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It is no secret that online casinos offer a variety of bonuses. Some of them are so common that any more or less decent casino is simply obliged to offer them to their customers. For example, who will take seriously a casino without a bonus on your first deposit or it's analogue.

We have devoted a separate article on Casinoz to all this diversity, and now it will be continued, as it is met in the casino less than before, although it enjoys a great popularity the players. You guessed what will be discussed? If not, a little later we will offer you a tour through the recent past when on the territory of Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union there were many large and small casinos.

What is it?

Their employees and even regular visitors will remember as some (or even all) customers got back a psrt of the lost amount. It could be five or ten or even twenty-five percent. This practice was especially prevalent in the early days of gambling in this country, when the rules were too strict and there were almost no professional visitors. Winning in the casino was quite difficult, and they allured customers at any price.

Almost all casinos gradually completely stopped giving cashback, only in rare individual cases. But they appeared in the online casinos in the form of so -called cash back bonuses. But it took some time, and they have almost disappeared here. What is the reason for their unpopularity? Of course, they are disadvantageous for a casino.

What is the reason?

The casinos offer bonuses to players not from a desire to make it nice and not only because it is required by the competition. Well-built bonus program encourages customers to play. Most bonuses are forcing a player to bet for their wagering and turning into real money. While he plays a bonus, he might lose a part of his deposit.

Moreover, the bulk of the bonuses offered today do not represent an advantageous offer for a player. But let's not dwell again on this subject, because we have already discussed it in aspecial article.

Returning lost money is based on the already madea bet, so for the casino it is not useless and unprofitable. A client gets back a part of the money he lost, and he will not need to refill his account. He might lose it in the process of wagering the bonus, but it does not always happen, and casinos do not want to risk it.

It turns out that the risk of additional playing in the casino exist, but to winning it is hard even theoretically. Of course, you can try to force the player to make a new deposit to get the cash back bonus, but it unlikely will be popular.

How does this happen?

The principle of such bonuses is simple. The player gets back some of the money he lost in the allotted time period. It may be 10-15% of the amount, he left at the casino for a day, week, month, quarter, and so on. The rules are strict, but usually the maximum amount possible cash back bonus is artificially restricted.

It can be carried out in online casinos constantly, or it can be dedicated to some significant event (such as an anniversary places). In a simple casino, such bonuses are credited to individual days of the week. Payouts may vary depending on the amount lost.

Conditions for wagering such bonus may be stricter than for deposit bonuses. For example, it is allowed on keno or slots with low interest payments.

Why is a casino has it?

And still casinos have some of the benefits of such bonuses. First of all, it strengthens the positive image and creates friendly attitude of customers. the visitor Wins and he is happy, and the loser will not grieve if he gets a free opportunity to win. The next time, losing again, he would think that not all is lost for him.

Which casino has a cash back bonus?

As we mentioned above, usual online casino players rarely get this bonus. More likely he is available to VIP's, a casino is particularly interested in. Nevertheless, cash back bonus is not yet passed in the category of myths and legends, and you can find it. For example, in online casino 777 Dragon clients get 10% of the lost amount, but not more than 10 000 dollars, euros or pounds per month. Wagering requirements for this bonus are minimal.

Good bonuses and interest in online casinos rates are becoming less often, but still they exist. Follow our publications to keep abreast of all the best in the exciting world of online gambling.

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