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The wild symbol is available in most modern video slots. Their variations often appear even in classical three-reel and three-line slot machines. We are sure that most Casinoz regulars know much about wilds, but software providers continue releasing new video slots with extraordinary kinds of this symbol. We covered some of them in the article. 

Wild Symbols in Video Slots

What is the role of wilds in slots?

Wilds are special symbols substituting other icons in paid-out combinations.

Often, wilds can provide payouts themselves, not using other elements. Moreover, in some slots, even one wild symbol is paid out.

But the wilds' tasks are not always limited to that. Gambling software providers often extend the wild's functionality with irregular options, which we want to tell Casinoz readers about. In the beginning, we will describe the most common ones and then review the unique features of wilds.

So, let's get started.

Where Do Wild Symbols Appear in Slots?

Wilds are on all reels or some of them, depending on the game rules.

  1. Evolution by NetEnt - Wild appears on the second and fourth reels.
  2. Lucky Lager by Cryptologic - Wild lands on the three middle reels.

The information on the location of the wilds is always available in the paytable.

Which Symbols Do Wilds Substitute?

The classical wilds can substitute for any regular icon. Thus, it is not used instead of scatters, bonus symbols, extra multipliers, and other particular elements.

Sometimes, if scatters form paid-out combinations on active lines, wilds can substitute for them.

We will not give examples of standard usage of wild symbols because such slot machines are widely spread. 

video slot Wild Games (Playtech)

Can Regular Symbols Turn into Wilds?

Simple icons sometimes cat act as wilds.

Such slots are rare.

Do Wilds Form Paid-Out Combinations?

In most slots, if wilds are represented on all reels, they can form winning combinations themselves, like regular icons. As a rule, in such games, wilds are the most valuable symbols. Slots of this kind are available in portfolios of all famous gambling software developers.

You will see many other video slots with this option in Casinoz reviews.

Do Wild Symbols Increase Payouts?

One of the notable extra features of the wild is activating multipliers. They increase payouts for combinations formed with the help of the wild symbol. Usually, if a wild participates in a combination, the payout doubles or triples. If a combination includes several wilds, all multipliers go into action.

It is a widespread option in modern online video slots.

Can Wild Symbols Appear in Stacks?

In some slot machines, Wild symbols make stripes. So they can appear after the entire reel.

The Dark Knight (Microgaming) - Wild on all reels makes long strips.

Baywatch by Playtech - on the second, third, and fourth reels, wild always appears in stripes.

Can Wilds in Slots Expand?

In many slots, the wild symbol can expand and cover the neighboring spots on the screen. Then, it can keep this position for one or more spins.

Here are a few examples.

video slot Untamed Wold Pack (Microgaming)

How Do Wilds Act in Free Spins?

During free spins, wild can expand, activate multipliers, turn other icons into wild, etc. 

Roaming Wild feature

Let us examine this in the examples.

  • In Cops N 'Bandits by Playtech, during free spins, the policeman appearing next to the bandit turns him into a wild, and he remains this way until the end of the round.

video slot Cops N 'Bandits (Playtech)

What Unique Features Can Wilds Have?

Wild can have unique features that can not be attributed to any above categories.

Incinerator slot Wild Patterns

  • In Wild Gambler by AshGaming, the wild participates in the Lock & Spin feature. The player can lock the wild in the same spot for the next spin by paying a specific price.
  • In Miles Bellhouse and His Curious Machine by BetSoft, if a wild appears on the screen but cannot substitute any other symbol, it swaps the pictures around it.
  • Zombies slot by NetEnt has just two wilds. One is standard and appears on all reels except the third one. The second lands only on the middle reel in stacks and moves one position up or down if necessary. In each spin from one to six, other symbols can turn into wilds.

Please read reviews of new slots on Casinoz. Many games offer unique features of wild symbols.


As you can see, the wild symbol makes the gameplay more exciting. Of course, it also provides players with extra benefits.

The article covers just several exciting slots. The developers do not stop producing new games with unique wilds. Therefore, we will periodically update this review.

Frequently asked Questions

🃏 What are wild symbols in slots?

Wilds symbols or wilds are particular elements that can substitute regular icons in paid-out combinations. They often have other bonus features. 

🎰 Are wild symbols available in all video slots?

No, they are not. In some slots, there are no wilds at all. Yet, it is one of the most popular special symbols. You will see them in most video slots. 

💎 Can wilds in slot have bonus features?

Many wild symbols increase payouts, expand in various directions, turn other icons into wilds, etc. 

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