Multihand Blackjack Review

In previous reviews on online gambling portal Casinoz we already told readers about a few dozens of varieties of online blackjack. Yet we had no chance to consider all cool models of this category. In this article we continue the topic by describing a game called Multihand Blackjack released by Random Logic company.

8 /10
Multihand Blackjack by Dragonfish

Where to Play Multihand Blackjack?

Play Free Demo Multihand Blackjack without registration

Multihand Blackjack is available at 888 Casino where you can not only play it for real money but also experience in a training mode. To do this you have to open a user account because gambling without registration in the institution is not allowed. This will take just a couple of minutes and the procedure is very simple.

Online Casinos with Multihand Blackjack for Canadians

How to Play Multihand Blackjack

Multihand Blackjack - a free online blackjack, which is allowed to play for one to three boxes. It uses a standard deck without jokers which get shuffled before each hand.
This is an American kind of game in which the dealer immediately deals himself two cards and opens one of them. If it is a ten or an ace, it verifies the presence of blackjack. If he finds an ace, he takes all the boxes without dealing cards on them.
Detailed rules of blackjack are described in a separate section of the site Casinoz, and here we briefly consider the features of Multihand Blackjack.
Buttons on the control panel:
  • The dealer draws a card to sixteen and stops on any seventeenth.
  • Rebet - repeat ante
  • New Bet - make a new ante
  • Permitted split cards of the same denomination.
  • Different card worth ten points can not be split (for example, a jack and a king).
  • In the hands, resulting in a split, there is no blackjack (an ace and a ten count as 21 points).
  • Double can be made on any first two cards.
  • Double allowed at the boxes, which were formed after the split.
  • Sarrender in Multihand Blackjack not supported.
  • There is insurance against a blackjack dealer, and even money.
At the 888 Casino you can play Multihand Blackjack on three tables, which differ in allowable range of rates: Standard - $1-300, High Roller - $5-500, VIP - $10-2000.
Payouts for traditional boxes: standard hand - 1: 1 Blackjack - 3: 2, Insurance - 2: 1.

Multihand Blackjack Bonus games

There is no bonus payments In Multihand Blackjack. The so-called "Charlie rule" does not apply here as well.


Progressive jackpot is not provided.

Multihand Blackjack Interface

While most fans of blackjack can easily figure out out Multihand Blackjack game interface we briefly explain the main purpose of the buttons on the control panel:
  • Rebet - repeat ante
  • New Bet - make a new ante
  • Deal - deal the cards in the boxes
  • Stand - stop a set of cards on the box
  • Hit - take another card on the box
  • Double - double your bet on the box
  • Split - split card in the box
  • Insurance (Yes/No) - offer insurance against a blackjack dealer (accept/reject)
There are no custom user settings in Multihand Blackjack, you can only turn off the sound. General blackjack provisions can also be found on 888 Casino site.

Should You Play Multihand Blackjack for Real Money in Canada?

Rules of Multihand Blackjack are among the most common to the American blackjack in an online casino. They are quite beneficial for the player and allows to reduce the house advantage to minimum (less than one percent). But to achieve such a result you should play Multihand Blackjack by correctly chosen strategy. Special publications at portal Casinoz will teach you this. Take the time to read them, and practice a lot if you want to improve your game.
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