Bunny Boiler Review

Do you want to recall your childhood playing an arcade game called Bunny Boiler? You will need to help the rabbit to reach the pot of gold, which is hidden in a deep hole. To make it more interesting, you may try your luck using real bets. Bunny Boiler allows users to win up to four hundred bets.

8.90 /10
Bunny Boiler by Microgaming
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Where to Play Bunny Boiler?

Play Free Demo Bunny Boiler without registration

Users can take a rest playing Bunny Boiler for fun or get their adrenaline betting real money at Crazy Vegas Casino or some other major online casinos running on the platform from Microgaming. Readers of Casinoz can test this game without registration in free mode.

Online Casinos with Bunny Boiler for Canadians

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How to Play Bunny Boiler

Bunny Boiler is a free arcade game released by Microgaming, in which you need to accompany the rabbit in the hole as far as possible on his way to the prize. Each of the six attempts provides the opportunity to make from one to six moves. Their number is determined using a die.
The way to the treasure, which is hidden at the end of the hole, includes thirty-six fields. There are four types of them:

  • Continue (a carrot) allows the rabbit to move further after landing on this sector and to keep playing if there are available moves.
  • Prize (a barrel of gold and a multiplier) allows the user to receive the guaranteed payout if he or she has passed this area by (it is not necessary to land on it). Its amount is calculated by multiplying this multiplier by the bet. The winning is paid only according to the multiplier for the last field reached by the main character.
  • Death (skull of the bunny and bones) leads to the death of the main character if the bunny lands on this field. The user receives the payout that he or she has already earned.
  • Jackpot (gold at the end of the way) allows getting the highest payout if the bunny succeeds in reaching the destination point. It is equal to four hundred bets.

It is possible to play Bunny Boiler betting from fifty cents to ten dollars at Crazy Vegas Casino.

Bunny Boiler Bonus games

Bonus payouts are not provided in Bunny Boiler.


Bunny Boiler does not offer progressive jackpots.

Bunny Boiler Interface

The main part of the screen of Bunny Boiler is occupied by the playing field with the route for the rabbit. There are a few important elements on the control panel:

  • Stake allows selecting the bet size
  • Rolls shows the number of available rolls
  • New Game is used to start a new game
  • Roll Dice allows rolling the dice
  • Turbo activates turbo mode
  • Win shows the payout amount

The bunny moves faster when turbo mode is activated.

Should You Play Bunny Boiler for Real Money in Canada?

Perhaps this phrase will seem to be too cynical, but the funniest period of the game starts when the rabbit lands on the field with one of the traps. The bunny can die in numerous ways and all of them all look quite amusing. So Bunny Boiler is able to entertain you even without betting real money.
If you like this very amusing arcade game, you can test this version from the Gold Series called Bunny Boiler Gold. Read its review following this link.

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