Table and Card Games Rules for Canadian Players

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August 4, 2011
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Rules of table and card casino games

At the pages of Casinoz Canada, we discuss the details of all types of poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, video poker, and craps. But the list of table and card games offered by Canadian casinos is not limited to these types.

Many types of gambling entertainments, which are in high demand among customers, can not be attributed to specific categories. Rules of casino games that can't be included in standard categories are explained on this page of the website.

Casino table games

Before we discuss the subsections, let's mention the main feature that is typical for all games:

The customer is always playing against the casino.

In other words, the player does not need to defeat other visitors. The exception is tournaments, but this is a special topic, discussed in a different section of the site.

Rules of casino table games

Talking about table games, we mean any game that requires a table with a particular layout or special gear: a reel with objects, wheels with sectors, or a stand with cells. 

The rules of such games are always unusual. We recommend Canadian players to study them carefully, paying attention to the smallest details.

Be sure to check the return to the player and the level of the house edge. If the RTP is low, and the house edge is high, you better to give up playing for money. If they accept different types of bets, look into details of each.

Rules of casino card games

This is about the games with playing cards. In most cases, they require standard decks of fifty-two sheets. Sometimes wild cards are available.

Some games are played with cut-down decks. They may have forty-eight, thirty-six, or thirty-two cards altogether.

Many of the card games in this section use tables with a unique layout for bets and cards involved in the gameplay.

Most of these games allow Canadian players to make decisions that directly affect the outcome of the round and the overall return, so you should learn the basics of the strategy for each of them.

We recommend you to pay attention to the rules of Gin Rummy, Stravaganza, and the so-called Red Dog. These games are in demand among users from many countries and keep high chances of success.

Table and card games with jackpots

Progressive jackpots of various types are available in some games. They can be drawn in particular games, in multiple games of the same venue, or in a chain format in multiple casinos.

All progressive jackpots work by the same principle:

The prize fund is growing due to deductions from the customer's bets.

As a rule, it is from one to three percent.

Jackpot T&C may vary. Sometimes you have to make a side bet. Often the amount is divided into several parts. It can also be tied to the client's bet.

Always learn the terms of the draw before risking money in the casino.

Live card and table games in Canada

Now almost all online casinos in Canada offer "live" games with real dealers. We discuss the features of this format at Casinoz.

Most often, live casinos give an opportunity to play blackjack, poker, baccarat, and roulette, but also some unusual table and card games with real dealers.

Keep in mind that the croupiers only lead the gameplay. They deal cards and perform other actions, but do not pick the winners and do not charge payments. These operations are automated and carried out with the help of software.

Tips for novice casino players

Unusual rules and unique gameplay features characterize the casino games presented in this section. Tested betting systems and basic strategy recommendations may not be available in all cases.

The following tips will help Canadians avoid common mistakes and win more often:

  • Stake real money only in those casino games with a maximum RTP.
  • Test any new games in the free demo version.
  • Look for expert advice on strategy and tactics. Take a look at the special section of Casinoz.
  • Don't get carried away with chasing progressive jackpots. Often, they are played on very unfavorable terms.
  • Follow the news about live casinos with real dealers. Providers often launch new games.

In general, all the tips on the table and card games discussed on this page come to the following:

Be mindful and control yourself.

Remember that your money is at stake. Don't take unnecessary risks.

how to win casino card and table games

Reviews of the casino games rules at Casinoz Canada

In this section, we discuss the games, which often seem to have nothing in common. They differ in the gameplay, the gear, the requirements for users' skills and capabilities, as well as the goals that players face.

Of course, we discuss the rules according to the features of each game. It is difficult to stick to a single plan and template, but we have developed a common structure for the reviews:

  1. General information,
  2. The goal of the game,
  3. Required equipment,
  4. Gameplay stages,
  5. The principles of picking the winners,
  6. The calculation and procedure of paying out the wins,
  7. Bonuses and prizes,
  8. Progressive jackpots,
  9. Possible varieties,
  10. Additional functions.

Brief tips on tactics and strategy often come with the rules of the game.


Publications in this section are focused primarily on Canadian fans of non-standard gambling. If you are not going to limit yourself to roulette, poker, blackjack, and slots, this page will tell you how to play for money in original ways.

Read the rules, learn the basic strategy, practice for free first, and only then start playing for money in the casino.