Online casino quest and missions

Some popular online casinos hold events where players complete tasks and receive rewards.

They are held in different formats and may be called quests or missions. Sometimes they are referred to as challenges or achievements.

If the online casino has a specific theme (space, treasure hunting, cats, Japan), these are usually thematic quests. You may be asked to fly to fictional planets, navigate through jungles, raise pets, or go from a simple peasant to an emperor – the creators' imagination is inexhaustible. However, this is just decoration. The real choice of tasks is not that wide, as you will see for yourself.

This review article by Casinoz is dedicated to this exciting promotion, which is highly in demand among customers of internet gambling clubs.

How Do Missions Work in Online Casinos?

Usually, a separate page on the club's official website is dedicated to this program. It contains all the necessary information:

  • A list of tasks with a brief description;
  • a description of rewards for quests;
  • general rules for participating in missions;
  • additional explanations and warnings, if necessary.

Experienced players also advise to look into the Terms and Conditions and search for a section on missions.
In many casinos, there are separate rules for the bonus program, usually named the Bonus T&C). They should also be studied.

Of course, you should contact the support service if you have even minor questions. Don't be afraid to look slow. It would be foolish to violate the terms of the promotion unknowingly.

If quests are conducted on specific games, they may be highlighted in a separate lobby category on the official website.

As a rule, participation in missions is not difficult:

  1. You review the quests and choose suitable tasks. Sometimes they can be completed in any order, but you must follow a sequence more often.
  2. Then you try to complete the mission by playing on the specified slots or doing something else.
  3. Upon completion, you receive a reward. Usually, you don't need to contact support for this.
  4. Next, your actions depend on the type of gift. For example, if it's bonuses, you need to wager them. If it's free spins, you need to use them on slots.

Upon completion, you can move on to the next quest.

Compete online casino tasks and get rewards

Task Types in Internet Casinos

So, what kind of missions can customers have?

  • Personal information - These are tasks for beginners. They must confirm their email and/or phone number. Then they may be asked to fill out a profile in their account and pass verification. This will have to be done in the future, so it is worth completing this simple quest.
  • Spins on slots - Usually, the client must make a specified number of rounds on a particular game machine. Each subsequent mission in the series implies an increasing number of spins.
  • Launching a new game - You need to test a slot that has recently appeared in the casino. The rules determine the number of rounds.
  • Multipliers - Playing on video slots (usually any), the user must receive at least once a combination that is paid at a coefficient not lower than the specified one. For example, starting from x10. With each new task, the multiplier increases.
  • Wins - You must win on slots for several spins in a row.
  • Functions - Launch some bonus feature on the specified or random game machine. For example, become a participant in free spins or a themed bonus.
  • Comp points - You must accumulate a certain number of loyalty program points. These points will remain on your balance so that you can use them later in one way or another. The reward for completing the task will be an additional gift you will receive immediately after completing the quest.
  • Tournaments - Sometimes, tasks involve participating and winning in online casino tournaments. In this case, the conditions of the quest can be very different.

Players can also be offered unique options. Write in the comments about unusual missions that you have come across in online casinos. Other Casinoz readers will be grateful for the information.

Rewards for Completing Quests

Now let's discuss the most interesting part: what can you get by completing a mission? The options can be different. Sometimes gambling operators surprise customers with creativity, but the prizes are usually standard.

Let's highlight the classic versions:

  • Money is the most desired form of reward for quests. If it's real money, the customer can use them at their discretion right away. It must be admitted that such prizes are rare.
  • Bonuses are credits that need to be played through several times first. Wager requirements can vary from minimal to very large.
  • Comp points are additional loyalty program points. Online casinos often offer this type of reward for completed missions.
  • Free spins are complimentary rounds on slots. They are also often given to participants of online casino quests.
  • A gift shop is where you can receive various gifts for completing tasks.

Whatever reward you may receive for participating in missions, always read the bonus program rules carefully. Clarify how you can use these gifts.
If you know about other gifts for quests in online casinos, tell us about them in the comments.

Quest and Mission Rules

Although each quest has its conditions, you can highlight the main points of the rules that are typical for most such events.

  • Autonomy - Although missions are posted in series, each task is separate. They must be performed in turn or in any order, as specified in the promotion terms.
  • Bets - To complete a task, you must play with real money. Bets made from a bonus balance are usually not counted.
  • Levels - Often, separate lists of missions are prepared for owners of different statuses.
  • Time frame - Each mission lasts for a specified period. They are often updated daily. A series of tasks can also wholly change to new ones.
  • Bugs - Any technical glitches in the software can become a reason for canceling customers' achievements.

In short, read the agreement carefully and follow all requirements.

missions at online casinos

Other Promotions in Online Casinos

You'll unlikely come across a gambling website that only offers quests. Most clubs have other promotions that are more in demand among customers. Let's highlight the traditional options:

  • Bonuses are the most common promotion in online casinos. Free bonuses for registration are very popular with beginners, but not all sites offer them. Welcome bonuses for the first deposits are standard everywhere. Reload bonuses and personalized offers are also not uncommon.
  • Free spins are free rounds on slot machines. They are provided for various reasons: registration, achievements, loyalty, etc. Usually, they can be used on certain slots and at a specified bet. The maximum overall payout is often limited. Winnings are usually subject to wagering requirements.
  • Cashback is a refund of some portion of the money lost. The promotion can be for all customers or holders of higher statuses. Cashback can grow as the player's level increases. VIPs may have special conditions.
  • Comp points are points that are awarded for bets made in different games. Usually, they can be exchanged for money or gifts. Holders of higher statuses receive more points and can trade them on more favorable terms.

Online casinos can also offer gifts for birthdays, free events, and other opportunities.

Should You Participate in Online Casino Quests?

Overall, quests are an excellent tool for rewarding customers. Why not get some privileges if you play for money in an online casino?

But don't blindly jump at all the missions. Try to evaluate them realistically.

For example, it's better to refuse if you are offered to make five hundred spins on a slot machine with a very low RTP to get a tiny bonus with a huge wagering requirement.

Always weigh the pros and cons. Even if the quest is interesting, don't rush to start it. It may not be profitable for you.

Frequently asked Questions

👑 What are quests and missions in online casinos?

These are various tasks that customers perform during the game. Players receive rewards for these achievements. Often, quests take the form of thematic adventures.

🎲 Do all online casinos offer tasks to their customers?

This is not a widespread practice, but it is quite popular in online gambling. Many well-known sites delight players with such events.

🤑 Who are quests in casinos suitable for?

These are exciting events designed for the most active clients. They are often held on slot machines to be recommended to fans of various slots.

❤ What tasks are offered in online casino quests?

Usually, players must make a certain number of spins on a specified slot, place bets in a certain amount, catch a combination with a large multiplier, and so on. Sometimes unusual tasks are encountered.

💲 What can you get by completing a mission in an online casino?

Rewards can include loyalty program points, bonuses, free spins, and other gifts.

💎 Is it worth participating in quests in online casinos?

You always need to evaluate the conditions of the promotion soberly. Compare the risks and rewards. It is great to play your favorite slot while participating in a quest. It's worse if you are asked to risk on a machine with a low RTP to qualify for a cheap gift.

🔥 Do high rollers have advantages in online casino quests?

Most tasks are in some way tied to bets. The higher they are, the easier it is to complete the quest. Accordingly, high rollers have advantages, but VIPs may not find the rewards for completing missions as interesting.

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