The so-called risk game is usually presented in three varieties of gambling games in online casinos: multifunctional video slots, classic slots and a variety of video poker. It is not obligatory in any of the above-mentioned categories, but most manufacturers of software for online gambling implement this option in many of their models (some of them can not even do without it).

In this article, prepared by reviewers of the portal Casinoz, we will discuss the main types of risk games and tell you about a few unusual variations.

General description

First, we will briefly explain to beginners what this round is. It can be launched by the end of the basic drawing, which brought the payout. Participation in it is never obligatory, since the client decides what to do with credited money.

In this game, you can significantly increase the payout, if you will be able to meet certain conditions. It is usually permitted to act several times in a row, but there is no opportunity to make mistakes. The first wrong answer means that the money at stake goes to the cashier of the casino.

Here the customer plays with the casino on equal terms. In other words, the probability of winning and losing is 50/50.

The traditional form is allowed to play all-in. Sometimes it is offered to risk only half the amount. It is even rarely possible to choose the part of the winnings to be put on the round. The maximum limit is valid almost always. The game stops when the player reaches it.

We can now proceed to the consideration of the basic version of this function.


Stair climbing

This is the simplest and perhaps the least interesting type that is well-known for players with experience due to the presence of such models presented in the first slot halls. Visually, it can be designed in several variations, but this does not change the fact.

The client should simply indicate whether he continues playing or not. If he makes a bet, the program determines whether he is a winner or a loser. If he is lucky enough, his payout is doubled, and the player goes to the next step of the staircase or a pyramid.

This type of games is still found in some manufacturers, although it must be admitted that the newer versions are gradually replacing it.

Color of the card

The offer to guess the color of the hole card is one of the most common varieties. We think that the principle is clear without explanation. Choose red or black. If you guess it, your payout will be doubled. If you don't succeed, you will lose the bet.

In the slots of the company Merkur a client who received the payout can choose one of two options: ascending the pyramid step by step or choosing the color of the hole card. It is difficult to say that any of these options is more beneficial, but the availability of an alternative is always an advantage.


Color and suit of the card

Many developers of risk games offer the user to choose what he wants to guess: the color or suit of the hole card. In this case, the correct choice of the suit doubles the payout, and the right choice of the color increases the amount in four times.

There are no other fundamental differences from the version with only suits.


Choice of the hole card

This option is most often realized in video poker, although sometimes it is also found in video slots. Running the round the customer sees one card face up and several cards face down.

He should choose one of those that lie face down. If it has higher rank than the visible card, the winning doubles. Otherwise, the user loses the bet. In case of equal denomination a draw is declared, and the player decides what to do next. Suits of the cards don't make any difference.

Unusual versions

And now it is time for the most interesting thing. Many developers are not limited to standard variations of risk games and offer customers models in which it is implemented in its original form. It is not possible to list them all in one article, so let's discuss some of them, considering them by models of games, the whole series, and even brands.

  1. The series of video slots Untamed from Microgaming. Slot machines of this series that are dedicated to the noble animals from the wild nature, have gained popularity among clients of many online casinos. Risk game fits the major theme. The client indicates on the world map the habitat of an animal or a bird, and then running the pointer that resembles clock hand. If it stops in the chosen sector, the payout will increase. Naturally, the larger is the sector, the lower is the potential reward. It is allowed to bet any part of credited per round sum of money.
  2. Slot machines from Betsoft Gaming. This manufacturer is known for amazing 3D video slots with an incredible range of all functions of the gameplay and stunning three-dimensional graphics. Risk games in them are usually implemented with the participation of the main character of the model. Gamblers are often invited to play with him in the old fun game "heads or tails", although other options are possible. These models should be tested personally, because they have other unusual options.
  3. Gold Strike. The original risk game is implemented in some slot machines. We will discuss it using the example of the model of "Gold mine", available in casinos on the platform Quickfire. Here you can make different bets on a card, which will appear as a result of a special drawing. It is allowed to bet on the suit, color, rank, and other parameters. The benefits depend on the type of bet.

The consideration of the unusual versions is completed, but the article will certainly be supplemented by paragraphs addressing other variations of risk games, so stay tuned.


We hope that our article has opened your eyes to the amazing wide range of versions of this common option known as risk game by chance. Many users initially reject it, although it can increase the probability of a successful outcome and simply add variety to the gameplay. We think that from now on you will not be one of them.

If you want to share impressions of this article or point out the versions that are not described leave your comments below.

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