Stravaganza Progressive
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Stravaganza Progressive Review

Fans of various gambling games will enjoy getting acquainted with the unique card game called Stravaganza. It slightly resembles blackjack, although the significant differences in rules do not allow us to call it one of its kinds.

Online versions of Stravaganza are available in the range of a few developers of software for online casinos. The spectacular model is offered by Playtech. Read about it below.

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Stravaganza Progressive
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Play Stravaganza Progressive in Canadian Casino for Real Money

We would like to mention Europa Casino among the online casinos running on the platform from Playtech that offer Stravaganza Progressive. Users can play it both for free and for real money. All readers of Casinoz may test stravaganza for fun without registration directly on our portal.
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How to Play Stravaganza Progressive

Stravaganza Progressive is an online stravaganza with the progressive jackpot.
The basics of stravaganza are discussed in the section Rules on the portal Casinoz. If you don't understand anything in this review, familiarize yourself with the general rules for stravaganza.
The aim of Stravaganza Progressive is to get a higher score compared to the dealer's cards. It is not possible to go bust here, unlike in the case of blackjack. You can play wagering only on one box.
Five standard 52-card decks with no jokers are used in Stravaganza. The cards from deuces to tens provide the number of points according to their values. Faces bring ten points, and aces provide one point.
The betting range can vary from one to one hundred euros at Europa Casino.
Having made a bet, the player receives two cards. The croupier deals three face down cards to himself. The user assesses the rank of his hand and takes one of the following decisions:
  • Play on is used to make another bet of the same size. Then, the third card is dealt. The dealer's and customer's hands are compared. This decision can be taken in any situation.
  • Money back allows getting your full bet back and finishing the current round. This option is available if the player's score does not exceed five points.
  • Rescue bet allows getting half of your bet back and finishing the current round. This option is provided when your score is between 6 and 9 points.
  • Sit allows keeping playing without increasing your bet. You should compare two cards to three dealer's cards. It is allowed when the number of player's points exceeds ten.

As soon as the customer has chosen an option, the dealer reveals the cards and compares hands to each other.

  • If the dealer wins, the player loses his bets.
  • If he loses, the user's bets are paid according to the 1:1 ratio.
  • If the dealer's first card is a red ace, the client loses only the first bet, and the second one is returned to him. In this situation, the total score is not important.
  • If the second or third dealer's card is a red ace, the customer loses both bets. The score is not taken into consideration, and this point is more important than the previous one.
Bonus payouts are provided in Stravaganza Progressive.

Stravaganza Progressive Bonus games

Bonus payouts in Stravaganza Progressive are possible only for three-card hands, but they are credited only for the first bet. The following cases lead to them:
  • Three of a kind - 3:1
  • There face cards -3:2
Therefore, if the first two cards have a pair or two face cards, there is an additional incentive to take the third card.


Stravaganza Progressive released by Playtech offers the progressive jackpot and related prizes. It is necessary to make a side bet (by clicking on the table above the box) to participate in the round where it is possible to win it. Fifteen percent of this bet is used to increase the jackpot size.
The payouts for this bet are paid according to the following hands:
  • Three kings of hearts- the total jackpot size
  • Three identical face cards - 10% of the jackpot
  • Three of a kind (jacks-kings) - x100
  • Three of a kind (fives-tens) - x50
  • Any three tens (thirty points) - x10
As you can see, it is necessary to take the third card to compete for the jackpot or one of the payouts.

Stravaganza Progressive RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

Stravaganza Progressive Interface

The design of Stravaganza Progressive imitates the table for card games with a special layout. The chips are located in the lower left corner. They are used to select the coin value. The buttons of the control panel are located in the middle (we will not describe them, since you can download this game in different languages).
The sectors for bets are located above each another. The nearest sector for the dealer is intended for a side bet on that can allow winning the jackpot.
The jackpot size is shown in the special display in the upper left corner. Users can notice a board with the betting range above.

Mobile Compatibility


At first glance, it may seem that Stravaganza Progressive is a quite complicated and difficult game. In fact, its rules are very simple, but the strategy requires certain skills. We will offer it to our readers in one of the future publications.
Stravaganza Progressive may be recommended to those who are fed up with monotonous games and constantly look for something new.
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