Aviator Review

Do you think that only a video slot with amazing graphics and multiple exciting gameplay components can become a smash hit? Indeed, software developers often try to astonish gamblers with unique features, but it does not mean they always put an accent on animation and bonus rounds.

The Spribe studio took another path. The company released Aviator, a minimalistic game with neither superb graphics nor prize options. Yet, it became highly successful. What is the secret? Continue reading the review on Casinoz.

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Where to Play Aviator?

You will find the Aviator games in all online casinos using the software from Spribe. It is the most popular title in the provider's portfolio, so it is available on all partner websites.

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Free Aviator by Spribe is available on Casinoz. Open the demo and test the game for fun without any restrictions. You do not even have to register though we recommend creatine an account on our website. 
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Online Casinos with Aviator for Canadians

When you choose internet casinos with the Aviator game, please pay attention to their licenses, software, customers' reviews, and other essential aspects. Ensure the websites are fair and have authentic games. Do not trust your money to gambling operators offering fake slots.

Aviator by Spribe is trendy, and some casinos present counterfeits. 

You can choose a reliable and quality online casino from the list.

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How to Play Aviator

Aviator is a gambling game by Spribe. The developers say they borrowed the idea from the world of video games.

The Aviator gameplay is always the same:

  • At the beginning of every new round, an airplane takes off from the lower left corner of the main window.
  • Simultaneously, the payout multiplier starts growing.
  • The longer the plane stays on the screen, the higher the multiplier.
  • At some point, the airplane will disappear “in the sky.”
  • Players do not know how long it will stay in view.

What is the aim?

You must withdraw the payout before the plane flies beyond the screen. Otherwise, you will lose your bet.

You may claim the winning at any time, even right after the round starts. The money will be transferred to your account at the exact moment.

A double-up game is not available in Aviator.

As you can see, the interface is straightforward. The developers made the games so simple on purpose. Its zest is not the graphics.

Aviator Bonus games

There are no bonuses in Aviator. The game does not feature any prize or extra option.

Aviator free spins

Free games are not available.


There are no progressive jackpots in Aviator. If you make the max bet, you can win up to $10,000.

Aviator RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

Pay attention to the following specifications:

  • RTP: 97%,
  • Volatility: depends on the strategy.

The payback is higher than most slots offer. Yet, it cannot compare with RTPs in the most profitable blackjack or video poker variants.

The volatility will be low if you take payouts at the beginning of every round. The volatility can be very high if you try to get a huge winning. Thus, everything depends on your strategy.

Strategy: How to Win at Aviator

There is no winning strategy for Aviator. Nothing can guarantee that you will win. The result of every round depends on the random number generator only. Nobody knows when it will force the plane to fly away.

Gamblers should choose a strategy themselves. Some try to hit the jackpot, while others prefer small but frequent payouts. Most players aim to find a balance.

Casinoz can give beginners the following tips on how to play Aviator:

  • Do not hurry to raise bets. Consider the size of your bankroll.
  • First, take payouts early. Many customers do it at about x1.2.
  • There is no need to track the results of previous rounds. Every new game is independent.
  • You can play Aviator by Martingale or any other betting system, but they will neither raise the RTP nor increase your odds of winning.

Be reasonable and rational. Do not forget about gambling addiction.

Aviator Interface

The interface is straightforward and user-friendly.

  • The plane flies on the main screen.
  • Below, there are two panels for bets. You can wager on one or two hands. If you do not need the second one, turn it off.
  • Above, there is a string of multipliers from the previous rounds.
  • On the left, you can see stats on your bets, other players’ wagers, and max winnings.
  • The How To Play button opens the paytable, rules, a short manual, and a video with instructions.
  • In the top upper corner, there is a Settings button.

The interface also offers elements contributing to players’ communication. Thus, they take part in a community.

  1. Everybody can see how much others bet.
  2. There is a chart with information on max payouts.
  3. Customers can talk and share their experiences in the live chat.

Aviator uses the Provably Fair technology. You can use it to check whether the game is fair. See the paytable for more information.

Video game review Aviator

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Mobile Compatibility

Aviator is ideal for playing on smartphones and tablets. The mobile version looks like the PC variant. The interface, menu, color palette, and settings are identical. Thus, there is no need to describe the mobile Aviator game in detail.

Should You Play Aviator for Real Money in Canada?

Why do gamblers love Aviator so much? It looks like most of its fans like the fact that they can influence the gameplay. They can decide at what point to stop and withdraw money. They can choose a strategy, test different variants, change experiences, etc.

Casinoz does not push readers toward real-money gambling. But if you are a true fan of unique casino games, you should test Aviator. It is a smash hit!

Do you like Aviator by Spribe? Do you often play it? How much did you win? Write your reviews, share tips, boast your winnings, and ask questions.

Frequently asked Questions

✈ What is Aviator Spribe?

Aviator is an unusual online gambling game from Spribe. Players make bets, watch a plane flying, and try to withdraw winnings before the plane flies away from the screen.

🛩 How do you play Aviator by Spribe?

First, you make one or two bets. Then, you watch as the airplane on the screen gains altitude. Simultaneously, the payout multiplier is increasing. You aim to take your winning before the play flies away.

🤑 How much can you win at the Aviator game?

It depends on your bet. The max multiplier is x100. You can wager up to $100. It means you can win up to $10,000.

💹 What is the winning strategy for Aviator from Spribe?

There are no ideal winning strategies for the Aviator game. If you want to get more payouts, take money earlier. If you hope to hit the jackpot, wait longer.

💎 Where can I play the Aviator game by Spribe?

You will find the game at all internet casinos using the software by Spribe. Reviews on Casinoz will help you choose a reliable gambling website.

👍 Is Aviator by Spribe a fair game?

It is based on the Provably Fair technology. You can check whether it is fair at any moment. The instruction is in the paytable.

  • Pretty high payback
  • Simple rules
  • Players influence the results
  • Too monotonous gameplay
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Main info
Type of game Instant Win
Manufacturer Spribe
Theme Entertainment, Airplanes
Min bet 0.10 USD
Max bet 100 USD
RTP 97%
Max multiplication 10000 : 1
Is free test available Yes
Mobile version Yes
Issue date February 2019