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Online casinos running on the platform Microgaming has a category of games called Other Games. This section provides a well-known game of keno, original varieties of scratch cards, as well as some unusual games. They don't have any particular category, so they are often referred to simply as fixed odds games. We will discuss them in this article on Casinoz.

Mumbai Magic

One of such games that can be found in the on-line casino Microgaming, is Mumbai. If you do not know, Mumbai is a city in India, known for its film industry. Mumbai Magic is devoted to Bollywood, a characteristic of Indian films filled with traditional music and dance.

The wallpapers in this game is an Indian actress who holds in her outstretched hand a shining balloon. Around her there are double silhouettes of objects from the cinema and Bollywood. These are pictures of actors and actresses, frozen in theatrical poses, a sitar, ra eel of film, an item resembling "Oscar" and a numerator with a cracker. Near each of the silhouettes there is a payout ratio (from x2 to x20,000).

After setting the bet amount, the player presses Play, ball in the hands of actress emits color images, occupying space on the corresponding silhouettes. The User of the online casino wins if one of the rounds has two identical images in both the silhouettes. The amount of payout equal to the bet, multiplied by the following coefficient.

Bets vary from 0.5 to 10 credits. Consequently, the maximum payout is 200,000 credits.


Online casinos on the Microgaming platform also has a game called Whack-A-Jackpot. It is similar to comic machines from Playgrounds halls with a hammer on the characters popping out of special doors.

The playing field of Whack-A-Jackpot has fifteen holes. The game starts after the user selects amount of the bet and clicks New Card. funny moles in mining helmets immediately begin to peek out of their burrows. When the player clicks on one of them, a mole is chosen as a head mallet. He leaves the game, hole closes, and a pointer coefficient appears above it. However three random holes are not a factor and once the player defines them, the round ends without payment.

The purpose of this unusual online casino e game is to find three same factors. The payment will be calculated for this value. You can bet from 0.5 to 10 credits. Maximum coefficient is 000? 10, so that the benefits could reach 100,000 credits.

However choosing one mole is optional. You can simply click Reveal All located at New Card button, and the result will be displayed immediately.

Foamy Fortunes

Foamy Fortunes is another original game from the arsenal of online casinos on the Microgaming. It resembles the above mentioned Whack-A-Jackpot. Only here the events happen in the bathroom.

The player must set the amount of bet and click New Card. After that, two cranes start pouring water and lifting bubbles into the air. Each of the bubbles has a spinning golden question mark. When choosing a bubble, it bursts, and any factor, or yellow rubber duck appears instead.

To win, you need to find three bubbles with the same factor the payment will be made according to. The round ends unsuccessfully if the player selects all options with three identical factor, or finds three ducklings.

As in the previous game, you can not to click on the bubbles, and immediately press Reveal All. Then you will see the results. The Maximum bet is 10 000, playing at the bet of ten credits it can bring you 100,000.

Other games

The rest of the section Other games in online casinos based on software by Microgaming include keno, well executed and funny (sometimes with a share of "black" humor) scratch cards Dawn of the Bread, Freezing Fuzzballs, Granny Prix, Hairy Fairies, Lucky Numbers, Slam Funk, Super Zeroes, Turtley Awesome, Wild Champions.

In all scratch cards players have the same goal. They should find three cards with the same symbol of nine. Their location is not important, but the value of each character is defined by its coefficient. The maximum payout in these games ranges from 250 to 10 000 credits.

We have described the games found in online casinos operating on the software by Microgaming. Casinoz suggests you trying some of these game in great casinos such as Spin Palace Casino, All Slots Casino or Platinum Play.

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