Joker Poker Review

Description of the slot machine:

At the top there is a table, which displays the combinations and near to it payouts for the victory are indicated. The screen is located in the middle of the slot machine. The player's cards are shown on it. Below there are the following indicators: Bet, which shows the current bet, and Win, which indicates the win for the in the recent bet. Hold and buttons that control the game are located at the bottom.


It is possible to regulate the bet size by a switch, located at the lover left corner of the screen. User can select the appropriate chips using it. The chips have the following values: 5, 25, 50 cents, 1 and 5 dollars. To increase the bet in one chip, it is necessary to click on Bet One. If the user wants to place the maximum bet of five chips, he should click on Bet Max.


A 53-card deck is used to play joker poker. Fifty two include cards of all suits from deuces to aces, and the last one is a joker. The joker is a card with the highest rank in the whole deck. It can replace any card to form a combination. To start the game, it is necessary to make bets and click the button Deal. If the player uses the button Bet Max, the cards will be dealt automatically. Taking a look at the cards, the player may exchange any of them if he thinks that it is non-winning.

To hold the card, the player should click on it or on the button Hold, below it. After clicking, the inscription Hold appears on the card. Moreover, if the hand has a combination of cards or a pair, Hold shows up automatically below them. Upon selecting the card that the player wants to hold, he needs to click again on Deal, to exchange unselected cards for new ones. As soon as the cards have been exchanged, the player's cards are checked for a combination. If any combination is present, the user gets the payout according to the pay table. The payout amount will be shown in the field Win.

Game on even chances:

The player, who has won, can double the received amount by playing on even chances. If the user agrees to play, five playing cards appear in front of him. The left one will be faced up. Others cards are hole. The client has to choose one of the hole cards. If its value is higher than the face-up card, the payout is doubled. If its rank is lower, the player loses the win. If the rank of cards is the same, the draw is announced, and the player will be provided with a new bonus round.

The player may double his payouts up to ten times in a row. The probability of the victory is fifty percent, so if the client doubles several times in a row, he neither gets extra money, nor loses his own funds.

9 /10

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