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Portomaso Casino in Malta
Portomaso Casino in Malta
Visiting Malta, every fan of gambling should pay tribute to the famous Portomaso Casino in St. Julian's. This is a popular gambling venue with video slots, betting offices, and poker rooms where large competitions are held. The entertainment complex and other services of Portomaso Casino in Malta are described in our article.
Legendary Ritz Casino in London
Legendary Ritz Casino in London
Any real fan of gambling, visiting London, should find time to pay tribute to the legendary Ritz Casino. Without exaggeration, this is a cult venue mentioned in numerous books and films, not to mention magazines and newspapers. Top-level politicians, movie stars, popular musicians, outrageous millionaires and famous writers visited the reputable gambling house. Let's find out what is so attractive in Ritz.
PAF Casino in Finland
PAF Casino in Finland
Fans of offline gambling can visit a very comfortable PAF Casino, which has been operating in the Finnish town of Marinhamn for a long time. This is a small gambling house with a few tables for the popular casino games and dozens of video slots. A pleasant atmosphere is combined with the excellent service, friendly staff, and additional services for the guests. Detailed information about PAF Casino is available in the review.
Leogrand Casino Is the Best Casino of the Caucasus
Leogrand Casino Is the Best Casino of the Caucasus
A wonderful gambling complex was opened in the Georgian city of Batumi, near the Turkish border. It was called Leogrand Hotel & Casino. This is a luxurious hotel with an impressive casino, slot hall, restaurants, and numerous opportunities for visitors. The article deals with the major advantages of Leogrand that are worth paying attention to.
Rio Casino Resort in South Africa
Rio Casino Resort in South Africa
Klerksdorp, South Africa, can boast the largest casino in the Southern Hemisphere. The facility is called Rio Casino Resort. It is incredibly popular among tourists from all over the world. They are attracted by high-quality services, various gambling-related offers, excellent incentive systems, and numerous additional entertainment experiences for children and adults.
Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
One of the most popular casinos in Las Vegas is a famous casino and hotel complex called Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. This is an incredible facility with all kinds of gambling games, numerous popular slots, generous offers, interesting promotions, and other opportunities for customers. All services of Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas are described in this review.
Stratosphere Las Vegas
Stratosphere Las Vegas
The legendary Stratosphere has been remaining one of the most famous casino hotels in Las Vegas. It is located on the Las Vegas Strip. Stratosphere is a unique entertainment complex with outstanding gambling halls. It is famous for its huge observation tower. All features and services offered by Stratosphere are discussed in this article.
City of Dreams in Macau
City of Dreams in Macau
Many luxurious multi-functional entertainment complexes with huge casinos have been recently opened in Macau. So, it is quite difficult to surprise customers with one or the other resort of this kind. However, City of Dreams, built in Cotai, impresses even against the background of this diversity and splendor. This excellent gambling house is discussed in this article below.
Studio City in Macau
Studio City in Macau
The luxurious entertainment and resort complex Studio City in Macau has started its operations. It combines an amazing casino with an incredible range of other types of entertainment. On its territory you can find a stunning amusement park. Excellent shows are held in this complex. There is also a huge shopping center. Numerous movie stars and celebrities have already become guests of the resort. Details are available in the review published on the site Casinoz.
Bellevue Marienbad Casino
Bellevue Marienbad Casino
Bellevue Marienbad Casino has a glorious history. It was visited by famous and powerful guests, the elite of the European aristocracy. Nowadays Bellevue Marienbad Casino continues to be one of the most luxurious European casinos. Readers can become familiar with the history and modern life of Bellevue Marienbad Casino in this article.
Sun City is the Most Luxurious Casino in Africa
Sun City is the Most Luxurious Casino in Africa
The most unique casino resort in the world called Sun City is located in the heart of an ancient volcano, deep in the African Bushveld. Sun City is the South African Las Vegas. Nowadays Sun City Casino Resort forms a part of the large Sun City Resort, which is a mega complex consisting of four luxurious hotels, two golf courses, a beach with artificial waves, a conference center, and, of course, a casino.
Borgata is a Village on the Atlantic Coast
Borgata is a Village on the Atlantic Coast
Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa is the newest and most profitable high-quality mega resort in Atlantic City. Everything in it is amazing: starting from the modern mirror design and ending with the highest level of service. This casino looks great both outside and inside. It offers a number of excellent and expensive restaurants, nightclubs and all kinds of gambling. Every visitor of this complex will find a game according to his taste.

