Burn 21 Blackjack Review

You probably agree that it's incredibly annoying if you always get a 15 or 16 in blackjack after the deal. And nothing can be done, so you have to play according to the basic strategy, hoping for the best. 21 Burn Blackjack allows solving such a problem by exchanging the top card. Read more about the rules of 21 Burn Blackjack in the review written by specialists of the site Casinoz.

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Where to Play Burn 21 Blackjack?

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21 Burn Blackjack is available not at many online casinos. We can recommend that you should visit Mr. Green Casino. A nice feature of this establishment is the opportunity to test almost all online games for fun without registration. If you decide to wager real money, you will need to open a personal account.
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Online Casinos with Burn 21 Blackjack for Canadians

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How to Play Burn 21 Blackjack

21 Burn Blackjack is a unique online American blackjack. Six standard 52-card decks without jokers are used to play it. All cards are shuffled before each deal.
The aim of 21 Burn Blackjack is to beat the dealer, gaining higher score. It is prohibited to exceed twenty-one. You can also win if the dealer busts.
Basic rules for this blackjack are discussed in a separate article on the website Casinoz. Concretely, this article deals with the description of rules for 21 Burn Blackjack (basically, they are almost similar to those that are adopted in Las Vegas.) Let's analyze them:
  • The croupier initially deals two cards to himself, placing one of them face up.
  • The dealer does not check for blackjack even if the upcard is an ace or ten-value card.
  • The dealer hits on a soft 17 and stands on a hard 17.
  • It is allowed to double on any two cards.
  • It is allowed to split only once per box.
  • It is allowed to double after a split.
  • It is prohibited to surrender.
  • It is possible to take insurance against blackjack.
Any winning box is paid 1:1 (even in case of blackjack). Insurance is paid 2:1.
Now let's discuss the feature that allows exchanging one of the cards received after the deal. Users may exchange ("burn") the second dealt card for one extra card that is lying face down near. It will cost a half of the bet. This face-down card cannot be seen in advance.
After an exchange you should play according to the standard rules. If the split is made, you cannot burn your card. Read about the bonus payouts provided for gamblers in individual cases below.
It is possible to play up to 3 simultaneous hands in 21 Burn Blackjack. The bet for each hand can be from one to two hundred credits at Mr. Green Casino.

Burn 21 Blackjack Bonus games

If the gambler burns a card on the box, it is possible to receive a bonus payout. If the new card is an ace of spades, the user will receive a prize in the amount of seven additional bets. The ace of any other suit is paid 2:1.


Burn 21 Blackjack does not offer progressive jackpots.

Burn 21 Blackjack Interface

We are going to help you to understand functions of all buttons and other interface elements:
  • Deal is used to deal cards
  • Clear is used to remove all bets
  • Repeat allows making the previous bet
  • Split is used to make a split
  • Double allows doubling
  • Help shows information about the game.
  • Sound On/Off are used to either enable or disable audio effects
  • Bet shows the bet size
  • Bal shows the payout size
The bet size is determined by selecting the desired chip denomination and clicking on the playing field. There are arrows above the chips in the lower right corner of the screen. They allow selecting the game speed. The section Help contains both data on the rules and advices about the best strategy in 21 Burn Blackjack.

Should You Play Burn 21 Blackjack for Real Money in Canada?

21 Burn Blackjack is an unusual kind of blackjack, which deserves the attention of those who enjoy playing non-trivial versions of this intellectual game. We recommend that you should not play randomly. Instead of this, read terms and conditions of the basic strategy that is available directly in the section Help of 21 Burn Blackjack. They will help you to increase the probability to win.
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