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Red Dog is a card game offered at many online casinos. It is quite unusual, but a fascinating game which has its fans.

We discuss the rules of the game in another article on Casinoz. In this article, we will give our readers some tips on how to play Red Dog better.

House edge in Red Dog

Many exotic games offered to visitors of online casinos feature a high house edge, so beginners doubt whether they should play them at all. The house edge of Red Dog is:

  • slightly over 3% in the game with 1 deck,
  • and 2.75% in the game with 8 decks.

It means you'd rather choose a game with the maximum number of decks.

From this perspective, the game is comparable to European roulette and is even more profitable than most online slots.

Hence we can conclude that if you play roulette or slots, the house edge should not be a problem.

On the other hand, this game is very simple and stands out by dynamic gameplay, so you should think about whether it meets your requirements for casino games and psychological type. Many casino visitors do not like to make quick decisions in the game, preferring to think of all possible options quietly.

Raise or not?

In Red Dog, the player has to take only two kinds of decisions, and both are related to his bets.

  1. First, he has to set the size of the base bet.
  2. Second, decide to raise it or not during the game.

Of course, we can not advise you on the amount, but we know exactly when you should raise it.

According to mathematical calculations, the difference between the cards from 1 to 6 means better chances for the casino.

Therefore, you should raise the bet only if the difference between the cards is from 7 to 11.

Some casinos will only allow doubling the bet, but if you can raise it several times, use this opportunity.


In the end, playing Red Dog is simple.

  • Always Play Red Dog with the maximum decks.
  • Raise the bet to the max if the difference between cards is from 7 to 11.

That's all the advice. Good luck!

Frequently asked Questions

Is Red Dog a popular game?

It is popular in certain countries of the world, but you can find it in most large online casinos and leading providers' libraries.

Is Red Dog favorable for the player?

The return to player is comparable to European roulette.

How complicated is Red Dog's optimal strategy?

Not at all; general principals are pretty simple.

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