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November 12, 2019
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November 12, 2019
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November 12, 2019
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Imagine you have hit a huge jackpot at a casino and its administration does not want to pay it out. Do you think such cases are rare? Far from it! Dozens of gamblers have experienced such situations in recent years. The most famous scandals with unpaid jackpots and the reasons why gambling facilities refuse to pay out large amounts of money are described in our article in the Casinoz gambling encyclopedia.
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Many well-known online gambling software developers offer games of chance with progressive jackpots. This review article will tell you about progressive jackpots in video slots and models of other genres released by NetEnt. You will learn about all the nuances of the drawings, get a complete list of games, and also be able to read their detailed reviews following the links to our articles.
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Those who enjoy competing for huge progressive jackpots should become familiar with models developed by the famous company IGT. The most famous game of this kind from this brand is certainly Megabucks slot, but there are also several popular video slots with progressive jackpots at online casinos. They will be discussed in this article written by reviewers of Casinoz.
Progressive Jackpots of Yggdrasil Gaming
Yggdrasil Gaming started developing online gambling games only in 2013. However, developments of the company appeared on many popular multi-platform websites after a couple of years. The manufacturer pleased players with its first progressive video slot in 2015. Nowadays its portfolio has a lot of such models. They are discussed in this review article prepared by Casinoz.
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Progressive Jackpots from Microgaming
A large amount of progressive jackpots, accumulated in high-quality gambling games for online casinos, attract the majority of customers. On the websites running on software from Microgaming, millions of dollars are regularly drawn, which explains their popularity among users all over the world. This article has been devoted to jackpots that are offered in the games of this renowned and respectable manufacturer of software for online gambling.
Progressive jackpots in EGT games
The Bulgarian company Euro Games Technology that is the developer of software for casinos, offers in its models an interesting system of drawing of four straight progressive jackpots that will surely touch gamblers. In this article, experts from the social network for gamblers Casinoz explain in detail the features of progressive jackpots, the scheme of their formation, the principle of the drawing, and other aspects.
Progressive jackpot games from Playtech
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Progressive jackpot in online blackjack
Progressive jackpot is a chance to win a huge amount of money in online casinos. If you do it, sometimes you become an owner of hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars . These jackpots are often raffled on the slot machines. However, in some casinos , they are also offered in other games. For example, in blackjack .
A sweet word "jackpot"
What do you know about Jackpots except that it is a large sum of money, every fan of gambling wants to win? If not much, read this article and you will learn more. History of methods of drawing a jackpot is discussed here.

Casino jackpots

In 1986, the International Gaming Technology company launched a system of progressive jackpots in land-based casinos, which brought together slot machines in the casinos around the world, including Canada. The opportunity to win a massive amount of money, growing with each bet, has pleased Canadian gamblers, dreaming of instant wealth.

In the mid-nineties, just if the beginning of the era of online casinos, gambling providers picked up the idea of progressive jackpots right way. Now, the leading software developers offer such games in most of the online casinos of Canada, and they are in high demand among the users.

Casino games with jackpots

If you also dream of a stunning win, read the articles in this section of the Canadian gambling guide. It is dedicated to various topics that are directly related to the jackpots. First of all, we discuss online casinos related issues, but also related topics.

Types of casino jackpots

First of all, jackpots can be divided into two major groups.

  • A fixed jackpot has a fixed amount.
  • A progressive jackpot increases with each bet made by the player.

In turn, there are different types of progressive jackpots:

  1. A stand-alone jackpot is drawn on a single slot or only at a particular table.
  2. A casino's exclusive jackpot is available in several games of the house. It can be a line of video slots or different games, but only in this casino.
  3. A chain jackpot is offered at numerous casinos by a software provider. For example, all Canadian users who play for money on the legendary Mega Moolah slot by Microgaming at different online casinos are fighting for huge progressive jackpots.

Chain jackpots seem to be the most attractive because they can reach up to several million. But do not forget that hundreds of thousands of users in Canada and around the world claim this money.

How jackpots work

Progressive jackpots are formed on the same general principles. Their amounts are increasing due to the deduction of a small part of the players' bets. Most often we are talking about 1%, although other options are possible in Canada.

