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Have you heard about Kovalev Hack? No? Do not worry, it does not mean that you are behind the age. Most likely, you simply do not visit fraudulent sites that offer rapid earnings and you are reasonable enough not to believe in the possibility of instant enrichment with the help of miracle systems.

However the portal Casinoz is read not only by experienced gamblers, but also by beginners who have not faced online fraudsters personally. Our article will help them to avoid falling for a scam.

Who Is Oleg Kovalev?

Most likely, he does not exist at all. He calls himself the team leader of brilliant programmers. However we can assure you that this is a fictitious name, which is used by a scammer to hide his real name. Let us call him Oleg Kovalev if he (or she) likes it.

Kovalev's Promises

The author of the system promises to unveil the secret of a mysterious hack that allows you to earn more than half a million within one month betting just one dollar. You are supposed to earn this amount by trading binary options. At the same time, Kovalev insists on the exceptional simplicity of his method. According to him, you don't have to acquire any professional skills to succeed.

It sounds good, doesn't it? If we were complete idiots, we would surely agree. If you have enough patience to listen all insane ideas that Oleg Kovalev talks about in his promo clip, you will learn about the hard work of programmers, the huge expenses for creating an application, its absolute legality and incredible profitability.

The author invites those who want to become beta testers of the application. Twenty "lucky" individuals are able to test the system. They can keep all the funds earned when testing the application.

After that, fraudsters will offer you to register with the Binary Uno system and make a deposit of a couple of hundred dollars. Then, you should trade binary options, following the instructions. According to numerous reviews, scammers from the support service try to make victims make as high deposits as possible. When users refuse to replenish their accounts, their funds are nullified.

To be sure, it is too late to make any claims at this stage.

Opinions of Experts about Kovalev Hack

If you decide to ask a question about Kovalev Hack to professional traders, prepare for mocking and jokes. Kovalev Hack is mentioned everywhere exclusively in the section about scammers. It is up to you to check this information using any search engine.

Kovalev's Faults

To dispel your doubts about the fraudulent nature of such offers, we want to pay your attentions to several noticeable faults in his video and on his websites.

You are in Russia!

The famous video that is available on YouTube or other websites starts with the following statement:

We have chosen you to watch this clandestine video, since we are sure that you reside in Russia. We have determined your IP address to make sure that you live in Russia.

You can open this video in any country. Nevertheless, scammers will tell you that your device is located on the territory of the Russian Federation.

One-day Sites

New sites that offer this system appear periodically. However they quickly stop operating. This is quite common among all Internet scammers. They do not care about their reputation. It is much more important to diddle rednecks out of their money and disappear.

Positive Reviews

All sites about Kovalev Hack have only positive reviews of readers. Fake commentators praise the system, describe their incredible financial success and recommend that everyone who wants to get easy money should use it. Try to add your own review and find out that this is a pure scam!

Today and Only Today

The video claims that the offer is valid only one day, but, as you can understand, it lasts for months.

False Confidentiality

The author asks you to keep secret and not share information about the system, but he advertises it in all available ways.

Data Discrepancies

If you carefully examine the data on different Kovalev's sites and compare them with the information available in his videos, you will find a lot of discrepancies. Sometimes he forgets about his team of programmers, sometimes he gets confused in the amount of earnings or even cannot make simple arithmetic calculations.

To sum up, it is a typical scam.


How can we sum up the article about such ridiculous scam? It is difficult to imagine that there are such simpletons who are capable of becoming victims of such awkward fraud among users of cryptocurrencies.

We hope that regular readers of Casinoz understand how useless such methods of earning easy money are.

Share new websites with information about Kovalev Hack and other resources where this scammer sells his system in the comments under our article.

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