Perfect Blackjack Review

There are several dozens of blackjack versions in the world of real and virtual gambling. Basically, they differ in a set of standard rules and the number of decks involved in the gameplay, but some variations are interesting due to their originality. For example, playing Perfect Blackjack developed by Playtech, you can win not only by getting higher score than the dealer's cards. Additional payouts are provided for the side bets if the player or the dealer has a pair in the first two cards.

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Where to Play Perfect Blackjack?

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Perfect Blackjack is offered at Tropez Casino and some other modern online casinos using software developed by Playtech. Gamers can play Perfect Blackjack without registration in free mode directly at Casinoz.
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Online Casinos with Perfect Blackjack for Canadians

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How to Play Perfect Blackjack

Perfect Blackjack is a kind of American blackjack in which you can make side bets. Six decks are used in this game and all the cards are shuffled before each deal. The user can bet on one-five hands. The bets may be of different size in the range between one and one hundred dollars.
The basic aim of the game remains unchanged: like in any other variation of blackjack, users need to score twenty-one without exceeding this amount. The score is calculated according to the standard principles. The traditional rules adopted at the casinos of Las Vegas with some amendments are applied for Perfect Blackjack.
Let's discuss the basic rules:
  • The dealer stands on a 16 and hits on a 17 (including a soft 17).
  • The croupier deals two cards (one of them is hole) to himself and does not check them for blackjack.
  • Blackjack is paid 3:2.
  • It is allowed to split but only once.
  • Users can draw only one card to the split aces.
  • Hands formed after a split can not have blackjack (it is considered as a 21).
  • It is allowed to double having any two cards (including after a split).
  • If the player makes a double when the dealer's upcard is an ace and he has blackjack, the player loses both hands. If the double is made when the dealer has a ten, the dealer's blackjack means that the bets on both hands are returned to the player.
  • It is allowed to make insurance against the dealer's blackjack, if his upcard is an ace. Its size does not exceed half bet. The insurance is paid 2:1.
  • The ten-card Charlie rule (if the player's hand has ten cards without bust, he or she wins if the dealer does not have blackjack) is valid.
  • Perfect Blackjack has no surrender.

The side bets deserve the detailed discussion. Players can make them on the special boxes: Player's Pair (under the field for basic bets) and Dealer's Pair (over the field for insurance). The bet size is limited by the rules of casinos. Tropez Casino allows wagering thirty-forty cents for the dealer's pair and ten-twenty cents for the player's pair.
These bets are made on the fact that the player's or the dealer's first two cards will have one of the following pairs:

  • Red/black - The first two cards have a pair made of the cards of different suits and colors (for example, threes of clubs and hearts). It is paid 6:1.
  • Colored pair - The first two cards have a pair made of the cards of the same color but different suits (for example, fives of clubs and spades). It is paid 12:1.
  • Perfect pair - The first two cards have a pair made of the cards of the same color and suit (for example, deuces of clubs). It is paid 25:1.

You can wager on both the player's and the dealer's pairs. The side bets can not be made without the basic ones, but they are paid independently of them.
The gameplay in Perfect Blackjack consists of the following stages:

  • Selection of the coin value;
  • Making bets;
  • Dealing cards;
  • Making decisions concerning all hands;
  • Comparison of cards and making payouts.
Then you can repeat the bet or make new ones. If the connection is lost during dealing, the game will continue from the same moment when you enter a casino.

Perfect Blackjack Bonus games

There are no bonuses in Perfect Blackjack.


Progressive jackpots are not available.

Perfect Blackjack Interface

Many online casinos offer Perfect Blackjack with interface in different languages. This provides players from different countries with the opportunity to become familiar with the functions of the buttons in their native languages. Some terms and conditions may be translated not fully correctly, but they are intuitively understandable. At worst, you can play Perfect Blackjack for free to avoid misunderstanding.
Autoplay or basic strategy tables are not provided in Perfect Blackjack. All stages of the gameplay are announced verbally. Betting limits are indicated on the sign located next to a discard tray. The multipliers are displayed directly on the cloth.

Should You Play Perfect Blackjack for Real Money in Canada?

If you get bored playing the traditional variations of blackjack, Perfect Blackjack will surely entertain you. It differs from other versions of this game in the availability of side bets and some nuances of the rules. Unfortunately, its developers did not provide basic strategy tables for Perfect Blackjack. However the real enthusiasts will be able to make them using the statistics calculated for each of the aspects of the rules for blackjack.
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