Poker Pursuit Review

In the section of card games at online casinos running on the platform from Microgaming you can find Poker Pursuit. Its design resembles video poker, but features of the rules do not allow considering it as a game of this category. This is a very interesting game that can be recommended to all fans of original gambling games.

7.80 /10
Poker Pursuit by Microgaming
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Where to Play Poker Pursuit?

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Poker Pursuit in free and regular modes is available at various online casinos running on software released by Microgaming. The reviews of establishments on our website, which can be found following the links available in the logos shown below, can help you to make a choice.
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Online Casinos with Poker Pursuit for Canadians

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How to Play Poker Pursuit

Poker Pursuit is a card game in which a standard 52-card deck with no jokers is used.
The aim of this game is the similar to the goals of other types of video poker. It is necessary to collect a hand, which is paid according to the paytable. There is no dealer, so showdown is not provided. Cards can not be exchanged.
Poker Pursuit has standard poker hands: pair (starting from a ten and higher), two pairs, three of a kind, straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, straight flush and royal flush (hands are enumerated in ascending order).
The initial bet is equal to one coin whose value is selected by the player. The coin can cost from fifty cents to ten dollars at Spin Palace Casino. The maximum payout is three thousand coins (if you collect a royal flush betting three coins).
The gameplay in Poker Pursuit has the following stages:
  • The player selects the coin value and receives five cards: three face up cards and two hole ones.
  • Assessing the rank of three cards, he or she can either add one coin to the bet before the fourth card is faced up or leave it unchanged.
  • Then the fourth card is faced up and the user should make a decision selecting among the options available at the previous stage.
  • Then the fifth card is faced up and the payout is made for the collected hand.
Therefore, if the hand is collected in the three first cards, the bet should be raised up to three coins. In other cases, you need to raise carefully.

Poker Pursuit Bonus games

Poker Pursuit does not offer bonus payouts.


Poker Pursuit has no progressive jackpots or disproportionately high multipliers for high-ranking hands if you wager the highest possible amount (like in some other types of video poker).

Poker Pursuit Interface

The interface of Poker Pursuit resembles standard video poker. At the top of the screen there is a paytable. The cards are laid out below. The control panel is located below. Users can download Poker Pursuit in different languages, so we will not explain the functions of the buttons.
Poker Pursuit has expert mode which differs from regular mode in the presence of autoplay buttons. Users can turn off the sound and choose the game speed in settings. The statistics of played hands are provided.

Should You Play Poker Pursuit for Real Money in Canada?

Poker Pursuit is an amusing game based on video poker. It will be interesting to all fans of original gambling games who like to think over the next move.
Recommendations for the strategy can be found in the separate article on the portal Casinoz. The basic advice for this game is obvious: to raise the bet to a maximum in case of the formation of a hand on the first three or four cards.
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