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The registration process in any online casino begins with a visit to it's web site. You can find there all necessary information on services, conditions of the game, download the installation software to your computer and so on. In most cases, it is recommended to install the casino software, but often you can play without it.But to play for real money you should register at the casino.

To do this, click Registration, although sometimes it can be called New Player. In some online casinos registration is required even for a training mode (Practice, Guest, For Fun). We are not interested in this option, so if you have similar options tick the option For money (or Real Player).

Below you can see a list of information you need to enter when registering. Remember that all it must be true, otherwise you may have problems with withdrawal of money at any online casino. If some sections are marked as Optional Information, this information is not required.

    First Name, patronymic and surname must match those specified in the credit card you plan to use in the casino. Date of Birth - pay attention to the format: mm/dd/yyyy means month/day/year. Postal Address - make sure that it matches the address specified in the credit card you intend to use in the casino. Fill it in as follows: Street, house, apartment; City; Country - usually selected from a list; Postal Code; Province / State - oblast (region); E-mail - e-mail address (you can use one from a free server, although some of them are blocked by spam filters). Telephone (Contact Phone) - can also be checked, so it should be real, with full code. Profession - write a real profession without going into details. Gender (Sex) - male or female.

Once you entered all the data, press Submit, confirming the correctness of this information. After that, you will be offered to choose a user Name you will use during the game, and a password. You should enter the password twice. Be prepared for the fact that all simple and catchy names can be occupied by other players. Password should not be very simple.

In some online casinos it happens without your involvement, so the name and password can be generated automatically. Be sure to save the username and password in a safe place. Do not rely on your memory.

Then you can log in to the Casino. To do this, enter your user name and password in the appropriate fields and click Login.

Then, you will be asked to replenish your account (make a first deposit), but we'll discuss it in another article on Casinoz.

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