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The name of mega popular puzzle - sudoku, is translated from Japanese as «the number staying apart». The aim of the game is to fill empty cells of the table in such a way to have numbers from one to nine (only once each) in each column, row and cell. Many years long sudoku is being published in different wallpapers and magazines all over the world, puzzle albums are issued in wide editions, while the fans of this game hold tournaments of different levels.
Cryptologic company has released a free online slot machine named Sudoku devoted to sudoku, although its rules, of course, essentially differ of the classic. If you like original slot machines, you should definitely learn about this model, even if it seems complicated from the first sight.

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Where to Play Sudoku slot?

Play Free Demo Sudoku slot

You can find Sudoku game in Inter Casino and some other online casinos, powered by the software developed by Cryptologic company. All these casinos provide an opportunity to test slot machines by the virtual bets, while some of them even allow launching models without registration.

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Online Casinos with Sudoku slot for Canadians

How to Play Sudoku slot machine

The design of Sudoku slot machine is different from the common slots. Its screen, as well as sudoku field, is divided into nine squares with nine cells in each of them. There are no reels here.

The player makes bet per lines and/or columns. Herewith, it is possible to stake per all nine lines or columns at once, but not per each of them. For example, in InterCasino it is possible to play Sudoku slot machine by the bet in range from ten cents to forty dollars.

Before the start of the game, six cells are already filled in each of 3x3 sectors. Then random numbers appear in the free cells. It is possible to play by the same card every time or or change it for a new one, as soon as you want.

The lines or columns, filled by sudoku rules (with numbers from one to nine, only once each) are considered to be the winning combinations in Sudoku slot machine.

More such lines and columns were made during one round, higher the payoff is. In case you fill nine lines and nine columns, an amount of the payoff would be calculated by x6000 index (six thousand bets per columns or lines).

The gambling feature, which could double up the payoff, is not provided by the rules of Sudoku video slot.

If you fill five squares and more, fifteen free rounds by the latest bet are getting started. During these rounds all the payoffs are doubled. These spins can be prolonged.

Sudoku Symbols, Wild, Scatter

The symbols which you can see at the screen of Sudoku slot machine are, of course, numbers from 1 to 9. It can be at the blue background and act in the standard mode or at the red one. In case over seven red numbers drop out at the screen, it triggers the bonus round of Sudoku.

There is also the special symbols with image of the golden star in Sudoku slot machine, which is a kind of Wild symbol. In the standard game it is able to replace any other numbers.

Sudoku Bonus games

The bonus game of Sudoku slot machine is a round of five repeated spins, during which all red numbers stay at its places. More red numbers you manage to pick to the end of the round, higher the payoff is.

An amount of the payoff is calculated by the special table. The minimal winning is x2 and it is provided for seventeen red cells. However, in case you collect twenty seven such numbers, the payoff would be calculated by x25.

The standard payoffs are unavailable during this round.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in Sudoku slot machine.

Sudoku Interface

The interface of Sudoku video slot consists of two main parts: the screen of the game with the filed filled with numbers and the control panel, which also contains informational windows.

We would like to explain the functions of the main elements of the interface of this model, which is available only in English language. The following tips would be useful for the beginners:

  • Play - start the game.
  • Paytable - open the payment table and rules.
  • New Card - change a card for a new one.
  • Autoplay - an automatic game mode.
  • Bet - select an amount of the bet per columns and/or lines.
  • Rows - activate lines.
  • Columns - activate columns.
  • Paid - an amount of the payoff.
  • Balance - a state of the player’s account.
  • Total Bet - the total amount of the bet.

In the top part of the control panel of Sudoku slot machine you can see the informational line, where the tips by the game appear.

Should You Play Sudoku Slot for Real Money in Canada?

In spite of Sudoku video slot doesn't look like slot machine from the first sight, it is provided with a plenty of features of the classic slots, that’s why it can be bravely divided to this category of gambling games. Although the rules seems quite complicated from the first sight, everything is easy at practice, that’s why you wouldn't spend a lot of time for learning the particularities of the gameplay of Sudoku video slot.

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