All in One
    rating: ? /10
    All in One
    While playing online poker with the promising title All in One, you may wager directly on three boxes, buy the sixth card for just one ante, and draw cards once more. However, there are traditional multipliers for calculation of payouts. We should mention an amazing interface with the user-friendly control panel, excellent functionality, nice graphics, and very realistic animation among the other numerous advantages of this model. More details about all the features of All in One Poker are available in this article prepared by reviewers of Casinoz.
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    Royal Crown 3 Card Brag
    Novomatic has pleased fans of non-trivial gambling games with another top-class novelty. A model from this world-renowned manufacturer of casino software is referred to as Royal Crown 3 Card Brag. It is an online version of the card game called brag that dates back to the time when poker did not exist. Despite the table layout that seems to be complex, the rules are very simple. Having read this review prepared by experts of the portal Casinoz, you will easily understand how to play three card brag and be able to enjoy its surprisingly attractive gameplay in the most convenient conditions.
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    Progressive Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker
    Different versions of Texas Hold’em where gamblers play against casino are presented at many online gambling portals. The following review is devoted to «Progressive Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker» model developed by Felt Gaming. It is a high quality in all counts model, where the opponent of the customer is an online casino. It is also interesting due to two side bets, which draw extra payoffs, and a progressive jackpot. Please read more about this game in our article.
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
    rating: ? /10
    Caribbean Stud Poker
    «Caribbean Stud» game developed by Felt Gaming company has classic rules of Caribbean poker. However, the customers can also place a side bet, which bonus payoffs and a progressive jackpot are drawn by. This model is provided with realistic animation, a colorful design, a user-friendly interface and all basic settings. All details of the rules and other features of this game are discussed in the following article by Casinoz.
  • 3 Card Hold’Em
    rating: ? /10
    3 Card Hold’Em
    New online card game named «3 Card Hold’Em» combines elements of three-card poker, so popular in many online casinos, and even more popular in the world Texas hold’em poker. The rules allow placing three different kinds of bets, while combinations are formed of three cards. Herewith, an opponent of the player is a casino. All details of the gameplay are discussed in the following review prepared by the team of Casinoz.
  • Poker Three
    rating: ? /10
    Poker Three
    GameScale company is happy to present its versions of three-card poker with traditional rules, which can be played in different online casinos powered by the software of this brand. This model has a realistic interface, a pleasant graphics, a convenient control panel, basic settings and high functionality. It can be launched in a flash mode, supports several languages and offers quite a wide betting range.
  • Casino Stud Poker
    rating: ? /10
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    Casino Stud Poker
    If you like classic poker games, we recommend that you should test the game called Casino Stud Poker, which is offered by casinos running on the platform Play'N GO. Apart from traditional rules, a cool interface, realistic graphics, pleasant colors, convenient control panel, various settings and other features can be considered to be the main advantages of this model. In addition, this stud poker provides the progressive jackpot and bonus payouts.
    Max bet: 25.00 USD
    Min bet: 1.00 USD
    Payout percent: 94.78 %
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    Tree Card Poker – Elite Edition
    The online gambling game Three Card Poker - Elite Edition has traditional rules of three-card poker with the familiar features of gameplay and classic odds for basic and bonus payouts. But we still recommend that gamblers should get acquainted with this model, because it has really great advantages. We strongly believe that the major one of them is an excellent design with cool graphics, user-friendly control panel and amazing animations.
  • Ridem Poker
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    Ridem Poker
    Playing online poker called Ridem Poker, users will be able to reduce bets, made at the beginning of the round. This should be done if players believe that they will not have the paid combinations after the showdown. Gamblers will not technically have opponents. This makes Ridem Poker similar to the video poker, and payouts are made for all combinations, provided by the rules. In addition, the game has the bonus bet. The details of all the features of this poker are discussed in the review from the portal Casinoz.
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  • Texas Hold’em Poker
    rating: ? /10
    Texas Hold’em Poker
    Fans of Texas hold'em who prefer online casinos to online poker rooms will surely appreciate the model Texas Hold'em Poker from the company SoftSwiss. It is available for free testing and for playing using real money. The advantages of this game include: various settings, high-quality design, realistic graphics, flash version and much more about which you will learn from our review.
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    Oasis Poker (SoftSwiss)
    Do you like to play oasis poker? Then you should try this kind of gambling games that has been released by SoftSwiss. This is a great model that can be proved by enumeration of its advantages: various settings, classic rules with the exchange of any number of cards, opportunity to play directly in the browser, intuitively understandable control panel, etc. All the features of oasis poker are discussed in the special article, dedicated to this type of poker.
  • Caribbean Poker
    rating: ? /10
    Caribbean Poker
    There are plenty of fans of the traditional Caribbean poker among the readers of Casinoz, in which a player gets five cards and can only call or fold. If you also like this game, you should enjoy the model of Caribbean poker from the company SoftSwiss. It has basic settings, convenient and intuitively understandable interface. This model has classic rules and odds. It is possible to play it in the browser.
  • Casino Hold’em
    rating: ? /10
    Casino Hold’em
    Casino Hold'em differs from the classic Texas Hold'em in the fact that the gambler plays in this kind of poker not against the other clients, but directly against the casino. In other words, the user plays against the random number generator. The traditional rules have been adapted for this poker. One of such models is Casino Hold'em from the company SoftSwiss. It has a nice interface, user-friendly control panel and various settings.
  • Trey Poker
    rating: ? /10
    Trey Poker
    Many of our readers will be happy to play three card poker. If you are among them, or have decided to manage this cool game of chance, we recommend that you should test a model called Trey Poker, which has been released by the company SoftSwiss. It has numerous advantages, including convenient control panel, spectacular design with realistic animation, an opportunity to play without downloading software, a wide range of bets, intuitively understandable interface, etc.