In case a progressive jackpot requires additional bets, then exactly this money goes to the prize fund. This approach is used in blackjack and some other casino games in Canada.

Find out about the rules and nuances of the jackpot drawing below.

Games with progressive jackpots

Most online casinos draw progressive jackpots on video slots. Less often they are offered on classic slot machines, blackjack, table poker, video poker, roulette and games of other genres.

Let's see how to win a progressive jackpot in a particular casino game.

  • Progressive Video Slots – you will find hundreds of slot machines with progressive jackpots at online casinos of Canada. Terms may vary so much that they should be considered separately for each game. The best way to understand them is to read our slot reviews at Casinoz Canada and test the game (however, some jackpot slots are not available in a fun mode). Often, the same slot can draw multiple progressive amounts.
  • Progressive Blackjack – progressive jackpots in blackjack almost always require an additional bet. Usually, it is fixed (for example, 1 dollar). The amount goes to the one who makes the winning combination. In the Progressive Blackjack by Playtech, you need to get 4 aces of the same suit in the first 4 cards on the box. Also, this game offers fixed payouts for other combinations of aces.
  • Progressive Video Poker – to get a progressive jackpot in video poker, most often you need to make the most valuable combination, playing by the maximum bet. Usually, it is the Royal Flush. Sometimes it is a Royal Flush of a particular suit (e.g., diamonds in Progressive Deuces Wild Poker by Microgaming).
  • Progressive Caribbean Poker – Caribbean stud poker draws progressive jackpots the side bet. Royal flush brings the full amount, straight flush gives 10%, and flush, full house, and quads mean winning a fixed amount.

Progressive jackpots are also available in some roulettes, keno, bingos, and arcade games by well-known software developers.

How to win casino jackpot in Canada?

The random number generator plays the role of fortune at online casinos. But even the randomizer  "does not know" who will get the progressive jackpot until the very last moment.

The following tips on how to win a progressive jackpot do not guarantee success but help Canadians to avoid annoying mistakes.

  • Make sure you can claim the jackpot. In some games, progressive jackpots are played at the maximum bet. Can you afford it? Often the probability of winning the progressive amount increases with increasing the bets. If you play on the lower end, your chances are slim.
  • Choose games with a high enough RTP. It is no secret that games with progressive jackpots often have a low level of return to the player. It is better to give preference to more profitable slots.
  • Do not go beyond the bankroll, even if the jackpot seems very likely to you. This is the right way to get addicted. Always set the range of bets, time spent in the casino and the amount of the maximum loss in advance. Never exceed the limits.
  • Remember about the variance. Jackpot games are often characterized by a high degree of variability that must be considered when choosing bets and the overall strategy.
  • Make sure you are comfortable with the jackpot rules of the casino.

In general, the recommendations are to study the T&C carefully and to play cautiously.

biggest casino progressive jackpots

How are casino jackpots paid out in Canada?

The payment terms for progressive jackpots depend on the operator and the software provider, the amount won and other criteria. Check out the casino's user agreement, where it is usually explained separately with a detailed description of all the nuances.

The most massive progressive jackpots are usually paid in several installments. Sometimes, a customer has a choice between a lump sum or monthly payments. Often, in the second case, the client can benefit from more favorable terms, that's why many Canadians prefer it.

Online casinos rarely refuse to pay out progressive jackpots. In land-based casinos, such cases are not uncommon, but they are almost always associated with a faulty operation of slot machines or jackpot systems.

Articles about jackpots at Casinoz Canada

This section of the gambling guide provides info about jackpots of different types offered by offline and online casinos in Canada and all over the world.

We have no special classification, but the articles can be divided into thematic groups:

  • General information about jackpots with the detailed description of types, rules, and other aspects;
  • Progressive jackpots of particular software producers;
  • Features of progressive jackpots in different games;
  • Interesting jackpot-related stories from Canadian gamblers.

We add new articles all the time, so stay tuned.


To win a multi-million jackpot in a casino is a cherished dream of every Canadian gambler. Yes, the chances of breaking a huge pot are small, but sometimes fortune gives a smile to the lucky ones. Who knows, maybe next time it will pay attention to you.

But do not rely only on luck. Casinoz experts will help you in the fight for a substantial jackpot.