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Online gambling is growing very rapidly, not only quantitatively but also qualitatively. Modern online casinos are superior to those virtual places that worked on the worldwide web ten years ago.

Games became more interesting, colorful and functional, casinos significantly increased reliability for their customers. Deposits can be made in a huge number of ways, and most of them can be used to withdraw money. Much more stable and quick a flash version of the casino now is no less comfortable than a client program. Yet one of the main achievements of the online casinos are games with live dealers for some time offered in all major casinos.

Earlier, the main drawback of playing on the Internet for most users was the lack of a specific atmosphere of a real casino and the spirit of excitement. Many customers also lacked communication with the dealer, and many simply do not trust the random number generator.

Live dealers in online casinos partially or completely eliminate these shortcomings. Usually, they work in special studios, where there is a game in reality (although sometimes used for this purpose the offline casino). The duties of the dealer are runMing a ball or dealing cards. All other aspects of the gameplay are assigned to a computer program that determines the winners and makes payments.

Selection of games you can play with live dealers, is limited. In fact, the most common games are blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker holdem, adapted for use in the casino (the so-called casino holdem). We will briefly consider the most interesting features of the game with real dealers in each of them.

Live Blackjack

When we were talking about the fact that online casinos will soon offer blackjack with live dealers, the first to rub their hands gleefully were card counters. They could not use their skills in games with a random number generator, because all decks are shuffled before each hand. In blackjack with real croupiers they are demolished in shoes that allows card counting.

But the casino management are not the most stupid people, and they protect themselves from such problems. To reduce the effectiveness of card counting to zero, they are forced to cut half a shoe. In such circumstances, determining the true count is almost impossible.

They also introduced some other measures complicating life of card counters. For example, dealers deal some cards face down, before taking on a new draw deck.

Live Baccarat

Ability to communicate with partners on the table has always been an important component of baccarat. Until recently, it was considered a game of aristocrats who went to expensive clubs to have a good time. In ordinary online casino baccarat is also available to everyone, but it is boring to play alone.

Live Baccarat with live dealers is much more fun. You can chat with the dealer, other players, and thinking over decisions in this game is nothing special.

Live Roulette

According to the author, the roulette with live croupiers is not much different from games with a random number generator. Yes, there is also more opportunities for communication, but the main charm of roulette is active gameplay, when the client makes a bet going into a rage. And in an online casino with live dealers the gameplay is rather slow, and it does not have that burst of adrenaline when you see a live ball, bouncing across sectors wheel. However it is a matter of taste...

Live Casino Hold'em

This is a relatively new type of poker in a casino, so talking about some traditions and species compared with a RNG and live dealers is early. You decide what is best.


Online games with live dealers are not a complete substitute for a real casino, but they have many advantages appreciated by millions of players.

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