Double Triple Poker Review

If the deck, which is used to play video poker, has over fifty two cards, the additional cards are usually called jokers, but there are exceptions. The range of models released by GloboTech has a free video poker called Double Triple. Its deck includes two additional cards, which do not participate in the formation of combinations, but increase payouts.

The detailed review of Double Triple Poker from the portal Casinoz will help you to understand all the nuances of this game.

9 /10

Play Double Triple Poker

Double Triple Poker is an online video poker released by GloboTech. A standard deck without jokers but with two extra cards called double and triple is used in this game.
A double doubles the payout for a combination, which is formed in the remaining four cards, and a triple multiplies it by three. If the double and triple appear in the hand from the beginning and three cards have a combination (it can be a pair or a three of a kind), the payout will increase by six times.
It is possible to play betting from one to five coins. Their values are determined by the users according to their desires but within the available range (from five cents to five dollars at Azart Play Casino). The highest bet (five coins) does not provide clients with any advantages.
The aim of Double Triple Poker is to collect a paid combination. To do this, users can exchange any number of cards once for free.
The standard poker hands are valid in Double Triple Poker. The lowest-ranking hand is a pair of queens.
The gameplay in Double Triple Poker does not differ from those that we are accustomed to seeing in other kinds of video poker. You make bets in coins of the chosen value, receive five cards and exchange any number of them, if necessary. The payout is made for a formed combination.
The rules for Double Triple Poker allow participating in a risk game in order to double the payout. Everything is standard in it: it is necessary to guess which of the four face down cards will have a higher rank than the upcard (it may be absent among four available hole cards).

Double Triple Poker Bonus games

Bonus payouts are supposed to be those that can be increased due to a double or a triple. Progressive jackpots are not provided in Double Triple Poker.

Double Triple Poker Interface

Double Triple Poker has a typical interface for video poker in which users can recognize a product of GloboTech at first glance. We are going to describe its basic elements:

  • Deal allows dealing cards
  • Hold is used to hold cards
  • Bet One is used to add one coin to the bet size
  • Bet Max allows making the highest possible bet
  • Cash Out allows collecting a payout
  • Win shows the total payout amount
  • Bet shows the total bet amount
  • Double Game triggers a risk game

The settings only allow disabling audio effects. Double Triple Poker has auto-hold mode, but it is not necessary to follow its advices.


Double Triple Poker is a good video poker for fans of the original rules and additional cards. The optimal strategy for it will be discussed in our publications in the near future.

Where to play Double Triple Poker for free or real money in Canada?

You can find Double Triple Poker at Azart Play Casino and other online casinos operating on software released by GloboTech. All of them allow playing this video poker both for fun and for real money. You can also run this video poker without registration for free on the portal Casinoz.

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