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Nessie’s Photo Review

The scratch card Nessie's Photo has become available for a huge army of gamers thanks to the company Random Logic. The history of the global gambling industry shows that manufacturers, who are developing their own models based on popular stories from real life, produce the most interesting gambling games.

According to the legend, the mysterious creature was firstly mentioned by Roman legionnaires. The next report appeared in the Life of St. Columba (VI century AD). In the previous century, interest in Nessie increased again. Even the Scottish Parliament considered the question of the existence of this elusive animal. Periodically reports about eyewitnesses who saw this creature appear.

The company Random Logic o made its own contribution by developing the scratch card Nessie's Photo, involving fans of scratch cards in this campaign.

The portal Casinoz has prepared its review of the scratch card that will be helpful for those who are fond of gambling games.

General description

The scratch card Nessie's Photo has a large army of fans due to the simple and at the same time very attractive design and exciting gaming activities. There is no need to have much time to master this game, but you should work hard in order to get the desired photo of Nessie (and the desired prize with it).

A photo shoot may last for a long period of time, because after each failed "photo shot" the new island appears again on the lake. At the beginning of each round four islands are present on the picture and try to guess behind which is Nessie and behind which is garbage and a loss together with it.

Bets for participation in the spin of the scratch card Nessie's Photo are made in the amount of twenty-five cents to ten dollars. Gamblers can play in automatic mode, which can be active within 99 game rounds.

Bonus payouts

Developers of the scratch card Nessie's Photo did not provide bonus payouts.


The scratch card Nessie's Photo has no jackpots.


Developers have skillfully diversified the world of scratch cards with the successful example called Nessie's Photo. Upon entering the game a gambler plunges into the unpretentious landscape with a lake (it is clear, since the game is about Nessie and Loch Ness must be present), surrounded by attractive beaches. The shadow of running clouds is above all that. The four islands are a dream of the player because behind one of them a monster is hiding, whose picture brings a profit.

The player-photographer is hiding behind a bush and only his hand with the camera is visible.

The simplicity of the control panel is a little scary or rather raises doubts about the possibility of an exciting game. It has just a few elements:

  • Play allows starting new game
  • AutoPlay is used to initiate automatic mode
  • Stake allows choosing the bet size
  • win up to includes the table of possible winnings

There is only one function in Nessie's Photo. It is turning off the sound.

Even the first rounds indicate that they are sufficient to get the pleasure from the game and the real payout.


Like for all the other scratch cards, it can be said about Nessie's Photo that this scratch card is easy, funny, affordable and therefore it is mastered very quickly, in just a few minutes.

The game, of course, can last for a long time, as long as money supply, desire and excitement of the player allows.

Where is it possible to play Nessie's Photo?

It is possible to play the scratch card Nessie's Photo without registration. Gamblers can visit 888 Casino or they can play on the website Casinoz.

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