Trustworthy Online Casinos

What are your most important selection criteria for an online casino in Canada? Who are you going to trust your money to? Do you need generous bonuses? Are you fond of large jackpots? Are you attracted by numerous games or beautiful design? Do you prefer wide betting limits?

The aspects mentioned above are essential, but they are minor in comparison with the main one:

You should wager real money at reliable online casinos only.

Can you trust the operator? It is actually the first thing you need to figure out while getting acquainted with a new gambling site in Canada. If you decide that it deserves your trust, then you can start studying a bonus program, a range of games, tournaments, jackpots, payment systems, and other features.

We are sure, many of our Canadian readers have a logical question: "How to choose a reliable online casino?" You can choose one of two options:

  1. To act independently.
  2. To trust professionals.

In the first case, you will have to master the ways to understand many issues of gambling, analyze diverse information, refer to dozens of sources, and become an expert on the identification of invalid data.

If you choose the second option, you will have to make a decision on the basis of our list of the most reliable online casinos.

Top 10 Trustworthy Casinos in Canada

This list was compiled and is updated by Canadian gambling professionals, who are authors of our site. They have picked 10 reliable online casinos where you can play for US and Canadian dollars, Euro and other currencies. These gambling houses are supposed to be the most trustworthy casinos in Canadian online gambling.

The list is updated, when necessary. If any gambling site from the top 10 becomes untrustworthy, we exclude it from the rankings. It is replaced by another casino that meets the requirements we set for the best gambling sites.

Selection Criteria

While compiling our rankings, experts of Casinoz Canada take several important factors into account. When considering a potential nominee for a position in the list of the most reliable online casinos in Canada, they look into the following parameters:

  • Licenses – any reputable casino should have all the required documents. Moreover, the licenses must be issued by a famous regulator, which really controls operators.
  • Reputation – the most reliable online casinos in Canada are usually owned by well-known gambling operators that have been providing their services for many years. They have already managed to build a good reputation and try to maintain it by all means. They may own several gambling sites so that you can trust their new casinos as well.
  • Software – software must be licensed and certified by reputable audit companies. Only in this case, you can be sure that the gambling site does not interfere in the gameplay, and the outcomes are really unpredictable.
  • Data protection – really reliable online casinos in Canada use sophisticated encryption protocols, so that money and personal information of Canadian customers are safe.
  • Verification – most customers do not like to verify their identity. However, this procedure is necessary to confirm that the casino management really tries to prevent fraud and money laundering.
  • Auditors – the additional advantage of the site is its cooperation with independent audit organizations. There are several companies that control and monitor casino activities, issue certificates, and publish data on the carried out tests.
  • Opinions of Canadian customers – to be sure, you should pay attention to the opinions of users who have already tested the website. However, keep in mind that they do not always help choose a really reliable casino. Bear in mind that both positive and negative statements can be paid-for. In addition, there is always a subjective factor. The lucky ones will praise the casino in every way, whereas the losers are willing to blame anyone else when things appear to have gone wrong.

We want to add that experts of Casinoz Canada may have inside information that is not intended for public access. They take it into account when making conclusions about the reliability of gambling sites.

Our reviewers also pay great attention to communication between the casino management and customers in case of disputes. If the casino management does not really want to discuss the situation, having the last word, this raises doubts concerning the fairness of the decision. And the willingness to engage independent experts seems to be a big advantage.

Choosing a Most Reliable Casino in Canada

The fierce competition that prevails in the modern gambling industry of Canada makes gambling operators take care of their reputation. Major sites, which have been providing their services in the industry for many years, can hardly afford indecent acts against their customers.

However, the fraudsters are on the watch and disguise their casinos as respectable ones, deceiving inexperienced Canadian users. That is why you should pay attention to the recommendations of Canadian professionals and prefer indeed reputable and reliable online casinos with guaranteed money withdrawal.