Online casino poker in Canada

Speaking of poker as a casino game, you should understand that we are talking about numerous varieties. Even versions with the same names may differ significantly from each other in different casinos. Also, numerous poker games are offered by software developers for online gambling in Canada.

Advantages of online poker

Feature articles at Casinoz Canada will help you to understand the huge variety of types and learn the right way to play poker.

Casino Poker VS club poker

First of all, let's understand what is meant by casino poker. Let's also find out how it differs from the so-called club or sports poker.

At the casino, the customer plays poker against the dealer. Even if formally the dealer is absent, the opponent of the player is still the house. In other words, he doesn't need to beat other customers who can sit with him at one table.

Some varieties of poker, originally invented for the club format were later adapted for casinos. For example, most of the major gambling sites offer different varieties of hold'em, in which the client must defeat the dealer.

Advantages of online casino poker

Poker in a real Canadian casino buys by the opportunity to plunge into the vibe of the gambling club, communication with partners by the table, leisurely gambling process and other delights of such places.

Online casino poker has its advantages. Let's highlight the main pros for Canadians:

  • A variety of games of well-known and novice developers,
  • A very wide range of bets,
  • Often very favorable conditions,
  • Realistic animation,
  • Various settings and additional tools,
  • No side costs,
  • Availability anywhere you can connect the Internet.

In short, online poker is very convenient and democratic.

Varieties of casino poker 

Let's review the most popular types of poker, most often found in land-based and online casinos of Canada.

  • Stud poker – the basic version in which you need to beat the dealer by making a stronger hand. The lowest hand is ACE/king. The maximum – a Royal flush. The client first makes an ante bet and then places a bet to confirm the intention to continue the game. The result depends on the value of his cards and the dealer's hand.
  • Caribbean poker – this poker makes a difference to the classic stud by the possibility of exchanging cards. Usually, you can also play at multiple hands.
  • Oasis Poker is another variation of stud poker with one or two exchanges of any number of cards for an additional fee. The amount depends on the number of cards exchanged. Other features may be available.
  • Russian poker – the game is similar to the above poker versions, but has more liberal rules. For one ante you can change any number of cards, buy the sixth card and perform other manipulations. This comes at the expense of reduced payments.
  • Hold'em poker casino – is a Texas hold'em club, adapted to play for customers against the casino. The rules should be specified in each house because they differ significantly. Usually, the player gradually gets the cards and can increase the bet at each stage — such games are provided by many developers of poker for online casinos in Canada.
  • Three-card poker is a relatively young game, which allows making three separate bets. The customer and the dealer get three cards. Special combinations get paid.
  • Four-card poker – the game is very similar to the three-card poker, but the players receive four cards. Other unique features are also available.
  • Pai Gow poker – you need to defeat the dealer by two combinations, made of five and two cards. You can use the Joker. Also, there are additional bonuses.
  • Let it ride poker – in this game you need to make a paid combination. Cards are opened gradually. At each stage, the client can remove part of the total bet, if the situation seems unfavorable to him.

