European Blackjack Multihand Review

Surely, a variety of all possible versions of blackjack is not so large in the online gambling as the assortment of slot machines; however, there are more than enough of varieties of this intellectual game in the web. Moreover, the software producers don’t stop at their oars and gladden the lovers of blackjack with interesting and quality novelties time after time.
In the following review we would describe an online blackjack developed by Play’N GO, named European Blackjack Multihand. It is blackjack with European rules and an ability to make bets per several boxes at ones.

Please read more about all the particularities of this model below. We can say at once that it is possible to play European Blackjack Multihand almost head to head. 

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European Blackjack Multihand by Play’n GO
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Where to Play European Blackjack Multihand?

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You can look for European Blackjack Multihand in the online casinos, powered by the software developed by Play’N GO. We were testing this online blackjack game without registration by the virtual bets in Unibet Casino. You can also test it right at

Your opinion about the games, described in our reviews, is very important for us. Please write a couple of words about your impressions of European Blackjack Multihand online blackjack and assign it a grade.

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Online Casinos with European Blackjack Multihand for Canadians

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How to Play European Blackjack Multihand

European Blackjack Multihand is a free blackjack where six standard packs of fifty two cards are used. The jokers are not provided. All the cards are necessarily mixed before the start of the deal.

The aim of the game in European Blackjack Multihand is to win the dealer, collecting more points than he has, not exceeding twenty one. The player also wins if the croupier has a pip out. Moreover, it is possible to receive the payoff by the insurance from blackjack at dealer in situation when the customer is proposed with equal amounts.

Playing European Blackjack Multihand online blackjack is possible per one, two or three boxes. The bet per each of the boxes can be equal in range from one to one hundred euro (by the example of Unibet Casino).

The calculation of points in the player’s cards is led by the classic rules. The general principals of blackjack are described in the special article at Casinoz and in the following review we would explain the key points of rules of European Blackjack Multihand online game.

-       It is European blackjack, that’s why the dealer takes only one card.

-       The croupier stops at any seventeen points and takes one card against sixteen.

-       Split can be made only once.

-       It is possible to spit cards of different value, which give ten points (for example, king and jack).

-       Spitted aces are dealt with one card each.

-       Ace and ten at the box, formed after the split, are not considered to be blackjack.

-       Double is allowed only at hard nine, ten and eleven points.

-       Double can be made only at two first cards.

-       Surrender is not provided by the rules.

-       In case of equal amounts of points in player’s cards and dealer’s cards, push is declared and the bets are returned.

-       There is insurance from blackjack at dealer.

The standard winning box is paid by 1:1 index, blackjack by 3:2 index and the insurance by 2:1.

According to the information provided by the producer of European Blackjack Multihand, it is possible to reach the theoretical payback index of 99,37%, following the optimal strategy of the game.

European Blackjack Multihand Bonus games

Any prize rounds or bonus payoffs are not provided by the rules of European Blackjack Multihand online blackjack.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in European Blackjack Multihand online blackjack.

European Blackjack Multihand Interface

The interface of European Blackjack Multihand is available in several European languages. Not only the captures at the main screen, but also all dialog windows and an informational section, are translated. There are various user’s settings, such as automatic control of bets, sound and etc.

The short rules appear in the floating window by click at the table with table limits. In general, the interface is very convenient and user-friendly.

It is not necessary to download European Blackjack Multihand online blackjack, because you can play it right in the browser at the website of the online casino.

Should You Play European Blackjack Multihand for Real Money in Canada?

This kind of blackjack has quite beneficial rules and a convenient interface. Consequently, European Blackjack Multihand would suit the tastes of most of the lovers of this gambling game. You can find recommendations by strategy of playing blackjack in the special section of Casinoz. We would also remind you that there is no sense to count the cards in the online casinos, because all packs are fully mixed before the start of every new deal (don’t pay attention on the worked out cards at side).

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