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The modern online gambling industry offers a fantastic selection of slots. The best software developers regularly release spectacular games with great graphics, excellent animation, unique bonuses and original features.

These models are so exciting that many users are willing to run slot machines for free, just wanting to have fun. However, most customers prefer to bet with real money in the hope of getting a solid payout. Naturally, they are interested in the most giving casino slots, which often delight with large combinations, bonuses and jackpots.

About the most generous devices will talk in the article.

Are there hot and cold casino machines?

If you are fond of gambling, surely you are familiar with the concept of "hot" and "cold" devices. In other words -  hot video slots and cold video slots.

It is implied that the hottest models currently do not skimp on payments, and the cold are too greedy. Of course, most customers tend to find games of the first type in the gambling hall.

Many online casinos allocate "hot" slot machines in a separate category, thereby hinting to customers what models to give preference.

Does this mean that you will definitely stay in the black if you play on one of these slots? Of course not.
Is there any sense in such a classification? Decide for yourself. No one can guarantee that you will definitely win the casino slots in a single gaming session.

The final result always depends on how des the fortune is "favorable" to you, which took the guise of a random number generator. However, in many cases, you can increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome. This will be discussed further.

How to find a giving slot machine?

Offline slot halls regulars try to determine what machines give, seeking advice from the staff of institutions working directly with the devices. Allegedly they can prompt "hot" and "cold" slots. It is also believed that they can point to a model that pays big but has not given out a win for a long time. Presumably, the chances of success, in this case, are increasing by the minute.

How reasonable can this approach can be?

If we are talking about primitive slots with an outdated random number generator, this practice may make sense. In modern machines to predict the operation of the RNG is an impossible task. In any case, do not expect that machine that did not pay for a long time will eventually do if you will spend a few hours behind it.

At online casinos, operators often tell themselves which slot machines give winnings. They collect similar models in thematic collections. In addition, it is not uncommon to have tables with the largest payments in recent days. They indicate the nicknames of the lucky ones, the sums won and the models on which they managed to hit the jackpot.

Should we focus on this information when choosing video slots? There is no single answer. Most experts believe that it hardly helps to find really generous machines that are ready to pay customers often.

Experienced players recommend focussing on more important indicators when choosing slots. They will be discussed further.

The total return of the casino

Some places indicate the global level of RTP (Return to Player), fixed in the casino at a certain time interval. It is expressed as a percentage and is usually between 95% - 98%. If this information is available, it is published in reviews on Casinoz.

How useful is this data to the customer who is trying to figure out which machines give more? One can hardly say that they really help to choose the most generous slots.

If the casino cooperates with independent auditors, such as eCOGRA or TST, on its website will be posted reports on the inspections carried out by these organizations. They list RTP by gambling category. Even so, the information is very basic. With it, you will not find giving slot machines.

Objective criteria for choosing casino slots

Here are a few key aspects to consider when you pick up a slot machine for money:

  • Theoretical return – the higher the RTP, the more attractive the game for a pragmatic client. This is the most important indicator. First of all, you need to focus on it if you want to find the best casino slot. In most modern online models, it ranges from 96% - 97%, but there are games in which it exceeds 98%. If there are additional bets, the option to buy bonuses, a double round or accumulative jackpots, find out how these options affect the return.
  • Volatility – some machines give wins more often, but payouts are usually small. In such cases, low dispersion is indicated. Other models delight combinations less often, but the amount is larger. These are games with high variability. Pay attention to this indicator.
  • Popularity – If the model for a long time is very popular with customers, do not leave it unattended. Users empirically set what slot machines give. Do not neglect their observations, but also do not rely too much on them.
  • Legality – Choose only licensed online machines. Why do you need fake slots if you can run originals for free or for money? Do not trust your blood to people who violate the law, using fake software. Moreover, the leading honest casinos with real machines offer quite favorable conditions and attractive bonuses.
  • Range of bets – this item will not help to determine the characteristics of the actual playing slot machines, but it can not be neglected if you are going to risk real money. This criterion is especially important for fans of all kinds of betting systems.
  • Availability – Some software developers and gambling operators do not allow to launch certain models in a number of countries. For example, such restrictions apply to NetEnt, NYX, Microgaming, and other brands. At the same time in some regions, it is impossible to run either all games of the company or separate devices. Usually, the lists of excluded territories and slot machines are given in the casino user agreements.

We also recommend paying attention to customer reviews about slots. Of course, users' opinions are subjective, but a lot of useful information can be extracted from them.

