Deuces Wild Review

Almost all more or less large producers of the software for online casinos has developed their versions of «Deuces Wild» online video poker. There is nothing surprising while «Deuces Wild» is one of the most popular kinds of video pokers. Even Net Entertainment company, which doesn't specializes on this category of gambling games, has released two models of this kind: «Classic Deuces Wild» and «Deuces Wild». We have already told about the first model before, so we would like to discuss the second in the following review.


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Where to Play Deuces Wild?

Play Free Demo Deuces Wild without registration

We recommend you testing «Deuces Wild» in Unibet Casino Red which allows launching video pokers without registration in a training mode. Of course, there you can also play by real money. It is also possible to play «Deuces Wild» right in at Casinoz in a fun mode.

Online Casinos with Deuces Wild for Canadians

How to Play Deuces Wild

«Deuces Wild» is a free online video poker with classic rules. Playing this game is possible on one, five, ten, twenty five, fifty or one hundred hands. They differ only by the gameplay, while the major principals remain the same.
The standard deck of fifty two cards with no jokers is used in «Deuces Wild» on one hand. All cards are shuffled before each deal. If the user plays on few boxes, cards are dealt from the special deck on each hand. Herewith, the cards received on the starting box are taken out from all the rest decks, that’s why they can’t be duplicated in a combination.
Al deuces of «Deuces Wild» play part of jokers. They replace missed cards in combinations and take part in the special combinations.
The aim of the game in «Deuces Wild» is to make a paid poker combination. It is allowed to change from one to five cards free but only once.
Playing «Deuces Wild» is possible by from one to five coins (levels). The coin value is established by the casino rules. For example, in Unibet Casino Red it can vary from ten cents to ten euro in game on one hand.
Payoff by royal flush is disproportionally increased in the draw by five coins (4000 coins).
The classic poker combinations from Three of a Kind to Royal Flush win in «Deuces Wild». Moreover, the special combinations formed with help of deuces are paid here as well: Five of a Kind, Royal Straight Flush (royal flush with one or few deuces) and Four Deuces.
If you play on few hands, first you get cards on one box. As soon as you take a decision which of them to hold, these cards are duplicated on all hands, but new are dealt from the special decks.
It is possible to play in the gambling feature of «Deuces Wild». In this round you would have to guess the color or the suit of the face-down card. Correctly selected color doubles up the win, while the suit increases it four times. There is no right for mistake.
Playing by the optimal strategy, it is possible to reduce casino advantage to three percent in «Deuces Wild».

Deuces Wild Bonus games

There are no bonuses in «Deuces Wild» game except of 4000 coins paid by royal flush in the round drawn by the maximal bet.


A progressive jackpot is not drawn in «Deuces Wild» video poker.

Deuces Wild Interface

Now about different buttons and windows of the control panel of «Deuces Wild» video poker shortly:
  • Deal – deal the cards.
  • Hold – hold a card.
  • Bet Level – set up betting level (in coins).
  • Max Bet – play by five coins.
  • Coin Value – set up the coin value.
  • Win – an amount of the payoff.
  • Bet – an amount of the bet.
  • Coins – a state of the account in coins.
It is not necessary to download «Deuces Wild» video poker, because this game can be launched in a flash mode.
Some user’s settings are available in this model. It is also possible to learn the informational section here.

Should You Play Deuces Wild for Real Money in Canada?

«Deuces Wild» is another version of Deuces Wild video poker. It can attract attention of the fans of this game by the cool interface, high payoff indexes, the comfortable control panel and other advantages.
The special article published at Casinoz would teach you how to play this video poker successfully.
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