Best Big bonuses 2020 (July)

how to choose casino bonusHuge online casino bonuses are a tasty morsel for the most gamblers. Such promotions attract new users, forcing them to register and keep customers at the institution.

Unfortunately, not all offers of this kind really profitable. Many of them are designed for inexperienced amateurs who are not able to recognize the cunning trick of the gambling operator.

On this page, you will find honest reviews of online casino bonuses. The articles consider all the nuances of participation in these events.

What is considered a big bonus?

The definition of it is very vague, and everyone has his idea of what "big" is. First of all, there are two criteria by which bonuses can be characterized:

  1. The cash equivalent is the maximum bonus amount in the game currency. For example, one thousand dollars.
  2. The percentage is the size relative to the deposits if we are talking about the bonus accrued on deposit — for example, a 300% first Deposit bonus.

There is a reasonable question:

Which bonus is better: big in cash or large in percentage terms?

Decide for itself. In our opinion, a huge amount – it's nice and tempting, but a significant percentage size is a more objective indicator.

Great casino welcome bonuses

Many institutions attract new customers with huge invitations bonuses. It can be 200%, 300%, 400% or even 500% bonus on one or first few deposits. Their maximum amounts are also very significant, up to several thousand dollars.

Sometimes operators do to the trick and deceptively advertise similar promotions. Most often, they indicate the total amount of bonuses accrued on several deposits. Often they even sum up the percentage of bonuses.

For example, for the first five deposits can be offered a 100% bonus up to two hundred dollars each. This package casino advertises as a 500% bonus up to $1000 dollars.

This approach cannot be called honest, because it misleads customers.

Always carefully read the rules for calculating bonuses and the wagering requirements.

Big reload casino bonuses

Large bonuses can be offered regularly. They can be monthly, weekly or, much less frequently, daily. In such cases, they are charged to customers on the first deposit made during the calendar month, week, or day.

But usually reload bonuses are not very big, because casinos provide them to many customers.

Big personal casino bonuses

It is impossible to say with certainty how large can be the maximum personal casino bonus. Such promotions are not advertised by the administration. Operators provide them individually to most valuable customers.

The wagering requirements also are negotiated individually. Sometimes there is no wager at all.

Big cashback

Return of the lost money is standard practice at solid institutions. The size of the cashback often depends on the status of the client. For example, if the casino has a multi-level loyalty program, players are offered different return percentages: 10%, 20% and so on.

VIP players can receive cash back on special conditions.

Large free deposit bonuses

Free casino bonuses are rarely large. Exceptions may be only for personal promotions that operators offer for certain high rollers in order to attract them.

Accordingly, it's hard to rely on a huge free deposit bonus. They rarely exceed ten or twenty dollars, and the conditions of the wager often very tough.

Other possibilities

Online casinos also offer generous promotions of other types. It can be many free spins, the prizes, raffles of impressive sums of money and so on.

How to choose the best big bonus?

A few tips on choosing large bonuses:

  • Do not chase the maximum amounts. Also, pay attention to the percentage of deposit bonus.
  • Carefully study the conditions of the wager. The biggest bonuses are usually very difficult to wager.
  • Consider the possibility of regional or other restrictions.
  • Feel free to ask the casino for personal bonuses if you play regularly.
  • Don't get hung up on one place. Compare bonus programs of different popular sites.

To understand the nuances of promotions will help feature articles of our encyclopedia of gambling.

Reviews of big bonuses at Casinoz

The articles in this section deals with huge bonuses on such a pattern:

  • Introduction – presentation,
  • Receiving – how to become the owner of the bonus,
  • Wagering – what you'll need to fulfill wagering conditions,
  • Games – on which slots you can win back the bonus,
  • Other promotions – other casino bonus events,
  • Conclusion – conclusions,
  • Pros and cons – advantages and disadvantages of the proposal.

Under reviews, readers write feedbacks about bonuses, share opinions, talk about personal achievements, put estimates and ask questions.

Casinos with big bonuses

Many online casinos offer significant bonuses and other tempting promotions.

Sometimes such promos are just a publicity stunt, designed to attract or retain customers. They are subject to strict wagering rules and various restrictions.

biggest bonuses online casino

But often you can find attractive bonuses for large sums, because the growing competition in the gambling business makes operators fork out.

Information about casinos with the best promotions is published in reviews of institutions on this page, as well as on the Casinoz forum.


We try to give the most honest assessment to casino bonuses, highlighting their pros and cons. Read articles, study clients opinions on the topic. This will help you to avoid stupid mistakes and not get caught in the trap of scammers.