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We beg your pardon for such a commonplace, but the staff is the most important component of any facility involved in the service sector. As for casinos, we are talking about dealers. Visitors mainly communicate with them, so the quality of their work becomes the main criterion for assessing the level of the gambling house.

What traits and skills should the good dealers have? We believe that the good dealers should have the following ones:

    Excellent knowledge of rules; Counting skills; Ideal technique.

Indeed, what dealers should do? They should provide a fast gameplay, instantly calculate payouts and skillfully handle cards, chips and other kinds of equipment.

Are such skills sufficient to be among the top dealers who can easily find a job at any reputable casino?

The answer is obvious. Real professionals have additional traits, which allow them to be considered the best of the best.

Having interviewed several experts with years experience in leading positions in the gambling business, we have identified several traits that all pit bosses and casino managers want to find in the dealers.

Stress Resistance

Dealers cannot afford to be vulnerable or sensitive. They have to inevitably endure insults. To be sure, in reputable casinos any manifestations of rudeness are suppressed, but, to put it bluntly, it is difficult to imagine a successful casino, in which VIP customers will be banished from the facility for obscenities.

Unlucky gamblers tend to blame on anyone except for themselves for their own failures. However it is ridiculous to blame on the Lady Luck. Well, relieve their feelings with the dealer is a different story. One can explain to customers million times that dealers are nothing more than the animated random number generators. However all such efforts are in vain. They will not stop accusing the dealers of fraud and other sins.

An experienced croupier understands that customers do not really want to offend him or her. They just need to get rid of the negative emotions accumulated as a result of their losses. It is not uncommon for regular gamblers to make scandals, and the next day they come back with apologies.

A really good dealer should be able to act as a lightning rod. It is difficult for arrogant individuals to be successful working as dealers. If you are going to become a dealer, find a way to ignore insults.

Reasonable Attitude towards Superstitions

Most customers are superstitious. They share many prejudices concerning good luck or bad luck. Often they don't take into account the odds trying to attract luck with the help of ridiculous assumptions. Such gamblers look for lucky tables, refuse to gamble with certain dealers, bring amulets with them, and take other actions aimed at attracting the Lady Luck.

Their behavior often seems so ridiculous that others can't help smiling. However a good dealer respects the weaknesses of customers. They may behave as they want, unless they violate the game and behavior rules adopted by the casino.

To be sure, a professional cannot succumb to superstitions common in casinos. Even if he or she believes in signs, such beliefs should not affect his or her professional activities. It is unacceptable for a dealer to change the way he or she shuffles cards, to start cutting chips in a special way, or to make other unauthorized changes to the gameplay.


Casino employees can confirm that each dealer has his or her favorite and hated games. Some prefer the active gameplay in roulette games, while the others enjoy counting in blackjack or like to play oasis poker without the hustle and bustle.

Girls often avoid roulette, because long nails do not allow them to spin the ball properly. Dealers who are not well up in math avoid blackjack tables, where it is necessary to instantly calculate the score.

Needless to say, the best dealers work in any position in the equally professional way. Moreover, they are always willing to master a new casino gambling game. Such employees are particularly valuable to pit bosses and managers, since they are able to plug any holes that inevitably arise when there are a lot of customers.


The best dealers constantly improve their professional skills. They practice to count faster, hone their skills of manipulating with chips and cards, learn how to spin the ball to make it land where it is necessary when playing roulette, and master new games of chance.

If the dealer believes that he or she has already reached the top level of skills or has sufficiently mastered the skills essential for professional activities, he or she first stops developing and then inevitably finds himself or herself on the downward path. You can surely recall a few very experienced dealers who, over time, lost interest in their job and began to work with the left hand.

However we must admit that sometimes even the top-class dealers can suffer from the burnout syndrome. They either don't have a promotion for a long time or simply get tired of the casino. This does not mean that it is necessary to get rid of them immediately. Any experienced manager will find a way to motivate a valuable employee who has lost interest in his or her job.

Comprehensive knowledge

Any real professional is willing to give an instant response to any customer's gambling-related question. We are talking not just about the rules and intricacies of the gameplay. The best dealers understand tactics, strategy, odds, betting systems, and other topics.

In most casinos, dealers are not allowed to give advices concerning games of chance to visitors. However this does not mean that they should ignore the requests of customers. Good dealers will find a way to help clients without breaking the rules of the gambling house.

Prevention of Frauds

Experienced dealers are familiar with cheating techniques and are able to notice them during the gameplay. Marked cards, information exchange, prohibited electronic equipment, and other tricks of fraudsters will not be ignored by the best dealers.

They know how to make pit bosses notice the suspicious activity of gamblers without drawing the attention of customers. Moreover, in many situations they can independently prevent the activity of cheaters.

Good Psychologists

The best dealers can unobtrusively calm a nervous customer, make a winning visitor to stay more at the table, get a bored player to talk, and improve the mood of a guest who is in depression. To put it simply, they can find an approach to any person and get in good with any customer.

This is an extremely important trait for any employee of any facility that operates in the service sector. In the gambling business, it becomes extremely important. Casinos cannot operate successfully without attracting visitors, and those customers who lose often perceive everything in a negative light. If they leave the facility without the feeling that they are welcomed there, they may not come back.

Moreover, dealers should feel the mood of the player and choose the appropriate style of communication. It should not be obtrusive. They should neither ask silly questions nor make impolite remarks, even if they talk to a regular and familiar client.


Greedy dealers seem to be miserable and disgusting. No one will enjoy dealing with them. They beg for tips from winning visitors and don't try to hide the joy when customers lose.

Moreover, money-minded dealers often succumb to the temptation to cooperate with scammers. In such situations, it is extremely difficult to figure out scams.

Top-class dealers treasure their reputation. They cannot afford to beg for tips, not to mention cheating.


As mentioned above, dealers are symbols of the gambling house. Smooth and clean clothes, neat hairstyle, cut nails and pleasant odor are obligatory to all casino employees.

Even if on the other side of the table there are intoxicated customers who can hardly understand where they are, the dealer should look as neat as a new pin.

No Gambling Addiction

All dealers can be conditionally divided into two categories:

    Representatives of the first group are fed up with casino games and don't want to play even simple card games in their free time. The others want to try themselves as customers and enjoy gambling.

To be sure, the experience of real gambling is useful for the dealers, but excessive addiction often harms them. They often do not know how to behave and keep secrets. When they visit casinos, they begin to communicate too closely with customers. Having drunk a couple of cocktails, they start sharing the insider information.

To put it simply, a dealer who gambles a lot can cause problems. Fortunately, most experienced dealers stop gambling and get rid of their desire to play.

Moderate Ambitions

If dealers do not dream of becoming a manager or at least a pit boss, this is suspicious. The desire to climb the career ladder seems to be natural and reasonable. However some dealers are too active in attempts to improve their career position. For the sake of promotion, they are ready to intrigue against their colleagues, rat on their coworkers and even set them up.

Needless to say, that any decent dealer will not roll over on others. He or she is ready for promotion, but also likes his or her current position. Casino managers often argue that they used to be happier in the role of dealers, when they had the opportunity to communicate with people directly and did not feel the burden of responsibility for subordinates and the result.


Do you agree with the opinions expressed in our article? Are they similar to your ideas about the ideal dealer? Let's discuss this topic in the comments.

Share your impressions, write your reviews, describe your experience gained at casinos and ask questions. Authors and readers of Casinoz will be pleased to hear interesting stories about the real life of casinos.

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