Multi-hand Video Blackjack Review

Every fan of gambling games knows about numerous kinds of video pokers which can be found in the real and online casinos. However perhaps far not all the readers of Casinoz have heard about video blackjack. We would like to fill this gap in your knowledge and tell about a cool model of this game, which was released by Cryptologic company. Its name is «Multi-hand Video Blackjack».

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Where to Play Multi-hand Video Blackjack?

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This game can be found in InterCasino and other online casinos, powered by the software developed by Cryptologic. All of them provide an opportunity to place bets in the training mode as well.

Online Casinos with Multi-hand Video Blackjack for Canadians

How to Play Multi-hand Video Blackjack

«Multi-hand Video Blackjack» is a kind of online blackjack where the user can play on few boxes and set up how many hands the dealer deals to himself on.
In the end of the deal cards on all player’s boxes (except of those with overtake) are compared with cards on all boxes of the dealer. Of course, the player’s bet wins or loses as many times as many boxes the croupier is playing on. In the other words, it is possible to get up to two hundred fifty results in each deal depending on number of active hands.
The user can bet on one, three or five boxes. The virtual dealer can be set up to deal on three, five, ten or fifty hands to himself.
An amount of the minimal starting bet on box is ten or twenty five cents (depending on quantity of dealer’s boxes). The maximal bet is always fifty dollars, while totally it is possible to stake up to twelve thousands and a half per deal.
Eight standard decks with no jokers are drawn on each of the hands. All cards are shuffled before each deal. It is American blackjack, that’s why the dealer deals two cards to himself first, reveals one of them and checks for blackjack if it is a ten or an ace.
Now about the main points of rules of «Multi-hand Video Blackjack»:
  • The dealer stands on any seventeen.
  • Split is allowed twice.
  • One card is dealt to each of the split aces.
  • An ace and a ten after split are counted as twenty one, but not a blackjack.
  • Double can be made at any first two cards (except of blackjack).
  • There is insurance of blackjack.
  • No surrender.
  • In case of blackjack in the dealer’s hand, only the starting bet loses.
Payoffs are standard: 1:1 by the standard winning box, 2:1 by the insurance and 3:2 by the blackjack.
First the player has to choose number of boxes to play by, place a bet and take decision about number of dealer’s hands. After it he receives cards on his boxes. One card is laying face-up on all boxes of the dealer.
After the customer takes decisions on all boxes, the dealer starts dealing cards to himself. Please pay your attention that only the open card on his hands remains the same. The rest cards are new.
Then cards on each of the player’s boxes are compared with the dealer’s cards. There are there counters under the client’s box, which display number of winning positions, as well as losing and tie game.

Multi-hand Video Blackjack Bonus games

There are no bonus rounds in «Multi-hand Video Blackjack».


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in this online blackjack.

Multi-hand Video Blackjack Interface

«Multi-hand Video Blackjack» is provided with the very unusual features of the gameplay, so there is nothing surprising that its interface looks uncommon for the fans of traditional blackjack.
The main part of the screen is taken by the gaming field. The control panels with the following elements are situated under it and at the right:
  • Turbo – speedy deal;
  • Deal – deal the cards;
  • Hit – take one more card;
  • Stand – stop taking cards;
  • Double Down – make a double;
  • Split – make a split;
  • Bet/Hand – set up an amount of the bet per box;
  • Dealer Hands – select number of dealer’s boxes;
  • Player Hands – select number of player’s hands;
  • Balance – a state of the account;
  • Initial Bet – an amount of the initial bet;
  • Final Bet – an amount of the final bet;
  • Paid – an amount of the payoff;
  • % - statistics of the gaming session;
  • ? – open the informational section;
  • An image of a scroll - manual.
The basic user’s settings are available in «Multi-hand Video Blackjack» game.

Should You Play Multi-hand Video Blackjack for Real Money in Canada?

Perhaps, the rules of «Multi-hand Video Blackjack» game could seem to complicated for you, but it’s not true. In case, it is a common American blackjack with a speedy gameplay. You take decision on the box and cards are drawn few times. Everything looks quite curious, that’s why we highly recommend you to test «Multi-hand Video Blackjack».
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