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The vast majority of gambling machines offer the classic payout crediting system for combinations made up of basic images. There are the following rules for it:

  • Active lines are available in the video slot.
  • Their number can vary between one and one hundred or even more.
  • Sometimes, they are available by default, but it is more common for the customer to choose the number of active lines.
  • Users can bet on these lines, and combinations are formed from them.
  • Such combinations include continuous chains of identical icons (except for scatter symbols described in a separate article).
  • These sequences usually should start from the first reel, but reverse combinations that begin from the last column are also paid in some games.
  • Payouts are always credited only for the longest sequence on a payline.

These rules are traditional, and they are valid in most video slots. However, some games in modern online gambling offer other principles for forming combinations.

Marilyn's Diamonds slot

The Concept of No Payline Slots

Online slot machines with no paylines depart from the traditional slot game format. Unlike conventional slots, which rely on predetermined paylines to determine winning combinations, these innovative games take a different approach.

In a no payline slot machine, there are no fixed lines or patterns that players need to follow. Instead, winning combinations are evaluated based on the occurrence of matching symbols anywhere on the reels, regardless of their position or alignment.

This means that as long as the required symbols appear on the screen, the combination is considered a winner.

The mechanics of these slots are quite simple.

  1. Players spin the reels, and the game software scans the entire grid for matching symbols.
  2. If a winning combination is detected, the corresponding payout is awarded.
  3. The number of matching symbols required and the associated payouts are typically defined in the game's paytable or rules.

One of the primary benefits of no payline slot machines is the increased excitement and anticipation they can generate. Since there are no predetermined lines, players can experience the thrill of potential wins from any symbol placement on the reels. This unpredictability can heighten the sense of suspense and make each spin feel more engaging.

Another advantage of no payline video slots is their simplicity. Without the need to keep track of multiple paylines or complex patterns, these games can offer a more straightforward and user-friendly experience. Players can focus solely on the symbols and their combinations, making the gameplay more accessible and enjoyable for experienced and novice slot enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the absence of paylines allows game developers to explore more creative and visually appealing reel configurations. They can experiment with unconventional grid layouts, cascading symbols, or three-dimensional gameplay environments, providing players with unique and immersive experiences.

While no payline online slots may seem unconventional initially, they offer a fresh perspective on the classic slot machine format, prioritizing excitement, simplicity, and innovation. As the online casino industry continues to evolve, these games represent an intriguing trend that could shape the future of slot gaming experiences.

Online Video Slots without Active Lines

In this article, we will discuss slot machines with no active paylines. We will also discuss the most famous developments of software manufacturers for online casinos and recall a few interesting finds of less hyped studios.

So, let's start.

Megaways from BTG

Some Big Time Gaming games also have a system for forming winning combinations without considering the active lines. This system is called Megaways.

  • Let's consider it in the example of the slot machine Dragon Born. It has six reels, and the symbols come in different heights. Each column can hold from one to seven pictures. Combinations are formed with identical icons that appear on neighboring reels, including the first. There are 117,649 ways to win in Dragon Born! If we are not mistaken, this is the highest number in modern online gambling.
  • In Queen of Riches, which is dedicated to the history of Egypt, there are six reels and more than a hundred thousand ways to form combinations. They are made up of symbols of different heights, which land in any position on the neighboring reels. The slot also implemented cool Wild symbols, fully occupying the columns from the first to the sixth, and the function of duplicating the same pictures in neighboring columns. All this makes Queen of Riches a very attractive slot for any connoisseur of online gambling entertainment.
  • Star Quest from Big Time Gaming surprises with numerous original features, including six reels and many ways to form combinations without considering the active lines. In total, there are 117649 options for getting payouts on the basic chains. An interesting feature of the novelty is pictures of different heights. Symbols can occupy columns from one to seven cells. There is also an unusual Wild, a system of additional multipliers, and free respins, which are described in the review.
  • Bonanza is an even more unusual video slot. It has six reels on which pictures of different heights appear. There can be up to six elements in one column. In addition, above the four middle reels, there is an additional line where regular and special icons appear, too. Symbols in paytable sequences explode, making room for new elements. Winning chains are made from left to right without lines, and additional multipliers are also triggered during the free spins.

Next is the list of Megaways slots.

Name Soft Return to player

Multiway Xtra by IGT

Many video slots released by the world-renowned company IGT have a feature called Multiway Xtra. It allows combinations to form from identical icons landed anywhere on the adjacent reels. Up to 720 or 1024 ways to build up winning chains can be available.

Prowling Panther slot

It is worth noting that many games in this series have an unusual design. For example, Prowling Panther or Day of the Dead have columns of different heights on the screen. Due to this fact, the symbols on the screen are arranged in a hexagon. Games often have original gameplay features, so we recommend that you become familiar with them.