Stories about the largest payments of our readers can be found on the forum. You can also share your casino success stories there.

How to find slot machines at Casinoz?

Here are some useful tips on how to look for playing casino machines with the help of review articles on our portal.

  • Technical characteristics of the model – Opening the article, immediately pay attention to objective factors: RTP indicator, the level of volatility, the set of available functions, the reputation of the manufacturer, the legality of the work and so on. If the device does not suit you on one or several points, you can immediately refuse to play for money.
  • Top 3 – the best new slots from different providers are included in the monthly ranking, which our experts compile based on several criteria. One of the most important conditions is a sufficiently high RTP. Also taken into account customer feedback about the machines and the quality of the model as a whole.
  • Comments under slots reviews – if you can't decide if a game is right for you, check out the opinions of other customers. Yes, they are subjective. Yes, they often express erroneous judgments. But still, they help to make an impression of the device.
  • Forum discussions – more detailed reviews about casino slots can be found in the special branches of the Casinoz forum. Readers share their personal experiences, talk about giving online gambling and warn with what devices it is better not to mess.
  • Free slot machines – Do not forget about the test mode. You can experience casino slots for free right on our website. Demos are included with most games. This mode will help you to get acquainted with the rules, understand the features of the interface, check the level of variability and just decide whether you like the new product.
  • Video reviews of casino slots – the Casinoz channel also publishes demo videos that show the main features of the games: the principles of formation of combinations, types of symbols, types of bonuses and so on. They help you to understand the rules, determine the level of volatility and find other information you are interested in.
  • Thematic publications – numerous articles about slot games are available on the portal in special subgroups of the "Articles" and "Strategies" sections. Among them are materials with practical tips and advice on how to look for the best casino machines.

Do not be lazy to use the experience and best practices of professional players.

List of high return slot machines

As mentioned earlier, in most casino slots, the return to the player does not exceed 97%. However, some software manufacturers have released models with much higher performance.

We offer Casinoz readers a list of the most giving slot machines with maximum RTP:

Remember that we talk about a theoretical return. In a single session, the result may differ significantly from the declared RTP. This is especially noticeable in machines with high volatility.

Some of the most profitable slots are outdated, which is noticeable in the quality of design and user-friendliness of the interface, but their main advantage has not been canceled. Many of them are still very popular with customers.

Read reviews of these models, test the devices for free on our website, and then play slots for money in the best online casinos.

How to win slots more often?

Finally, a few practical recommendations on how to beat gambling machines:

  • Choose slots with maximum RTP – the higher the theoretical return, the greater your chances of success.
  • Pay attention to RTP bonuses – Often in additional rates and other secondary functions include particular levels of return. Give preference to the options with the most favorable conditions.
  • Consider the variance – Remember that some models have a very high level of volatility. Don't raise the stakes. There is a risk that you will not be able to wait out the prolonged black stripe.
  • Do not try to hack the machine – Conscious attempts to cheat the slot in any way are considered a crime. No need to break the law in pursuit of easy money. Usually, it turns very badly for the cheaters.
  • Plan your bankroll in advance – assess your financial capabilities and correctly distribute the available money. Otherwise, you risk very quickly to remain without credits.
  • Set time limits – decide when you should stop playing and never break your word to yourself. Otherwise, you direct road to addiction.
  • Leave with a win – If fortune smiles on you, find the strength to stop. Most customers are in the black every time, but not everyone can take the money and just leave.
  • Watch out for new products – Competition forces software developers and gambling operators to produce quite profitable slot machines with good return rates. Don't forget to read reviews of new casino slots.
  • Do not rely on strategies – betting systems will not help you overcome the mathematical advantage (house edge) inherent in the slots. With their help, you can streamline the gameplay, but expect miracles from them.

In general, be reasonable, keep yourself in hand and listen to the recommendations of professional players.


Let's sum up and give an answer to the main question of interest to all customers:

What slot machines give money?

In fact, all of them when it comes to licensed models and honest casinos. Any slot can please you with the winnings provided by the official rules.

In conclusion, we remind you that you will hardly be able to make a living playing on the machines, even if you find a casino with very large bonuses, a profitable loyalty program and a lot of other privileges. Think of slot machines as a way to have a good time, leaving chances to win.

We invite you to discuss the topic in the comments. Share your views on any related issues. I advise the readers giving online slots casino. Talk about your biggest victories and ask questions.

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