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Online Casinos Blacklist 2024

Any Internet user who had to choose an online casino knows how many scams there are in online gambling.

Scammers lure inexperienced newcomers with huge bonuses, many free spins, attractive RTP on slots, and giant jackpots. And later, it turns out that their bonuses are impossible to cash out, that the claimed RTP is inaccurate, that they do not pay out winnings, and that there is just no one to complain about them.

To warn the players, we have created this list of online casinos openly cheating or behaving unfairly with their customers.

black list casino

How Is the Blacklist of Online Casinos Formed in 2024?

First of all, we should focus on the critical point:

Casinoz does not put casinos on the blacklist only because they provide services of poor quality.

Small choice of games, lack of progressive jackpots and tournaments, non-professional support, poor bonus program, unwillingness to serve customers from some countries – such shortcomings force us to reduce the site rating but are not the reason to be blacklisted.

You must understand the following:

This page includes dishonest online casinos.

We are discussing websites that deceive existing customers, potential players, and partners. In other words, they are fraudsters who, in one way or another, violate the laws.

Let's look at the main reasons that force us to put gambling sites on the blacklist.

Casinos That Don't Pay Out Winnings

What could be worse for an online gambling fan than to play at a casino that refuses to charge payments? Winning at a casino is not an easy task in itself. And if they do not give you the winnings under false pretexts, you can despair.

The worst option is casino scams that don't transfer money to the client without motivating their decision and not wanting to communicate with him.

If the site acts this way, it is a direct way to the blacklist of gambling scams.

But most often, the scammers fool users in a more sophisticated way. Unscrupulous gambling operators find thousands of reasons not to pay:

  • Confusing rules – Sometimes, the rules and terms of online casino games are set out ambiguously, which allows the management to interpret them in their interests. Particular points seem minor or are intentionally put forward in illogical sections, so the client does not think they are essential. Support staff can also explain it very evasively to confuse users even more. But when making payments, the casino will use these nuances as a basis for refusing to pay.
  • Flimsy excuses – The casino management dumbfounds the client with unexpected claims. For example: "You played on the forbidden betting system, so we will not pay the winnings." Herewith, the rules may not say a single word about the inadmissibility of specific strategies.
  • Unexpected changes in user agreements – The client must ensure he is familiar with all the casino rules. But studying them from cover to cover daily is impossible. Therefore, decent casinos should notify users about significant changes in the agreement. If they make adjustments without warning players, accusing them of violations, and don't want to accrue payments, it may cause the site to be blacklisted.

Generally, we consider any attempts to deprive the client of his real winnings as inadmissible practice.

Casinos with Fake Licenses

Casinos that work without a license, but try to convince the players that they have all the necessary documentation, are also included on the blacklist.

We also put them on this list if they publish fake licenses, fake logos of gambling regulators, or links to fake sites with copies of licenses.

Casinos Deceiving Customers

Often casinos try to mislead players at different stages deliberately.

  1. Bonuses – There are many ways to fool the client during a promotion. Bonus terms and wagering requirements are often written in complicated language. Moreover, they can be confusing, so that the management can interpret them differently.
  2. Tournaments – Simple rules should pick tournament winners. If the terms are unclear, you must doubt the casino's honesty.
  3. Jackpots – Refusal to pay the progressive jackpots is common in online casinos. Of course, sometimes the operators' claims are reasonable, but the website often lies.
  4. Advertising – It's no secret that many casinos openly deceive players by advertising their services. For example, they can lure newcomers by promising a 1000% match bonus, although we are talking about ten 100% match bonuses.

Casinoz is not going to put up with the above practices. If a website behaves this way, it is a direct road to the blacklist.

Casinos That Do Not Help Resolve Disputes

Conflict situations between casino management and clients arise regularly. Sometimes the parties can't manage to solve it on their own without involving a third party. Fair sites cooperate with reputable mediators whose role may be played by notable organizations and thematic media.

If the casino flatly refuses to listen to reasonable arguments of clients or intermediaries, guided solely by their interests, it can find itself on the blacklist.

Casino Screwing Partners

Not only casino customers can become victims of scams. Sometimes casinos screw their partners. For example, the owners of gambling sites do not want to charge affiliate payments, disclose confidential information, or violate the principles of business ethics.

We include the related projects on a blacklist if such cases are particularly egregious.

Unfair Online Casinos Reviews 2024

In articles about casino scams, we publish detailed information about the services provided by these websites. We do not hide their advantages and honestly talk about all the pros of the casinos.

Besides, we always explain in detail why the website turned out to be on the blacklist.

When choosing a site, we recommend that gamblers study its pros and cons, pay attention to our claims, read the reviews of real customers, and note the average rating. This data will help you decide whether you can trust the website with your money.

But we strongly recommend not contacting operators from this list in 2024.


Unfortunately, the list of casino scams is continuously updated. Although the online gambling industry is gradually whitewashing and coming out of the shadows, scam operators are still trying to deceive customers.

We promise not to cooperate with such businesses and always warn you about all sorts of fraud in the industry.

Frequently asked Questions

💸 How can a casino appear on a blacklist in 2024?

Casinoz put on the blacklist gambling websites that cheat their customers somehow. For example, there can be online casinos that do not pay out winnings or have fake licenses.

👴 Should I play for money at blacklisted casinos?

Of course, not! You should not trust blacklisted online casinos. They are dishonest.

🙋 May I put a casino on your blacklist?

You may submit a complaint. If it is reasonable, we will put the casino on the blacklist.

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