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Dinos Rhino
Dinos Rhino slot Review

If you would like to make a journey to the far past, you have such an opportunity in Dinos Rhino slot machine. It would seems to you that you are in Jurassic Park, because you would be surrounded by creatures which make you blood freeze. However, you would be glad to them, because they would bring good winnings to you!

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Dinos Rhino
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Play Dinos Rhino in Canadian Casino for Real Money

Sheriff Gaming company is just in the beginning of its way now, but you have an opportunity to take the best while other online gamblers are looking for winning combinations in other places. Try your luck in Jackpot Red casino.

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How to Play Dinos Rhino slot machine

Dinos Rhino slot machine has five reels and twenty pay lines. You can hear birds singing at the background while playing this game and it helps to sink into the atmosphere of this game. Entering an online casino and selecting an online slot machine, you get into another reality, that’s why it is a good way to relax. However, we hope that you are going not only to have rest, but also to win, that’s why you should learn the rules of the game.

The main color scheme of Dinos Rhino slot machine is green, while you can see a rhino, which was wide-spread in the Earth in that far times. This wonderful animal, which looked like a rhino, was named triceratops. Exactly this animal is imaged at the interface of Dinos Rhino slot machine and you can see it at the page of the payment table.

It is possible to stake bets with coins of value in range from one cent to one dollar in this game. You can stale up to five coins per each of the lines. Taking in account that the maximal bet per line is five dollars, the maximal acceptable bet per spin is one hundred dollars in this game. An amount of the minimal bet is just one cent, so we have a great range of bets available in this model.

The scheme of the game on slot machines developed by Sheriff Gaming company makes essential difference to slot machines of the competitors. In general, they don't make emphasis on the bonus games and don't overload the software. The matter is the simplicity here and the bonus games are also quite plain. In most cases, it is the standard gambling feature, which is also provided in video slots of other producers. However, the style of Sheriff Gaming is still recognizable. It refers to the graphics as well as to the functions. In particularity, it is possible to divide the game into two parts. This game has two main modes and winnings can be quite different. When the gambler plays in the bonus mode of the game (free of charge) amounts of the prizes can be much higher! The matter is that you can use advanced options and advantages while playing in the bonus round, which are unavailable in the regular mode.

Wild symbol of Dinos Rhino slot machine is an image of an egg, which a dinosaur is going to hatch from.

Scatter symbol is an image of a dinosaur rhino. Scatter symbols don't need to make a combination to bring you a payoff and you can receive a prize when these symbols drop out anywhere at the reels. Herewith, you receive your prizes when at least three images of triceratops (can say this word fast?) appear anywhere at the screen.

If three symbols of the rhino drop out in result of the spin, you get quite a small prize - just five coins, while you would receive twenty five coins for four symbols. Moreover, a prize in amount of fifty coins goes to the one who gets five such symbols at the reels.

Dinos Rhino video slot has quite an interesting gambling feature playing which you can put your winning to the risk and double it up or lose the whole amount. An opportunity to stake a half of your winning (like Playtech provides in its slots) is available here. Wether you play or not. Meanwhile, if you agree to play, you wouldn't be disappointed even if you lose here. The gambling feature provided by Sheriff Gaming is quite simple, but very colorful. Here you can see a green dinosaur, which wants to get the same as you do! Would he succeed or not? Just try and find it out.

Wild symbol of this model is an image of remains of an ancient fish at a stone. Exactly this symbol would bring you a winning of the progressive jackpot if you are lucky enough.

It is possible to win free spins in this game. And here the most interesting part begins! Please be ready to numerous pleasant surprises in the round of free spins, in case you get the winning combinations. Prizes are much higher here. For example, if you pick five symbols of an ace by result of a spin, your winning would be 2000 coins! In case four such symbols drop out at the screen, you would be charged with 500 coins. Not bad break in the game - when you do nothing, you even don't need to spin the reels, but prizes are automatically go to your bankroll.

Prizes for Scatter symbols are also charged in a different way here. Five images of the triceratops would bring you three times more than any standard symbols - 150 coins! Do you think surprises are finished here? Nothing like this! Are you ready to have not one Scatter symbols, but three of them? Such an interesting opportunity is available in the round of free spins. You would be paid good for the winning combinations made of images of the ancient fish at the stone, which plays part of Scatter symbol in the round free spins. An image of a footprint also plays part of Scatter symbol here.

Dinos Rhino Symbols, Wild, Scatter

The gaming symbols, which you would see at the screen of Dinos Rhino slot machine, are images of an egg, a dinosaur, a giraffe, a dinosaur’s footprint, dinosaur’s remains, a rhino, a crocodile and other creatures and things, which existed on the Earth in that far times.

To receive a progressive jackpot, you would have to stake the maximal bet in Dinos Rhino slot machine.


A progressive jackpot is raffled in Dinos Rhino video slot. Meanwhile, an amount of the highest fixed prize is 500 bets in this game, which you can receive for the combination made of four symbols of farm house at the reels.

Dinos Rhino RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

Dinos Rhino Interface

As soon as you look at the interface of Dinos Rhino slot machine, you would see that the reels are situated among the trees. Lianas are place the trees and decorate the video slot, which would bring you a good winning, so lets study out the functions of different buttons available at the control panel carefully.

By the way, the buttons of this video slot also have an original design. You can see images of leaves in the bottom, which play part of buttons.

  • Choose Bet - select the value of coins with help of this button.
  • Line Bet - select an amount of the bet per line in coins.
  • Select Lines - select a quantity of the active lines.
  • Bet max - play by the maximal bet.
  • Spin - start a new spin.
  • Auto Spin - switch on the automatic game.
  • Double Up - play in the gambling feature.

Mega Money Pool show an amount of the progressive jackpot in the current moment. It is highlighted when you are playing and remains dark when your bet becomes lower and you don't have a chance to win a progressive jackpot.

Paytable displays the winning combinations and particularities of this slot machine.

Mobile Compatibility


Surely, the main advantage of Dinos Rhino slot machine is its numerous winnings in the round of free spins. You can earn a lot playing in this round, so don't wait and go playing slot machines in an online casino. The background music is not annoying, while it is possible to switch off the sound if you don’t like it. In the other words, you should test this game personally. It is worth it. It is a little different from other slots released by competitors.

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