Best Casinos in the World

Can you name the best casino on the Earth? This would be a difficult task because everyone has their ideas about what the perfect place should be. For some, the presence of certain games is essential. Others appreciate the exquisite service. For someone, the range of bets in the first place. And other gamblers do not accept gambling houses without a long history.

Casinoz does not set a goal to determine the best casino. In this section of the site, we discuss the most famous and popular casinos in the world that attract customers with first-class service, excellent choice of entertainment, and additional services.

History of Casinos

No historian can say precisely when and where the first casino games appeared. Most researchers argue that they, in one form or another existed in almost all cultures and eras.

Also, no one is ready to name the place and time the gambling business was founded. Prototypes of modern casinos worked in different countries many centuries ago.

One of the first famous casinos whose name history retained was "Il Ridotto". It was opened in the first half of the 17th century in Venice. It worked for almost a century and a half, then restored in the middle of the 20th century.

Later, casinos were opened in France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the USA, Canada, and other countries. Currently, gambling houses operate in many countries.

World Capitals of Gambling

Once, the center of gambling entertainment was in Europe. Later, the glory of the world capital of casinos moved to Las Vegas. After some time, Macao and Singapore made a competition. Currently, fashionable casino hotels operate in several parts of the world.

  • In Europe, people play in casinos in France, Monte Carlo, the UK, Poland, and other countries.
  • Gambling centers on the American continent remain in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, but the industry is also represented in many other cities in the USA and other countries.
  • In Asia, casinos are booming in Macau and Singapore.
  • In Africa, most gambling houses are concentrated in SA.
  • Gambling is also allowed in Australia. There are several large casinos there.

Read more about the gambling business in different countries in the feature articles at Casinoz.

Old casinos

Casinos with Rich Histories

Some casinos are legends in the gambling world. Famous politicians visited them. They had the most respectable customers. They were in movies and books—all gambling fans dream of seeing them.

Let's recall some of the legendary casinos:

  1. The Ritz Casino (London) is a VIP-class gambling house founded by Cesar Ritz. Prince of Wales, David Lloyd George, Charlie Chaplin, The Beatles, and other celebrities have been here. Charles de Gaulle, Winston Churchill, and Dwight Eisenhower held a meeting within its walls.
  2. Clermont Club Casino (London) is among the elite houses. It was founded under the same name as a private club but later opened its doors to a wide range of visitors. It is an excellent casino with a chic interior, a very high level of service, and traditional gambling.
  3. Casino "Monte Carlo" (Monaco) also knew guests from the highest segment of society. It was visited by Alexander Dumas, Baron Rothschild, Caruso, Fyodor Chaliapin, Sarah Bernhardt, and many other people known worldwide.
  4. Golden Gate Casino (Las Vegas) is a milestone in the history of Vegas. It has been operating since the early 20th century and still welcomes gamblers in our days.
  5. Circus Circus Casino (Las Vegas) – another Las Vegas casino with the richest history. It has been operating since the late 60s and still not losing ground.

Read more about these and other casinos with a long history in the articles at Casinoz.

Ultra-modern Casinos

Surprising a modern gambler is hard. Wealthy clients travel worldwide and visit gorgeous places ready to fulfill their every whim. They can't be lured just by great bets and banal show programs that continually force operators to improve themselves.

Most modern casinos offer customers a wide selection of services. They are huge complexes with hotels, casinos, restaurants, shopping centers, concert halls, conference halls, Spa, and many other services.

Best casinos in the world

At the same time, the best casinos in the world have outstanding designs with unique features. If you are attracted to this approach, pay attention to the following places:

  • Aria Resort & Casino (Las Vegas),
  • Marina Bay Sands (Singapore),
  • Resorts World Sentosa (Singapore),
  • Venetian Macao (Macau).

The articles in this section of Casinoz describe the most expensive casinos on the planet.


Nowadays, a wealthy person can easily find a perfect casino to meet all his ideas about a quality gambling house. The best complexes are located in different parts of the world, ready to serve him at the highest level.

Articles on our website will help you choose the best casino for Canadians and residents of other countries.

Frequently asked Questions

🍀 Where are the best casinos in world located?

The most expensive and luxurious gambling clubs are located in Las Vegas, Macao, Singapore, Monte Carlo, and other places.

💰 What do the best casinos offer to their customers?

The most high-quality gambling clubs offer numerous games, exclusive services, various comps, etc.

🏆 How can I choose the best offline casino for Canadians?

Read the reviews on Casinoz. They will help you find the best top-class brick-and-mortar casino.