Baccara Review

The goal of the card game baccarat is to predict the owner of the hand, which value will be the nearest to nine. A ten is zero-valued card and an ace brings one point. The hand that has the number of points, which is the closest to 9, wins.

Before you start the first game, you will be asked to cut the deck. To do this, you need to click on the deck. Click with the left button on the value of the chip that you want to stake. Then you need to place the chip on the desired betting field. There are three possible fields: Player, Banker and Tie. Before the game starts, you can still cancel the made bet by clicking on it with the right mouse button. As soon as you have made a bet, click on Deal to start the round. In the case if you want to repeat the bet from the previous round, click on the button Rebet.

As soon as you have made your bet, click on Deal. Two cards are dealt to the player and the banker. In the case if you make the highest bet on the player, you will have the opportunity to see the player's cards in one of three available ways. In the case if you have not made the maximum bet on the player, you can only see the banker's cards.

The gambler, who has a shoe (a box for the cards), always plays as a banker, because he sees his cards. The player who made the highest bet on the player plays as a player. The player with a shoe is provided with the opportunity to select. The shoe remains with the gambler until the bet made on the player wins. Then the shoe is given to another gambler.

A two-card is dealt to the player and to the banker. According to the rules, both the player and the banker can receive the third card.

As for the rank of the cards, they have a score that is equal to their rank. Only ten is a zero-valued card and an ace gives one point. If the total score of the hand is more than ten, ten is subtracted. The remaining score will serve as the rank of the hand.

6.29 /10

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