Best Canadian Slot Tournaments 2021 (September)

Casino slot tournaments

Both online and offline casinos arrange slot tournaments in Canada. These events attract many Canadians and serve as a great way to keep regular players. Gambling operators manage to create new formats of tournaments and regularly raffle money and all sorts of other prizes.

On this page of Casinoz, we discuss the best slot tournaments, held in the leading online casinos of Canada.

How do slot tournaments work?

Terms and conditions may vary. We recommend to check it out in each online casino. The following remains the same:

  • Clients play against each other.
  • Winners are those who get the maximum score during the event.
  • You can fight for the prize fund only at the arranged time and only on suggested slots.

Find more details in the official rules.

Online tournaments or offline events?

Before the era of online gambling, the only option for holding such events was slot tournaments in land-based casinos or slot halls on Canada. Most often it was several levels and the final round.

This format had both advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, Canadian players had an opportunity to hang out, enjoy the show, and use the free bar. On the other hand, they had to spend additional money and face other difficulties.

When online casinos took the scene, tournaments became public entertainment. The pros are obvious:

  • You can play from anywhere.
  • No need to bear the side costs.
  • No need to look for a spare machine.
  • No need to worry about safety and so on.

Types of casino slot tournaments

Types of slot tournaments

Slot tournaments can be classified on the following criteria:

  • Scope – whether it's held in one or multiple casinos;
  • Structure – arranged in one or more stages;
  • Frequency – a one-off event or held an ongoing basis;
  • Access – for all Canadian customers or exclusively for VIP players;
  • Entrance fee – paid or free, with or without additional costs;
  • Types of rewards – what is the prize: money, prizes, comp points;
  • Picking the winners – how prizewinners are picked;
  • Distribution of the prize fund – how many people win prizes;
  • Games – single or multiple slots;
  • Other features – all sorts of unique features.

Let's discuss the most popular formats preferred by online gambling operators.

Free slot tournaments in Canada

Many modern online casinos in Canada offer tournaments with no entrance fee.

Usually, they are held regularly by the approved schedule. Most often, such promotions are held on the thematic slot machine.

As a rule, prizes are points of the loyalty program. Comp points go to those who win the maximum amounts during the event.

Important detail:

In free slot tournaments, Canadians usually bet their own money. All winnings also go to their balance.

Most of the online casino tournaments are now held in this format.

The biggest prizes are drawn in slot tournaments with entrance fee. Money that Canadian players pay for the right to participate in the event allows building a large prize fund.

In paid tournaments, players usually stake gaming credits. The winnings do not go to the primary balance of the customers.

In such cases, the rules may allow an additional purchase of game credits.

Regular casino slot tournaments in Canada

As a rule, Canadian operators offer regular events, held on a pre-announced schedule. It can be monthly, weekly, or even daily tournaments. Check the schedule on the official sites.

Large-scale casino tournaments on slot machines

Major tournaments, held in several stages for a long period of time, are not very common in modern online gambling. In the past years, unified slot tournaments with huge prize funds were held by casinos running on the platforms of the most famous software providers.

Now, this format is not as popular as before, and operators prefer to arrange small events, but on a regular basis.

We have several posts about big slot tournaments at online casinos at Casinoz Canada.

Slot tournaments strategy

Enrolling in slot tournaments, Canadian players are forced to rely on fortune, because most of the slot machines don't allow to affect the return to player.

General recommendations on how to win slot tournaments:

  1. Choose the promotions that match your opportunities and requests.
  2. Think over the betting system in advance, according to the size of your bankroll.
  3. Soberly assess your chances in big tournaments that involve high rollers.
  4. Keep track of the current achievements of competitors.
  5. Change your strategy based on your position in the tournament table.

Find more tips for participants of slot tournaments at Casinoz.

The best casinos in Canada, holding slot tournaments

Various tournament programs are available in most of the online casinos from Casinoz Top 10. If you like such promotions, we recommend you to pay attention to Casino x, Play Fortuna, Bitstarz tournaments, Joycasino, and other sites from the Top 10.

online casino slot tournaments

Reviews of slot tournaments

We provide the following information in the articles on slot tournaments:

  • Time and venue,
  • Entrance fee,
  • Involved slots,
  • General rules,
  • The size of prize fund and distribution of credits,
  • Restrictions,
  • Additional data,
  • Other promotions at the casino,
  • Conclusions with the pros and cons.

If the tournament is held on a regular basis, don't forget to read customer feedback.


Don't be afraid to participate in slot tournaments. Many of them are held on attractive terms. Sometimes the competition is not too high.

To choose the best tournament on casino slots in Canada, read reviews on this page. We will tell you about the best offers and give useful advice.