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Opening payment system MoneyBookers (Skrill) occurred in 2003. Despite the relative youth of the company competes with other payment systems, winning a place in the sun. The number of users of the services of long exceeded 1.5 million, and this figure is growing. Maneybukers popular with customers from all over the world, so it is successfully used not only foreign but also European casinos . Versatility, quality and speed of operations attract users who become fans of this payment system.

Moneybookers are not only individuals, but also the owners of banks and online stores. A great advantage of this payment system is that it operates in more than 170 countries, which include Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

To get started with this payment system and start making money transactions, no need to download to your computer additional software. Just go through a simple registration procedure. It includes the following:

- Click on the link Register , on the home page of the official site.

- Fill in the form proposed for registration. The registration form includes the following: your email address, confirm email address, enter the password, repeat the password you entered, an appeal to the customer name, address, city, state, zip code, country, phone number, mobile number phone, date of birth, the currency for settlement, language site, the first challenge question, the answer to the security question first, the second security question, the answer to the second question of the control, the introduction of a number that prevents automatic registration. As can be seen, all the questions and sets the standard when registering on most resources. When answering the questions should be written only reliable information, or may later have problems with the removal of funds.

- Check the last paragraph, which means acceptance of all rules proposed by this payment system.

- Press Register .

After the completion of registration, e-mail by filling the form will receive an email containing a confirmation number. This number must be entered on the page that appears after you register. The user must activate your account within seven days. After the confirmation number has been entered, the customer can start using the account. Account number will be their email address.

All financial transactions are carried out very quickly, often within one minute. The minimum amount that can be transferred - one euro cent. And Moneybookers provides its users with an interesting service. Set automatic sending of scheduled transfer can be made without the participation of the client. The Commission, which Maneybukrs take from their members, is 1% of the amount transferred. Commission is charged to the sender, and it can not be more than 0.5 euros.

To convey information, the company uses 128-bit encryption. To further protect its users, the system does not allow anonymous registration.

To deposit or withdraw money from it in this payment system, you can use your debit or credit card. In many countries it is possible to make bank deposits or local payments.

Moneybookers for casino players are comfortable by the fact that you can create an account directly on the deposit.

Suggest now register and enjoy all the pleasures of this payment system!

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