Real Deal Euro Blackjack Review

If you are following the updates of Casinoz carefully, you don't need to be explained the difference between online games with random number generator and online games with live dealers. Both categories have its advantages and disadvantages. Firsts are more stable and fast, but they miss some realism. Seconds are more than just realistic, but the gameplay is slow and higher speed is required and etc.

OpenBet company, the famous software producer in field of online gambling, offers a new model of blackjack to your attention, which combines advantages of the regular games with random number generator and those where the real croupiers deal the cards. Its name is «Real Deal Euro Blackjack».

8.63 /10

Play Real Deal Euro Blackjack

«Real Deal Euro Blackjack» is a European online blackjack with the random number generator, which was created with 3D elements. Your opponent is a charming dealer girl which is standing at the blackjack table in the large casino hall.
Eight standard decks with no jokers are used in this game. All cards are shuffled before each deal.
The aim of the game in «Real Deal Euro Blackjack» is to win the dealer getting higher score than he does, never exceeding twenty one. The croupier also loses in case of overtake.
As it is the European blackjack, the dealer deals one card to himself first and lays it face up. He hits the rest cards when the players take decisions on all boxes.
Let’s discuss the main points of rules of «Real Deal Euro Blackjack»:
  • The dealer stands on any seventeen.
  • Split is possible only once (including two different cards of ten point value).
  • Each of split aces is dealt with one card.
  • Double is allowed on nine, ten and eleven points at two first cards.
  • Hit is not allowed after double.
  • Double is prohibited on boxes made in result of split.
  • Blackjack is neither possible on these boxes (an ace and a ten are counted as twenty one).
  • An insurance of blackjack in case of an open ace on dealer’s hand is available.
  • No surrender.
Payoffs are classic in «Real Deal Euro Blackjack»: the standard box is paid 1:1, blackjack - 3:2, insurance - 2:1.
For example, it is possible to play «Real Deal Euro Blackjack» on one-five boxes and stake from one to one hundred pounds per each of them in BetVictor Casino.

Real Deal Euro Blackjack Bonus games

Any bonus payouts are not provided by the rules of «Real Deal Euro Blackjack» game.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in «Real Deal Euro Blackjack».

Real Deal Euro Blackjack Interface

The realistic interface is, of course, the main advantage of «Real Deal Euro Blackjack». A stunning participation effect if the real casino is created during the game. The croupier girl seems to be alive. She has natural moves and you can even see how she is breathing. Things are humming behind her in the gaming hall. People a moving there and you can hear sounds of slot machines and etc.
Bets are placed right at the gaming table in «Real Deal Euro Blackjack». Few buttons are available for calling. We won’t describe them here, because blackjack terms are familiar to every gambler (if not, you can read about it in


This game should be interesting for everybody who misses realism in the common online blackjack, but doesn't want to play in a casino with live dealers by any reasons. The rules of «Real Deal Euro Blackjack» are not the most beneficial ever, but quite acceptable still. Anyway, it is possible able to reduce casino advantage to a couple percent here.
The graphics of «Real Deal Euro Blackjack» is above praises. Everything looks real and makes a very good impression. There are no claims to the control panel as well.

Where to play Real Deal Euro Blackjack for free or real money in Canada?

The production of OpenBet company is available in different online casinos, which present games by different producers. For example, it is possible to play this blackjack without registration in a training mode in Unibet Casino Black or in BetVictor Casino. Of course, here you can also play by real money here.
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