Crazy Cactus Bingo
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Crazy Cactus Bingo slot Review

Novomatic company suggest the gamblers to play an interesting kind of online bingo named Crazy Cactus Bingo. It would be interesting for the lovers of unusual versions of this gambling game, because you can receive payoffs by numerous combinations, made of crossed-out symbols, as well as take part in the bonus rounds and fight for progressive jackpots. All the particularities of the game are carefully described in the following review prepared by the reviewers of Casinoz. 

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Crazy Cactus Bingo
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Play Crazy Cactus Bingo in Canadian Casino for Real Money

Crazy Cactus Bingo is available for testing as well as for playing by the real bets in StarGames casino and other online casinos powered by the license software developed by Novomatic. The reviews of online casinos published at our website would help you to choose the most suitable one.

We are looking forward for your responses about Crazy Cactus Bingo. Please share your opinions about this online bingo in comments to the review and rate this game.

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How to Play Crazy Cactus Bingo slot machine

Crazy Cactus Bingo is a version of online bingo with South-American rules, where payoffs are charged by stencils of crossed-out card numbers, provided by the rules.

Ninety balls are used in this game. All of them are numbered in order from one to ninety. The random number generator selects thirty of them in each of the rounds. These numbers are automatically crossed-out in the tickets. The cards consist of fifteen randomly selected numbers situated by 3x5 scheme.

It is possible to play in range from one to four ticket of the selected value. The value can vary in range from six credits to two thousand and a half credits. Consequently, an amount of the maximal acceptable bet per round can reach ten thousands.

Payoffs are charged by the cards with patterns formed of the crossed-out numbers and provided by the rules. We wouldn't describe it here, because all the combinations are carefully described in the rules, while its scheme is available even at the main screen of the game. We would only like to say that the maximal combination is Bingo (all numbers are used), while the second by the value is Bonus (twelve numbers by outside positions of the card).

An amount of the winning depends on the value of tickets and the combination indexes, which can vary from x1 to x1500. Calculation is made by multiplying the bet per the index of formed pattern.

It is possible to purchase extra balls in Crazy Cactus Bingo. This option is offered after all thirty numbers are selected under condition that new ball can help making a combination. The cost of each of the balls is determined individually in every special case. It is possible to purchase up to ten numbers in the same round.

The gameplay is quite simple. You select a quantity of tickets and its value and click at the button which starts the round. Then you receive thirty balls. The numbers are marked automatically. After it you have to decide, would you by more balls or not. As soon as you want to stop the lottery, just click at the special button.

The gaming feature is not provided by the rules of Crazy Cactus Bingo. Please read about the bonus options below. Unfortunately, we don't have any information about the theoretical cash back index of this game.

Crazy Cactus Bingo Bonus games

The prize round of Crazy Cactus Bingo is extremely simple. It is triggered when the bonus combination is formed in one of the cards. Several sombreros appear at the additional screen. You would just have to choose one of them. Then you are guaranteed with some payoff. Its amount is selected randomly from the range depending on the value of tickets.


A progressive jackpot of Crazy Cactus Bingo can be raffled while playing by any bet. However, its amount depends on the value of the lottery tickets. To receive the jackpot, it is necessary to make the maximal combination (Bingo, when all the numbers are crossed-out) using up to thirty six balls.

Crazy Cactus Bingo RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

Crazy Cactus Bingo Interface

As Crazy Cactus Bingo is provided with a multi-language interface, there is no sense in detailed description of the functions of different elements, which can be found at the control panel. You can easily study it out even intuitively.

Alive cactus on sombrero is situated in the center of the screen. During the round it opens its mouth widely and numbered balls get out from it. They are placed at the special scale. Moreover, additional cells are provided for extra balls.

The control panel is simple and clear. You can easily understand, which buttons are used for selecting the tickets, an amount of the bet and etc.

This game is also provided with the automat bets mode. If you activate it, you would just follow how the rounds go one one after another.

An amount of the progressive jackpot, provided for the staked bet, as well as the scheme of location of the winning combinations, can be found in the top part of the screen.

The rules contain description of the winning patterns and rules, which touch all the nuances of the gameplay.

The user’s settings are limited with a possibility to select a proper size of the screen and control the sound.

It is not necessary to download Crazy Cactus Bingo, because this game can be launched right at the website of an online casino.

Mobile Compatibility


Crazy Cactus Bingo is one of the models, included into the new line of bingo developed by Novomatic. Some of the games have already been described in the previous reviews published at Casinoz. It is a well-quality game in all respects. It is beautiful, funny, exciting and comfortable. Moreover, it is available in several languages and doesn't require downloading the software. So, play for fun or by the real money with pleasure.

You can read advises by the game if you go by this link.

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