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This review deals with a quire uncommon strategy called 60 for 3 spins. It is difficult to say why it has such a title. It most likely hints at the amount that can be won in three successful spins. However it is much more important whether it is really efficient or at least useful or not. Let's try to become familiar with this system, discussing it in detail.

General Description

First of all, it should be noted that this system is not progressive. According to it, it is necessary to bet by following a certain pattern. It is traditionally available in two versions, which are intended for users with different financial capabilities (or for tables with different betting limits).

Seventeen chips (or other units) are necessary for the first version. Three hundred and forty chips should be prepared for the second version.

Step by Step

Let's describe in detail the ways to place chips according to the first and second systems.

  • The first method includes the following bets: 6 chips on the third dozen, 9 chips on low numbers, and 2 chips on the corner 19, 20, 22, 23. The payout for any bet provides the profit equal to one chip.
  • The second variation includes the following bets: 120 chips on the third dozen, 180 chips on low numbers, and 40 chips on the corner 19, 20, 22, 23. In this case, the profit is equal to twenty chips.

This system covers almost all numbers on the wheel, except for 0, 21, and 24, so that the probability of loss is very low. However the revenue is also small under favorable circumstances.


Is this system worth playing? It is up to you to decide. On the one hand, you'll rarely lose. However each unprofitable spin will seriously reduce your bankroll. So, it will take a lot of time to win back your losses.

This strategy does not provide the advantage. If you follow it, the house edge will still be equal to 2.7% (European roulette). Perhaps the only real advantage of this strategy is a convenient way to control funds.

We will be glad to know your opinion about the 60 for 3 spins betting system. If you have tested it personally, tell us about your achievements. Rate this strategy using asterisks.

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