The Great White slot Review

The Great White, less known as Carcharodon, is the largest of the rapacious fishes now existing on the Earth and the only survived representative of Carcharodon family. It can be met in coastal waters of all the oceans of the planet, however, there are only about three and a half thousands of White Sharks exist on the Earth now.
In mass media this shark is frequently called a shark-cannibal, while the scientists declare that The Great White attacks people only by mistake, mistaken them with seals. It is said that as soon as it filled bones instead of fat, it lets the victim go away. However, it is easy to guess that even one bite of six-meter shark of weight over two tones can become the reason of death.
Be the way, you are going to meet this awful fish in a new video slot named The Great White.

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Where to Play The Great White slot?

Play Free Demo The Great White slot

The Great White video slot is available in EU online casino and some other gambling houses, powered by the software developed by SkillOnNet company. It is possible to test this model in a training mode to start plain by the real money after some practice.

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How to Play The Great White slot machine

The Great White is a classic free online slot machine, released by SkillOnNet company. It has three reels and three pay lines. Any special symbols, bonus rounds or free spins are not provided by the rules of this video slot - only payoffs by combinations.

Playing The Great White slot machine is possible in range from one to three lines and stake a bet in range from five cents to one euro per each of the lines. This way, the maximal acceptable bet per spin is three euro here.

The paid combinations of The Great White slot machine are formed of the similar symbols situated at the active line. It is necessary to pick three (or two for some kinds of symbols) icons at the line, while it is enough of one scuba diving helmet to receive a payoff. However, all the combinations have to be started from the first left reel, while the symbols, included into it, have to be situated one after another.

As usually, only the highest combination by each line is charged with payoff. An amount of the winning is displayed in the table in coins. Please pay your attention that an amount of the payoff by the maximal combination (three fishes) essentially rises if you play by two or three coins.

The Great White Symbols, Wild, Scatter

There are only six symbols in the payment table of The Great White slot machine, such as a scuba diver’s helmet (this symbol is paid out even one by one), a life saver and a spyglass with a map (two or three such symbols are able to form the combinations), a shark, an illuminator and a blue fish (it is necessary to pick three such symbols at the line to receive a winning).

As it was already mentioned above, there are not special symbols in The Great White slot machine.

The Great White Bonus games

Any bonus rounds are not provided by the rules of The Great White slot machine.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in The Great White video slot.

The Great White Interface

The Great White online video slot is designed in style of the real slot machine in the casino hall. You can download this slot machine with a multi-language interface and play in your original language (including the informational section), that’s why we wouldn't describe the buttons here. Actually, the control panel is quite plain and convenient, so it is easy to study everything out even for the beginners.

The game is provided with the basic user’s settings (sound parameters and etc.). The place of the payment table can be taken by the screen where The Great White swims time after time.

Should You Play The Great White Slot for Real Money in Canada?

The Great White is the most common classic slot machine, which should suit the tastes of the fanciers of this genre. Please don’t forget to stake three coins always, even if you have to low down its value. Other way you are risking to get less than you could in case the combination of three fishes is made.

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