Fire Horse IGT slot

This is one more cool IGT game with the MultiWay Xtra system. Winnings are paid for several matching pictures in any position on adjacent reels. Combinations can start from the leftmost column or the rightmost reel. In general, there are 720 ways to win in Fire Horse. The video slot also has free spins, stacked wild symbols on three middle reels, auto spin, and other interesting features.

Allpay by Novomatic

A renowned company like Novomatic offers games of this kind, such as Magic 81 Lines or Hoffmania, too. They don't have standard active lines.

Hoffmania slot

Thanks to the Allpay option, winning combinations are formed of identical icons that appear anywhere on adjacent reels, including the first one.

Scatter Pays by Novomatic

Novomatic also suggests a more interesting way of getting paid for combinations formed regardless of active lines. This system is called ‘Scatter Pays, ' and it is now implemented in the Spinning Fruits video slot. Players get paid for at least five identical symbols regardless of their location on the reels.

Spinning Fruits

Icons are stacked on the reels, so many combinations can be used during gaming. Moreover, free re-spins are activated if you get seven or more symbols. The pictures that have formed the combination remain in their places, but other elements are replaced with new ones. If you can fill the whole screen with symbols of the same type, you will receive one of the three progressive jackpots.

Novomatic developers continue to produce games with a unique system of forming combinations known as Scatter Pays (similar to the scatter symbol, which is often used in slots). This system implies that the location of symbols on the screen does not matter. They can land in any cell, and only their number is considered.

kingdom of legends

Kingdom of Legends is another Scatter Pay slot machine. In addition to this system, it attracts with an interesting progressive jackpot, which can be obtained thanks to different pictures, and cool free spins with additional features.

mega chance novomatic slot

The famous company Novomatic has a portfolio of many online gambling slots without active lines. However, the Mega Chance game stands out even more. Its reels are adorned with only two symbols, making for a unique gameplay experience. Watermelons form chains of at least five elements, while oranges are empty in most spins, only bringing small payments when they fill the screen. The machine also offers free spins with sticking symbols, a jackpot, and a thrilling game of chance. This combination of unique features makes Mega Chance a game worth trying.

Win All Ways by Yggdrasil Gaming

The Monkey King slot machine, dedicated to the legendary figure Sun Wukong, has no active lines. The game suggests the so-called Win All Ways system instead. It means that any combination of three or more subsequent pictures located anywhere on reels from left to right or from right to left give you a win.

Monkey King slot

This striking video slot has numerous unique features, including various kinds of wild symbols, various bonus games, great free spin, and other interesting options.

AllWays by Playtech

This option is implemented in several models manufactured by Playtech (for example, Lucky Panda). It is fee-based, so we have discussed it in an article about bonus bets in video slots. It is activated for certain reels, starting from the left one, for additional coins.

Lucky Panda video slot

Symbols form combinations in the activated columns without considering their location on the screen. If the feature is not paid on some reels, chains are formed only at two central positions. Thus, the game can offer 64 to 1,024 variants that allow receiving payouts (depending on the number of columns with the paid AllWays feature).

All Pays by Genesis Gaming

The well-known company called its version of the option All Pays. The principle is the same: identical symbols form chains in adjacent columns, starting from the left one. To test it, we offer you a model called St. George and the Dragon.

St George slot

It is not new, but it still impresses.

Unnamed No Payline Slot Systems

Some manufacturers of online gambling games also offer various slot machines in which paid combinations are formed on adjacent reels without lines, but they just do not give brand names to these features.

Breakaway video slot

In particular, a lot of these games are available in the range of Microgaming, Breakaway, and others. They can be easily recognized by looking at its main screen. If the numbers of lines are not mentioned on the sides of reels and only one number (e.g., 243) is written, it is a game of this kind.

Jewels of the Sea

Jewels of the Sea slot is a nice and interesting Novomatic game with 720 ways of getting payouts. There are no active lines in the video slot, and winning combinations are formed according to special patterns on adjacent columns starting from the leftmost reel. The game has an unusual interface with its reels of different sizes. Bonus symbols, multiple wins, and other features make the gameplay extremely captivating. Read more about Jewels of the Sea in its review.

In the Bloopers video slot, winning chains are formed in 243 ways without active lanes. The game deserves your attention due to its original gameplay features. You will enjoy the company of the characters that appear here on top of the main screen in the basic and free spins. You will love their bonus features.

When Pigs Fly! is a unique game from NetEnt. It has no lines to form combinations, and the reels have different heights and can change sizes. When any payout is awarded in each subsequent spin, one of the columns increases, increasing the number of potential combinations. Initially, the game has 135 variants for getting winnings, and in the maximum variant, they can reach 3125.

