Crypt Crusade Review

Modern online casinos have offered gambling games that resemble board games to customers in recent years. Gamers need to accompany the main character on his way to the goal. The number of moves is determined using dice or their analogues. Something like that can certainly be found in every house.

One of these virtual games is Crypt Crusade. If the main character, a brave explorer of underground tombs, is able to reach the goal, you will become the owner of a payout in the amount of twenty-five thousand bets. However you can win even without reaching the finish line, but its size will be lower.

8.40 /10
Crypt Crusade  by Microgaming
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Where to Play Crypt Crusade ?

Play Free Demo Crypt Crusade without registration

You'll find Crypt Crusade at various online casinos running on software manufactured by Microgaming. We recommend that you should register with Crazy Vegas Casino. You can also test Crypt Crusade for fun without registration directly on our website.

Online Casinos with Crypt Crusade for Canadians

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How to Play Crypt Crusade

Crypt Crusade is a free arcade game released by Microgaming.
The aim of the game is to move the protagonist along the way that consists of forty-eight areas.
You will have eight attempts. Each of them allows making from one to six moves. Their number is determined by using a drum that resembles a compass. Its arrow spins and stops pointing at one of the numbers. Then the character moves forward.
There are three types of areas:

  • Continue (a blank field) allows making the next move (if it is available).
  • Prize (two coins and a multiplier) is a checkpoint indicating the multiplier. Reaching it, the user guarantees a winning. It is not necessary to stop on it. You just need to pass it by. The payouts are made for the last reached Prize area.
  • Death (skull and bones) is an area on which the protagonist dies that leads to the end of the round. The prize is saved.

It is possible to play Crypt Crusade betting from fifty cents to ten dollars at Crazy Vegas Casino.

Crypt Crusade Bonus games

Bonuses are not provided in Crypt Crusade.


Progressive jackpots in Crypt Crusade are not drawn. The maximum multiplier is x25,000. This means the maximum payout is $250,000.

Crypt Crusade Interface

Users can notice only several buttons and windows on the control panel of Crypt Crusade:

  • Turbo On/Off allows either enabling or disabling turbo mode
  • Stake is used to select the bet size (Plus and Minus)
  • New Game/Spin are used to start a new game and make a spin
  • Click to Spin is used to make a spin
  • Win shows the payout amount
  • Spins Left shows the number of available spins

The protagonist moves faster in turbo mode than in regular mode.

Should You Play Crypt Crusade for Real Money in Canada?

Crypt Crusade is a very exciting and quite funny game. It is particularly interesting to pass it for the first time when you do not know which dangers are waiting for the protagonist on his difficult way to the treasure. In fact, you can enjoy this game even in free mode.
The range of games from Microgaming has also a version of Crypt Crusade from the Microgaming Gold Series. It is called Crypt Crusade Gold and has a number of features. There is a separate article about it on the site Casinoz. You can try both of them to compare and select one of them.

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