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In this article we will explain the basic principles of video poker so that every reader of Casinoz clearly understands these games. If you have seen any model of video poker in offline casinos, you know that it looks like a video slot with a poker game on the screen. Video poker in online casinos are similar and work at the same lines.

Differences between video poker and video slots

in the main difference is that video poker is still a kind of poker. In fact, it can be considered a version of five-card poker where the user has no rivals, and the goal is reduced to obtaining one of the poker hands.

However, slot machines can also be based on poker. The reviews on Casinoz describe video slots where card symbols and lines are formed on the active poker hands. How slot machines are different from video poker?

The fact is that video poker is really a game of poker and not its imitation . In the gaming machine you can not affect the final result. The screen randomly generates combinations at the table. A player can not affect them.

In video poker the client gets a card and can change any of them up to five times. Thus he is directly involved in the gameplay and the outcome of each distribution and the overall result for a long stretch depends on his decision.

Thus, in video poker the player's skill are important while result of the play in all video slot is in the hands of fortune. Therefore, the client doesn't affect the slot machines but in video poker you need to play according to the recommendations of the best strategy.

Video poker is also much more profitable for a player than video slots. For example in some models you can get a mathematical advantage over the casino which never happens in slot machines . Of course, the advantage is negligible (typically a few tenths of a percent) and it appears only on the long stretch and right decisions.

In other words, if you choose the most profitable game of video poker and play it correctly you can achieve, for example the theoretical return of 100,3%. in the best case, a slot machine can give you return of 98%. Video slots rarely give more.

Gameplay in video poker

The rules of video poker are described in a separate article in the corresponding section of Casinoz, so we will not repeat them here. We'll just have a brief look at the main stages of gameplay.

  • Choosing coin denomination of a slot. Their range is set by the administration of the casino.
  • Choosing the size of the bet in coins. In most models (except some of the original variantions) the bet can be of one to five coins. In many versions of the game at a bet of five coins making large combinations is paid at inflated odds.
  • Selecting the number of hands. Some models allow you to play more than one hand.
  • Getting cards. after the bet, you press the button and get five cards.
  • Changing cards. The player can change one to five cards for free.
  • Winning combination. If there is winning combination it is paid according to the table of coefficients.
  • Game on chances. If your video poker has such an opportunity you can try to increase the payout by doubling . Usually you need to find in your cards the one higher more than the dealer's card.

The distribution is finished and you can proceed to the next round.

Video poker from inside

Now that we described video poker from the outside we can move to describing it's organization. We will not go into detail about organization of video poker machine in this section. All video poker machines are based on the random number generator so the offline and online models differ only in the presence or absence of a physical body, payment methods and some other aspects that do not change this fact.

Understanding the principles of video poker will be easier if you read answers to frequently asked questions. We take as a basis of the organization of video poker by famous IGT (International Game Technology).

  • Are results of hands random?

If a company producing software for the casino operates in accordance with the law requirements, it should provide random results in all games. For this purpose it uses the random number generator.

Scientists can challenge this term, arguing that it's correct name is a pseudo-random number generator as it is based on the program with it's ??algorithm. But if the RNG produces about 16 * 1018 possible outcomes it is more than enough to consider the results of distributions random.

For client of a casino playing video poker it means that no one knows or can predict the cards he will get in the next round or after the exchange.

  • Is there a connection between the card of a player and the one he gets in return?

No the program produces a virtual shuffle of cards and the client gets five of them on the box. Others remain in the same order. When changing cards the player gets the top cards in the deck.

It is also about certified software. If you play in a questionable casino with models by unknown manufacturers, no one can guarantee random results.

  • Does amount of the bet affect the chance of winning?

The answer to this question is given above. Cards in video poker are dealt in the same way as in regular poker when dealer distributes them. There is connection between the bet amount and combinations.

Varieties of video poker games and selecting the best ones

Today when games are produced by many manufacturers , there is a huge variety of video poker games. Even models with the same name (eg , Jacks or Better) may differ not only in design but also payout ratio or even some other features.

In particular the most common versions of Jacks or Better are models with 9/6 and 8/5 numbers. They mean payouts for combinations of a full house and flush at a bet of one coin. In the first case, a full house gives nine coins, if flash - six. In the second version, the same combination bring only eight and five coins respectively.

This seems insignificant. However, ceteris paribus rules differences in the theoretical return is more than two percent. If Jacks or Better 9/6 the casino will have an advantage of about 0.5 %, in 5/8 it will increase by more than 2.5% .

When choosing the game you should focus mainly on the theoretical return that can be achieved in this model. But do not forget that you will need to choose the best strategy and it is not always easy when it comes to the original version.

Also pay attention to the range of bets. Most likely, you will need to play with five coins , so make sure you can afford their minimum bet.

Several dozens of reviews about the best video poker games are waiting for you on Casinoz. Our articles will help you make the right choice. In a special section of our site you will find recommendations on basic strategies for the most common video poker games.

Special computer programs also help to determine the possible return of some theoretical models of video poker. They allow developing the best strategy and practice skills of the game. Some of these programs are reviewd at Casinoz.


Video poker in online and offline casinos is the most profitable games for customers. Of course you have to learn to define them, pick a strategy and study it thoroughly.

But it is not difficult in online casinos. Expert advices from Casinoz and other thematic portals will help you. You can use them to find the best video poker games, print out the table with the optimal strategy and then play safely using it's tips.

Take the time to do it to achieve the best results in the casino.

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