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A table game with dice named Sic Bo has come to us from the Ancient Chine, like many other gambling entertainments. Up to now it still very popular in the Oriental countries, although it also conquers love of the gamblers in the West.

At the first sight, Sic Bo can seem to be a complicated game, but there is nothing but a fallacy. Its rules are pretty simple and the only difficulty which can be faced while learning it is all types of bets.

In online casinos this problem is simply solved with help of the automatic game mode. CTXM company offers you to plat Sic Bo model, which is provided with the multi-language interface and an opportunity to play without registration by the virtual bets.

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Sic Bo

Play Sic Bo in Canadian Casino for Real Money

The production of CTXM company including Sic Bo game can be found in few good online casinos including AdamEve Casino which allows playing both by real and virtual bets. If you want to train playing Sic Bo without registration, you can make it right at Casinoz.

How to Play Sic Bo

«Sic Bo» is an online table game with traditional rules of Sic Bo. Three standard hexagonal dice with points at the sides (from one to six) are used here. You can see betting fields at the markup of the gaming table.
The aim of the game in Sic Bo is to foretell the result of the dice roll and make one or more winning bets.
For example, in AdamEve Casino it is possible to play Sic Bo by bets from one to three hundred dollars.
Now let’s talk about types of bets which can be done in Sic Bo.
  • A bet on single number from one to sic (ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX) win when selected number drops at one or few dice. Payoff is made by 1:1 index for one die, 2:1 for two dice and 3:1 for three of them.
  • A bet on two numbers (Two Dice 1 Wins 5 series) wins when picked numbers drop at two dice of three. It is paid 5:1 by any field.
  • A bet on an amount of all numbers dropped at three dice (from 4 to 17) wins if you manage to guess the result of the roll. It is paid from 6:1 to 60:1 (correct payoffs by each position are displayed right at the markup).
  • A bet on big numbers (Big) and small numbers (Small) is paid when an amount of all numbers at the dice is from eleven to seventeen in the first case and from four to ten in the second. If the same number drop at all dice, the bet loses. It is paid 1:1.
  • A bet on double (Each double 1 wins 10) wins when same numbers drop on two dice of three. A payoff is 10:1.
  • A bet on triple (Each triple 1 wins 180) wins when same numbers selected by the player drop on all three dice. Payoff index is 180:1 here.
  • A bet on any triple wins when any three same number drop on three dice.
Any bets can be combined on the player’s disposal.
During the game the user sets up the coin value and places bets by field in an allowed range and then the dealer rolls dice and makes payoff by winning numbers.
The theoretical payback index of Sic Bo can vary from 81% to 97,2% depending on the strategy selected by the player.

Sic Bo Bonus games

Any extra payouts are not provided by the rules of Sic Bo online game.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in Sic Bo developed by CTXM.

Sic Bo RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

Sic Bo Interface

We don't find it necessary to describe details of different elements of the interface of Sic Bo game, because it is provided with the multi-language interface and everybody can easily understand functions of buttons and windows.
It is possible to switch off the background music and all sounds in this game. The screen can be maximized.

Mobile Compatibility


Sic Bo can’t be called one of the most popular games in the online casinos, but we still recommend you to learn more about it if you are not indifferent to the gambling entertainments with dice. It is the wonderful game indeed, while the model released by CTXM lets you enjoy the gameplay in the maximally comfortable conditions.
The casino advantage of Sic Bo can be reduced a lot if you follow the optimal strategy. We would talk about it in one of the future publications. There we are going to share all the secrets of this game from the best rules to understanding of the casino advantage in different bets with you. Please follow the updates of Casinoz.
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