The above types of poker are offered by many software developers for online casinos in Canada. Their versions vary in names and interface features, rules, set of options, settings, and other characteristics.

Libraries of many software producers also include unique games with unusual rules and uncommon designs. We discuss them in the Canadian games reviews at Casinoz.

Math of Poker

All varieties of casino poker have a certain level of return to the player. In most games, it is slightly lower than classic varieties of blackjack or video poker, although some games have quite a high RTP.

As a rule, the software developers provide this number in the technical characteristics listed on the official producer's website or help section. Do not forget to check it out before you start playing poker for money.

Reaching the maximum return is possible only with the help of an optimal strategy. You should choose it for each particular poker variety.

Poker strategy and tactics

All poker games at a casino have a certain level of return to the player. We have not met models with very high RTP in Canada. The mathematical advantage of the casino usually makes at least two percent. This is higher than in most video poker or blackjack games, but lower than in traditional European roulette.

You cannot get rid of the house edge, but playing by the right poker strategy makes it possible to expect a positive outcome. Detailed tips on key varieties can be found in a special section of the website.

How to choose a casino poker in Canada

When selecting a game in an online casino in Canada, consider the following criteria:

  • RTP,
  • The range of bets,
  • The reliability of the software provider,
  • The authority of the gambling operator,
  • The convenience of the interface,
  • Graphics quality,
  • Availability of important settings.

Also, make sure that you have thoroughly studied the rules and picked the best poker strategy.

Poker reviews at Casinoz

Features of the poker game require a special approach to the description of the rules and other features of games of different brands. We offer the following structure:

  • Introduction – preliminary information,
  • General description of the rules, the goal, the stages of gameplay and so forth,
  • Bonus games – any bonuses features in this poker,
  • Jackpots – whether the has a progressive jackpot,
  • Mobile version – the quality of touchscreen version,
  • Conclusion – conclusions, a summary of recommendations for the strategy, lists of pros and cons.

At the end of the review, Canadian experts give advice on which casino offers the most favorable terms. Below, Canadian readers write reviews, score the game and ask questions.

How to play poker free in Canada?

Most online casinos in Canada give the opportunity to test online poker free. Software developers provide demo versions that allow you to run the game "for fun."

As a rule, this opportunity is available to all visitors. Sometimes free casino poker is offered to registered Canadian customers only. In some cases, you won't be able to test games for bonus credits. This limitation usually applies to live poker with live dealers or games with progressive jackpots.

Almost all reviews come with free demo versions. Canadian readers can run them directly at Casinoz. Accordingly, you do not need to leave the site and go to the casino to find out if this or that game works for you.

casino poker tips for players

How to play poker for money?

Usually, gamblers don't want to stick to free mode but play online poker for real money. There is no such possibility at Casinoz Canada. The site does not accept bets and does not provide any other services of this kind.

All reviews have links to the best online casinos in Canada, which allow risking your funds in a poker game discussed in the article.

Please find the list of trusted websites, which offer the discussed game.

Choose an online casino that suits your demands, register, load funds to your account and play poker in dollars, bitcoins, euros or other currencies.

Other poker articles

More feature articles can be found in the sections with poker strategies, news, and rules.

They address all kinds of issues related to this game. You will learn how to select the most profitable varieties, win in poker at the casino in Canada, manage your finances and keep yourself in hand during the game process.

Also, you will find lots of useful information on statistics, fascinating poker stories, biographies of legendary players, picks of curiosities from the world of poker and more.

Follow the updates.


Particular types of casino poker promise high chances for success. They have a small math advantage, that lets us hope on frequent wins.

Please remember, a single strategy for all types of poker doesn't exist. Each game should be studied in order to find an appropriate strategy. Poker articles at Casinoz Canada will help you with this.

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