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Canadian gambling blogs

Do you play casino games, participate in poker tournaments, make sports bets or prefer other gambling entertainments? Are you the one who understands all the insights of Canadian gambling and want to share your experience with other Casinoz readers?

Create your own blog and address a vast readership of the site. You will be able to talk with like-minded people in and outside Canada, talk about big wins, discuss the latest news and give advice to beginners.

The section is divided into several thematic categories with numerous subgroups in each of them.

Casino blogs

We publish notes about all the issues related to online casinos here. The list of topics is pretty extensive:

  • Casino games of various genres,
  • Gambling addicts life experience,
  • Online casino bonuses and promotions,
  • Gambling software,
  • Articles by dealers and pit bosses,
  • Tournaments participation,
  • Drawings of progressive jackpots,
  • Interesting stories from Canadian and international players,
  • Cheats and scam artists,
  • Interesting facts about gambling in Canada and so on.

Making it short, you can discuss any gambling related topic here.

Online poker blogs

This section was designed for fans of club or sports poker. It is suitable both for those Canadians who love to play for cash and fans of various tournaments.

You can discuss the following:

  • Practical poker tips,
  • Poker lessons for beginners,
  • Tournaments and Championships discussions,
  • Poker rooms bonuses and promotions,
  • Stories of personal gaming experience,
  • Stories of big wins.

If you love poker, understand the tricks of the game and are ready to share your experience with other readers, we are happy to have you here.

Forex blogs

Are you a successful trader? Then be sure to start a blog in this section and write on the following topics:

  • Trading platforms,
  • Brokers,
  • Trading strategy,
  • Advisers,
  • Investment,
  • Stocks and so on.

Novice Canadian traders will be grateful for practical Forex advice.

Blogs about betting

Many Canadians make sports predictions either periodically or regularly. If you want to share your betting experience and give recommendations on how to make money on the sweepstakes, start a blog.

You can consider a variety of questions about the betting business:

  • Bets on different sports,
  • Shares of bookmakers,
  • Betting systems,
  • Paid sports forecasts.

Sports betting is an exciting activity that can bring a good income. Share secrets with other Canadian users.

Other topics

You can also discuss bingo, lotteries, offline gambling and many other issues that are directly or indirectly related to the world of gambling and associated entertainment.

How to become a blog author at Casinoz

If you want to write about casinos and other gambling-related topics, you are welcome to register on the website, activate the account and fill in the profile. Overall, the process is quick and straightforward. Follow the instructions.

General rules and guidelines for writing blog posts:

  • Be honest with your readers.
  • Give practical advice.
  • Do not post offensive content.
  • Do not advertise third-party products.
  • Avoid spam.

In other words, choose something exciting and essential to attract Canadian readers.


Casino, poker, betting, Forex blogs allow you to express your personal opinion on various issues and find like-minded people around. If you are bored without communication with other users in Canada and around the world, begin to write about something important for you.

In conclusion, we remind the readers that the authors write blogs on their own, without censorship or participation of Casinoz experts. We do not check the information published in these articles. That means we do not guarantee its accuracy. Be careful and prudent.