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Arcade gambling games are available in the range of most major manufacturers of software for online casinos. It is believed that the outcome in them completely depends on luck, so it is not necessary to follow one or the other strategy. However this statement is not always true, as evidenced by the research of Michael Shackleford, who is a famous American expert in the field of gambling and the owner of the website WizardofOdds.

Michael worked in the company Playtech, testing the products of this manufacturer. We have prepared recommendations for the most famous games of Playtech on the basis of his theoretical calculations and statistics. Reviews of all these models can be found in separate articles on the portal Casinoz (following the links).

So, let's start.

Around the World

Around the World is a very simple game. It is necessary to spin the wheel and move, passing the checkpoints. Having reached this checkpoint, you can collect money and continue the game. Therefore, the main thing is to stop in time.

Without going into the details of the calculation of the theoretical payout percentage, we just offer the final outcome (the payout percentage for each of the four available spins):

    If the user stops playing after the first spin - 85.58% If the user stops playing after the second spin - 81.35% If the user stops playing after the third spin - 85.04% If the user stops playing after the fourth spin - 96.95%

The conclusion is clear. If you always play till the end of the game, you will reduce the house edge to 3.05% (the payout percentage is 96.95%.) To be sure, this strategy decreases the frequency of receiving payouts, but the total amount will be more impressive.

Penalty Shootout

Users need to kick a penalty by selecting one of the five available directions in Penalty Shootout, which is also offered by Playtech. Odds are x3, x5, and x12. These bets have the following payout percentage:

    Lower corners - 96.9% Upper corners - 97.2% Top-centre - 96%

Therefore, it is necessary to select the right and left upper corners in order to reduce the house edge to 2.8%.

Bonus Bowling

It is impossible to provide useful tips for Bonus Bowling. Let's firstly discuss the probability of winning for each bet:

    Strike - 3.4% Spare - 8.56% 7-9 - 17.04% 4-6 - 28.4% 0-3 - 42.6%

Taking into account the payouts and bonuses, the following theoretical payout percentage for each bet has been calculated:

    Strike- 96.33% Spare - 96.93% 7-9 - 96.53% 4-6 - 96.53% 0-3 - 96.53%

Therefore, there is no sense in selecting an outcome to wager on.

Dice Twister

Users can make bets with different payouts in this game of chance played using three dice. The theoretical payout percentage has been calculated for each bet. It allows us to determine the most profitable wager:

    Total score is 4 - 97.22% Total score is 5 - 97.22% Total score is 6 - 97.22% Total score is 7 - 97.22% Total score is 8 - 97.22% Total score is 9 - 95.49% Total score is 10 - 96.87% Total score is 11 - 96.87% Total score is 12 - 95.49% Total score is 13 - 97.22% Total score is 14 - 97.22% Total score is 15 - 97.22% Total score is 16 - 97.22% Total score is 17 - 97.22% Low (3-8) - 97.22% Mid (9-12) - 96.3% High (13-18) - 97.22% All even - 96.87% All odd - 96.87% Mix - 93.75%

We guess that you can make a correct conclusion. Many bets allow reducing the house edge to 2.78%.

Heads or Tails

This game called Heads or Tails is intended for customers of online casinos. Below users can find information about the payout percentage for one, two, or three flips:

    One flip - 95% Two flips - 95% Three flips - 93.75%

As you can see, there is no sense in tossing a coin three times in a row. The payout does not compensate for the risk.

Pop Bingo

This game resembles bingo. It is hardly possible to provide some recommendations. The theoretical payout percentage reaches 97%.

Rock Paper Scissors

Shackleford's advices for Rock Paper Scissors that is found at online casinos running on software from Playtech are related to one, two, three, and four throws.

    One throw - 96.67% Two throws - 96.67% Three throws - 96.3% Four throws - 96.3%

Thus, it makes sense to wager on one or two outcomes per one approach, although differences in the sizes of the payout percentage don't seem to be significant.

In the review of this model on the site Casinoz you will be able to find recommendations on Rock Paper Scissors with live dealers.

Jackpot Darts

It is another arcade game with numerous bets. The theoretical payout percentage is:

    Low (3-38) - 96.1% Mid (39-41) - 95.91% High (42-180) - 94.71% No singles - 93.54% One single - 94.85% Two singles - 93.48% Three singles - 94.86% No doubles - 92.48% One double - 97.06% Two doubles - 96.21% Three doubles - 95.69% No trebles - 95% One treble - 96.63% Two trebles - 95.83% Three trebles - 95.81% 1-20 singles - 96.8% Outer bull - 95.52% Bullseye - 93.51%

It is also possible to make a side bet in the amount of one dollar that allows winning $20 (hitting a bullseye), $2,000 (hitting two bulleyes), or progressive jackpot. The theoretical payout percentage for this bet is 77.82% and 4.22% for each $100,000 of jackpot. Therefore, when it exceeds $525,644, the house edge is lost (to be sure, the probability of winning the jackpot remains negligible.)


To be sure, we have discussed not all arcade games developed by Playtech. Besides, the company constantly releases new models. Therefore, the article will be continued. Stay tuned and follow our recommendations.

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