American Blackjack slot Review

American Blackjack makes difference to the European version first of all by the rule, according to which the dealer takes two cards at first. If you would like to learn more about blackjack which is popular in the world capital of gamble, American Blackjack online game developed by SkillOnNet company would help you to do it.

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American Blackjack by SkillOnNet

Where to Play American Blackjack slot?

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You can find American Blackjack in EU Casino and some other online casinos powered by the software developed by SkillOnNet company.

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How to Play American Blackjack slot machine

American Blackjack online game developed by SkillOnNet is the American version of multi-deck blackjack, where the dealer takes two cards before the players start taking and one of them is face-down. All the cards are mixed before the deal (nominally), although visually some part of them is always at side.

This game has the following rules:

  • The dealer stops taking cards at 17 (including soft 17).
  • Blackjack is paid by 3:2.
  • Double can be made of any two cards.
  • Insurance of blackjack (in case of opened ace in dealer’s hand) is available for a half of the bet, which is paid by 2:1.
  • In case dealer has opened ace or ten, computer checks if he has blackjack. In this case the deal finishes by croupier’s victory in all boxes (except of those which also have blackjack - these bets return).
  • Split can be made up to three times (up to four hands).
  • Ace split is possible only once.
  • Blackjack is impossible at the boxes formed in result of split (21 point).
  • Blackjack is paid out by 3:2.
  • Surrender is not available in American Blackjack.

Before you start playing, you can choose one of three ranges of bets: 1-300, 5-500 or 10-1500 credits. It is possible to stake bets per from one to five boxes. Herewith, an amount of the bets is not necessary to be the same at all boxes.

American Blackjack Bonus games

Any bonus rounds are not provided by the rules of American Blackjack.


A progressive jackpot is not raffled in American Blackjack online game.

American Blackjack Interface

You can download American Blackjack with the multi-language interface in EU Casino and some other online casinos, that’s why there is no sense in explaining the functions of few buttons and other elements of the control panel. You can easily study it out on your own.

The graphics of American Blackjack developed by SkillOnNet is not highly realistic, however, it wouldn't hinder you in enjoying the game.

Should You Play American Blackjack Slot for Real Money in Canada?

American Blackjack is an online version of the classic American blackjack. It would suit all the followers of this intellectual game, which would like to improve their skill in a training mode and try their fortune playing by the real bets.

Please don't forget that there is not sense in counting the cards in online blackjack with the random number generator, however, you can still act according to the basic strategy.

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