When Pigs Fly NetEnt slot

Neon Life is a very unusual video slot with an original approach to forming combinations. They are made up in 243 ways without active lines. Identical icons must land in the neighboring reels, starting with the first. In such cases, these symbols remain on the screen, and other images disappear. Accordingly, the winning elements fall to the bottom of the screen, and the vacated cells are filled with new ones. During free spins, multipliers from x1 to x5 are also added to this system.

Wild Toro is an Elk Studios video slot dedicated to bullfighting. It also offers a system of forming winning chains without active lines. Its peculiarity is that the same pictures should be on neighboring reels and touch each other horizontally or vertically. Because of this, the number of potential combinations is reduced from 243 to 178.

wild toro elk slot

Astro Cat by Lightning Box has five reels, but the middle has sixteen pictures arranged in a 4x4 pattern. In this case, the formation of a combination involves only one symbol from this reel. There are no active lines here so that icons can be located anywhere in the reels. The slot offers free spins and original bonus features.

Phoenix Sun is a Quickspin unique video slot with no active lines. It offers 243 to 7776 ways to form winning combinations. The number of potential variations changes since the bonus re-spins increase the number of symbols on the screen. They are activated by Phoenix Wild if it helps form combinations. It can also launch a series of free spins.

Pros and Cons of Slot Machines without Lines

Most video slots without active lines form numerous combinations. However, payouts are rarely large. Therefore, these games have a low level of dispersion. On the one hand, they have low risks of losing high amounts of money even if you have failed to win over the long run. On the other hand, it is useless to hope to hit a great jackpot in one spin.

We recommend following the general recommendations concerning the selection of slot machines, which are available in other articles on Casinoz.

Where to Play No Payline Slots Online

The following casinos offer thousands of slot machines, including games without active lines.

Casino Bonuses Editors rating
100% to 1000 USD x35 Play T&C applies, 18+
Play T&C applies, 18+
Play T&C applies, 18+
125% to 80 USD x35 Play T&C applies, 18+
100% to 400 USD x50 Play T&C applies, 18+


The rise of slot machines with no paylines represents a significant shift in online casino gaming. These innovative games have challenged traditional mechanics by discarding the concept of fixed paylines and embracing a more dynamic and unpredictable approach to determining winning combinations.

The key advantages of no payline slots lie in their ability to create heightened excitement and anticipation. With the potential for wins arising from any symbol placement on the reels, players can experience a constant sense of suspense and engagement. Additionally, the simplicity of these games, unencumbered by complex payline structures, makes them accessible and user-friendly for a wide range of players.

However, it's important to acknowledge that the lack of paylines may also raise concerns among some players. The absence of predetermined patterns could be perceived as less transparent or fair.

However, reputable online casinos ensure that these games adhere to the same stringent standards of randomness and fairness as traditional slots.

Ultimately, the success of no payline slots will depend on their ability to captivate players with their innovative gameplay mechanics and immersive experiences. As the industry continues to evolve, these games represent a bold step towards reimagining the classic slot machine format and catering to the ever-changing preferences of modern players.

For those seeking a fresh and exhilarating slot experience, we encourage you to explore and experience the world of online slot machines with no paylines. Embrace the thrill of unpredictability, appreciate the simplicity, and immerse yourself in the unique visual and auditory landscapes these games offer. With an open mind and a spirit of adventure, you may discover a new favorite in the ever-expanding realm of online casino gaming.

If we have forgotten to mention some interesting developments of this kind, feel free to write about them in the comments. You can also simply share your opinions concerning this topic with us.

Frequently asked Questions

🎰 What are no payline slots?

No payline slots are online slot games that do not have predetermined paylines to form winning combinations. Instead, matching symbols appearing anywhere on the reels can create a winning combination.

How do no payline slots determine wins?

In no payline slots, the game software scans the entire reel grid for any matching symbols after each spin. If a winning combination of symbols is detected, the corresponding payout is awarded based on the game's paytable or rules.

🔥 What are the advantages of no payline slots?

No payline slots offer increased excitement and anticipation, as wins can come from any symbol placement on the reels. They also provide a simpler and more user-friendly experience without the need to follow complex payline structures. Additionally, they allow for more creative and visually appealing reel configurations.

🙋‍♂️ Are no payline slots more or less likely to pay out?

The overall payout percentages and volatility of no payline slots are determined by the game's design and mathematics, just like traditional slots. The absence of paylines does not inherently make them more or less likely to pay out.

🤔 Can I play no payline slots for free?

Yes, most online casinos offer free demo versions of their no payline slot games, allowing players to try them out and understand the mechanics before playing for real money.

👍 Can I play no payline slots on mobile devices?

Yes, most modern online slots, including those with no paylines, are designed to be fully compatible with mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy them on smartphones and tablets.

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